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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Survival Perspective: SHTF Warlords

Warlords By Franke Schein


One of the more disconcerting elements of the modern day survival movement is am emerging trend which affects every survivalist, and non-survivalist alike. It goes something like this:

A small survival group Bug’s Out during a SHTF crisis. They hunker down until the crisis is over, and then systematically begin sweeping their Area of Operations (AO) on a mission to seize or plunder the area’s resources.

In case you are wondering what I mean by “Resources”; I mean the survival food and supplies that you have presently squirrel away and stockpiled for the End Times.

For the last thirty years I have tried to warn other survivalists about this threat. In many of my articles I make it perfectly clear that all of those “Shelter In Place” plans might sound good to some people; but the sad reality is that three of four well armed family members cannot hold-off a well trained and disciplined paramilitary group.


if you think that this is a foregone conclusion or fantasy; then click onto the link provided below:

The video above should serve as a warning sign to every survival group and prepper alike:

Get Some Friends Right Now!


You absolutely MUST HAVE A PLAN-B when things go south. Don’t put all of your “eggs in one basket” and foolishly believe that you will be immune to any sort of violence. That would be a serious tactical mistake.



The Bug Out Bag Book By Franke Schein