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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Islam the death of America


Islam will never integrate itself into American culture. The only way that Islam can grow, is to take over America from within.

The British allowed Muslims a voice in their government-and now there are 85 Sharia “kangaroo” courts doling out a 5th century brand of justice to British Muslims. Honor killings are on the rise, violent jihadists protest on England’s street, police services are unable to quell angry violent Muslims rampaging throughout their cities, and ordinary British citizen are imprisoned within their own neighborhoods.

Islamic University prepares to open in Berkeley, California next fall. Zaytuna College will be the first accredited Muslim college in the United States.

“The college has been hailed as a victory for moderate Islam, a place to promote religious understanding by "blending traditional Islam and American culture and establishing a permanent place for the religion in American society,"

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