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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Israel Develops Sonic Cannon

Israel is putting its scariest military technology on the market, one that can kill a man with sounds waves. Its mild-mannered alter-ego, however, is being used to scare man's feathered friends away from airports.

The Jewish State's military industry now plans to market the cutting-edge “bunker buster” weapons technology in the form of a sonic cannon.

American Socialist Scum

What a bunch of DORKS!
But what can one expect from these "learned" people that hate America so much. My thought is that they should immigrat to France or perhaps Saudi Arabia.

Jon Voight decries AntiAmerican Propaganda

A very hard hitting expose’ by John Voight and the liberal left’s attempt to smear America.

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Hamas teaches children to be suicide bombers


The sooner these thugs are taking out of the picture,
the better for all of humanity!

Palestinian's Teaching Babies To Kill Jews

It's a very sad world that we live in, when (so called) parents in Palestine indoctrinate their children with the mindset to kill Jews.

Sadly; Americans are donating money to keep these bastards on the air.