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Friday, December 4, 2009

Iran threatens America with Nuclear Bomb

“Iranian lawmaker: Iran could leave nuclear treaty: TEHRAN, Iran – A conservative Iranian legislator warned Saturday that his country may pull out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty after a U.N. resolution censuring Tehran — a move that could seriously undermine world attempts to prevent Iran from developing atomic weapons.””

Source: By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer

The one thing that the world does not need is for Iran to have the capability to deploy nuclear weapons-even one single nuclear weapon.

Time after time this rouge nation has shown its capacity to hate. They hate Israel, the hate America, they hate England. As a matter of fact, they hate just about any country that opposes their twisted militaristic views.

It’s been reported that Iran exports not only weapons across the globe, but specialists that train other terrorist in using explosives, and instructing members of the Taliban in killing Americans.

Recently the Israel Defense Force captured a cargo vessel-seizing tons of explosives, grenades, rockets, small arms-all of them destined to the Palestinian terrorist opposing Israel. Certain US officials have also claimed that a new type of armor defeating improvised explosive device that are being used against American troops-arrived in Iraq and Afghanistan via Iran. So Iran is already killing Americans, and nobody caught on to this little fact.

Sanctions and political back and forth have not worked. Iran just thumbs its nose at the world. What will the world do when Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are atomized and destroyed by Iran’s nuclear weapons?

Once the Israeli’s have been attacked with nuclear weapons, it’s just a matter of time until their turn their attention to Europe and America. It’s a natural progression of things, one that the world cannot afford to ignore.

"I declare here that with the grace of God, the Iranian nation will produce 20 percent (enriched uranium) and anything it needs itself," Ahmadinejad told a cheering crowd of thousands in the central city Isfahan.

Time after time Iran has shown its willingness to use every tactic at its disposal to subvert democracy and human rights. The country’s election was steeped in Marxist activities when it accused other nations of creating the civil unrest during the elections. Thousands of people were arrested and tortured in Iranian prisons, while others were shot down on the streets. Prominent and influential people considered by the regime to be dissenters, were quickly rounded up and taken away to be tortured, sometimes killed.

A recent example is the case of Ramin Pourandarjani; a 26 year old Doctor whose salad was laced with an intense amount of propranolol. A drug that is used to treat high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and tremors, and can be lethal in high doses. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam, Iran’s senior police commander insisted that the death was a suicide, claiming that a note was found beside the body.

Death by dinner salad?

Iran is a nation whose people and economy rival that of some European nations. With a population of approximately 71,000,000 people, Iran is rich in culture, diversity, arts, and commerce. It’s cities reflect both modern architecture as well as remnants of the Persian Empire of 1501-1722.

In the United States there are reported to be about 75,000 Iranians living in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, earning the city the nickname Tehrangeles. Dubai, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt- are other cities that contain a large Iranian population.

Iran’s military forces consists of approximately one million men, not including the Police services, or para-military forces such as the Basij- controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Its membership is a matter of controversy. Iranian sources claim a membership of 12.6 million, including women, of which perhaps 3 million are combat capable. There are a claimed 2,500 battalions of which some are full-time personnel.

Iran has produced its own weapons since 1992; including tanks, armored personnel carriers, radar systems, guided missiles, submarines, military and naval vessels, and fighter planes. Many of its weapons are purchased from China and Russia, and some weapon inventories are American and French in origin.

Ongoing weapons development includes Fajr-3- Multiple Independently Targeted Vehicle (MIRV) that is capable of deploying conventional, chemical, and nuclear warheads. One of the more controversial missiles is the Ghadr-110 ICMB that has a 3,000KM range-thereby threatening Israel, and American forces operating in Iraq and Afghanistan

With thousands of tanks and armored personnel carriers, as well as artillery and close combat air support-Iran’s military forces represent the largest military force in the region. A military force that has consistently displayed overt hostilities towards Israel and the western world, whom they consider a threat to the Islamic republic.

Iran’s nuclear ambitions are clearly disturbing. Since the 1979 Revolution, this country has mobilized it’s military industry complex, and attempted to expand both its political and military influences throughout the hemisphere. The fact that it’s naval forces operate within the Straits of Hormuz- where 20% of the world’s oil flows-is a serious and grave threat to every nation of the world.

Israel has every right to undertake a military position against Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. They are, after all-the primary target painted on the nosecones of Iranian missiles. Israel Defense Forces have staged at least one defensive strike at Iran’s nuclear war machine in order to thwart the regime’s threat of “wiping Israel off the map”. A mission that helped to stabilize the region, at least somewhat, for a decade.

Iran’s continued insistence that it’s nuclear development programs are solely for the application of electricity-is yet another outright lie that this rogue nation perpetuates. While it’s leaders and military complex engage in strategic adventurism of its remerging Persian empire, the world holds its breath, and Israel’s defense forces remain in a heightened state of alert.

America is already engaged in wars in too many countries. The threat of Iran acquiring nuclear capability is serious. One similar to that of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into radical Islamists hands. Ignoring this grave matter will not resolve it, and imposing economic sanctions will do little but to affect the lives of Iranians that oppose Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s overt dictates of annihilating Israel and western democracies.

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran's parliament passed a law on Sunday earmarking $20 million to support militant groups opposing the West and investigate alleged U.S. and British plots against the Islamic Republic

$20 million dollars is a lot of money to hand out to terrorist groups. But it’s not the first time that Iran has supported and funded worldwide terrorist. Hamas and Hezbollah are deeply funded by Iran’s Islamic leadership, and so are Taliban and Al Qaida groups operating against American forces in Iraq.

Some senior analysts predict that it’s very likely in the “short term” future that Iran will attack Israel-thereby forcing America and its allies to get involved. They envision a “Four Day War” scenario:

Day One: Wednesday
In a pre-dawn raid, undisclosed numbers of Israeli warplanes, taking off from military airbases in the Negev, destroy Iran’s main nuclear facility at Bushehr. Israel’s armed forces have released no details, but it is believed the planes flew over parts of Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, refueling in mid-air before reaching their target. Military analysts speculate that the planes must have refueled somewhere over Iraq.

During the one-hour raid, Iran claims to have shot down “several” Israeli fighters. Television images show pilots being lynched by furious mobs before Iranian authorities could reach them. The after-effects of the raid shake the Arab and Islamic world. Millions take to the streets demanding immediate action against Israel.

In planning the attack, Israel weighed the threats of Arab and Muslim reaction. The only other nuclear threat, and a possible danger to Israel, is Pakistan. Israel considered striking Pakistan’s nuclear sites, too, but Indian intelligence reports that Pakistan lacks long-distance delivery for its warheads. Bombay is the farthest they can reach. Additional reassurance from American intelligence convinced Israel that as long as Musharraf remains in power, Pakistan does not represent an imminent threat. The decision was made not to hit Pakistan.

Day Two: Thursday
Believing that Israel would never undertake such actions without U.S. approval, or at least a tacit nod from the American administration, Iran retaliates. Thousands of Revolutionary Guards are dispatched across the border into Iraq with orders to inflict as many casualties on American troops as possible. Fierce clashes erupt between coalition forces and Iranians. Within hours, more than 400 U.S. troops are killed, and many more wounded in heavy fighting. Iranian sleeper agents, who have infiltrated Iraq since the downfall of Saddam, urge Iraqi Shi’ites into action. They cut major highways and harass coalition troops, preventing reinforcements from reaching units under attack. Several helicopters are shot down.

Tehran orders the Lebanese Shi’ite movement, Hezbollah, into action against northern Israel. Hezbollah launches scores of rockets and mortars against kibbutzim, towns, and settlements. Israel retaliates. Casualties are high on both sides of the frontier. Tension in the Middle East reaches a boiling point. In Washington, the Cabinet convenes in an emergency session.

Massive demonstrations erupt all over the Arab and Islamic world. Crowds of gigantic proportions take to the streets, ransacking Israeli embassies in Cairo, Amman, and Ankara. American embassies in a number of other cities are burned. With police overwhelmed, the military is called in. Armies open fire, killing hundreds, adding to the outrage.

Day Three: Friday
Following Friday prayers across the Islamic world, crowds incited by fiery sermons in mosques from Casablanca to Karachi take to the streets in the worst protests yet. Government buildings are ransacked, and clashes with security forces result in greater casualties. Martial law is declared, and curfew imposed, but this fails to prevent further mayhem and rioting. Islamist groups call for the overthrow of governments and for immediate military action against Israel.

In Saudi Arabia, Islamist militants engage in open gun battles with security forces in several cities. The whereabouts of the Saudi royal family are unknown. In Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and a dozen other countries, crowds continue to run amok, demanding war on Israel.

Day Four: Saturday
A longstanding plan to overthrow Musharraf is carried out by senior Pakistani army officers loyal to the Islamic fundamentalists and with close ties to bin Laden. The coup is carried out in utmost secrecy.

Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI—a long-time supporter of the fundamentalists—in agreement with the plotters, takes control of the country’s nuclear arsenal and its codes. Within hours, and before news of the coup leaks out, Pakistan, now run by pro-bin Laden fundamentalists, loads two nuclear weapons aboard executive Lear jets that take off from a remote military airfield, headed for Tel Aviv and Ashdod. Detouring and refueling in east Africa, they approach Israel from the south. The crafts identify themselves as South African. Their tail markings match the given identification.

The two planes with their deadly cargo are flown by suicide pilots who, armed with false flight plans and posing as business executives, follow the flight path given to them by Israeli air traffic control. At the last moment, however, the planes veer away from the airfield, soar into the sky and dive into the outskirts of the two cities, detonating their nuclear devices in the process.

Israel retaliates against Pakistan, killing millions in the process. Arab governments fall. Following days of violence, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt succumb to Islamist rebels who vow open warfare with Israel. The Middle East regresses into war, with the fighting claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. A much-weakened Israel, now struggling for its very survival, deploys more nuclear weapons, targeting multiple Arab capitals. The Middle East is in complete mayhem, as the United States desperately tries to arrange a cease-fire.

The scenario described above could theoretically occur at any given moment. Israeli Defense Forces are already nervous about the Islamic Regime’s threat against them. Any perceived threat will likely result in Israel launching a preemptive military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. No one can blame them, Israel is surrounded on all side by vast armies, that have in the past-tried to destroy their nation and it’s people.

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