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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taurus “Raging Bull” .454-Casull Magnum Review


Now THIS is a ear-banging hard-hitting handgun that will knock down refrigerators, and leave you pumping the trigger for more of the same!

Earlier this summer I was doing some exploring out in the bush country. It was a beautiful afternoon, the air was cool but not chilly, and I was glad to be away from all of the hustle-bustle of life in the big city of Anchorage Alaska.

Tromping through the Alaska jungle is one of my favorite past-times. It gives me a sense of peace, and I think that it also allows me to explore those primal urges and feelings that my ancestors have endowed me with; the love of the outdoors, and the sense of adventure that comes with living in Alaska.

One this particular day I had just stepped out of the tree line, and taken about forty steps onto the prevalent muskeg that is so common around the Talkeetna mountains. With the muck squishing underneath my boots, and my eyes picking out a trail across the muddy waters; I didn’t see the very large grizzly bear and her four cubs at first. What got my attention was her movement on two feet. She was standing up and having a hard look right at me.

I froze; reaching for my trusty 44-Magnum handgun, I wondered if the six shots would be enough to take out four attacking bears, and wondering how fast the bear could get to me. There was no place for me to go—I was out in the open, and exposed.

Luckily for me the bear decided that I probably wouldn’t taste good—either that or the “laser-beam-signal” that I was consciously sending to her warned her away. I’m not sure what happened, but she huffed and took her kids back into the woods.


Later that day as I replayed that event in my mind, I came to the conclusion that a .44-Magnum just didn’t have the knock-down power that I wanted. I’d been slobbering over a .454-Casull Magnum for a few months; and the next weekend I made it mine.


This gun feels right when held in my hands. The balance is correct, and the rubber grip fits comfortably. It’s a little heavier than what I am used to, but for the huge caliber that rockets out of the barrel—it’s what I expect from a large caliber handgun like this.


As you can see from the picture above; the .454-Casull Magnum is a large cartridge. There are other bigger handgun cartridges out there, but for these purposes the cartridge is sufficient for what I require it to do—Protection!




Ballistics Source

What is astounding about the .45-Casull, is the tremendous knock-down power that this bullet has downrange.

Look at the table above—a 400 Grain bullet whizzes down-range at 1400 Feet per Second, and slams into the target at 1741 foot pounds of energy. That’s close enough for me and the reason that I made the handgun mine.

The next time that I am faced with a bear encounter; perhaps the potency of this cartridge will bring an added element to the situation. I hope that it never arrives to that point; but as a survivalist; it’s always a good idea to plan ahead.


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