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Friday, December 30, 2011

Survival Perspective: Iran, Islam, and Peak Oil Crisis




Amidst all of the doom and gloom surrounding 2012; there exists a survival scenario of unparalleled magnitude. A scenario that should be part of every family's survival plan.

The Mid-East Situation:

America's interests in the Mid-East has inescapably centered around the need for increased oil production for an oil-hungry world. The United States, China, Russia, and Europe are the world's leading oil-hungry nations. Economic growth in those countries has created an even higher demand for oil based fuels; all of which contribute to the overall decline in world-wide oil production.

Here in Alaska; the oil boom began in 1977. During the next ten years the production levels swelled; and then sharply dropped by 16% in 1988. Each year since then, the production capacity has slowed by an average of 6% per year. Currently only 1/3 of the oil flows through the Alaska Pipeline, as it did in 1977.

What does this have to do with survivalism? In a nutshell; everything!

Nearly every facet of life in America can trace a direct connection to oil. Without oil, the major industries would slowly choke to the death, the strategic defense of America would be limited, and life in America would take a radical spiral downwards.

It's already happening; and most people, and the media; refuse to acknowledge it:

In Alaska the price for a gallon of gasoline has in the past reached upwards of $8.00 to $12.00 per gallon. Remote native villages are the prime targets, due to the enormous distances and costs involved to transport the precious fuels. Food, clothing, and other consumer goods cost nearly six times as much in the backwoods areas of Alaska, as they do in the inhabited cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Using this as a template; it's easy to then comprehend what would happen to oil prices, as well as the global supply-chain distribution network, if Iran makes good on their threat to close down the Strait Of Hormuz.


Forty percent of the world's oil flows through this volatile region. Any disruption of the oil distribution, would send prices rocketing upwards at a colossal rate; thereby creating economic conditions affecting every family in the United States.

  • Transportation Disruption
  • Decreased Manufacturing Output
  • Decreased Consumer Goods Supply Levels
  • Decreased Maritime Transportation
  • Decreased Air Freight Transportation
  • Decreased Agricultural Product Levels
  • Decreased Rail Road Transportation


Oil is the nexus of all of these industries. Each industry is vital to life as we know it today. The production of food is the most important industry. If farmers cannot afford to buy fuel, then immediately the demand for vegetables, grains, and meat products will affect the supply-side equation; and thus steep prices are resultant as major food production companies and grocery store chains begin a bidding war which drives prices even higher.

If one takes a very close look at the events occurring in the Mideast today; it should not come as surprise to see that what is really occurring, is a war of attrition against the oil-dependent Western nations.

Iran, Libya, and Syria; as well as Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon have experienced internal civil uprisings. The world rejoices that another petty dictator has fallen, and America and western countries actively support these uprisings hoping that a western style democracy emerges; but the stark reality is that these former(oil producing) dictatorships are slowly being replaced with Islamic Caliphates. Seeing the "writing on the wall" isn't too difficult. Those nations that produce oil, and have in the past maintained friendly relationships with the West--are being assimilated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

if this trend continues, I am of the personal opinion that the monarchy of Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah) will soon face increased civil uprisings that will be initiated, and promulgated at the hands of Islamists already arising in the Arabian Peninsula at an alarming rate.


" According to a 2009 U.S. State Department communication by Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State, (disclosed as part of the Wikileaks U.S. 'cables leaks' controversy in 2010) "donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide"] Part of this funding arises through the zakat (or religious tax) required to be paid by all Saudis to charities, and amounting to at least 2.5 percent of their income. Although many charities are genuine, others, it is alleged, serve as fronts for money laundering and terrorist financing operations. While many Saudis contribute to those charities in good faith believing their money goes toward good causes, it has been alleged that others know full well the terrorist purposes to which their money will be applied."

[ Source: ]


Saudi Arabia is already a hot-bed of geo-political wars. Recently, several uprising have occurred which have resulted in Saudi military forces quashing pro-democracy demonstrations. America kept its nose out of those affairs simply because we are dependent upon the oil being pumped out of those deserts. Most of the oilfield engineers are Americans and Europeans. It was the skills and knowledge of the West, that turned this former desert tribe, into a nation which exports 75% of its crude to the rest of the world.



Should the Muslim Brotherhood fulfill its objective; the House Of Saud will fall; to be replaced by an Islamic (Sharia) Caliphate that will strangle every non-Islamic country on the planet through a systematic agenda of financial terrorism.

As part of the strict Sharia Law; the Muslim Brotherhood is obligated to collect "jizyah"; a tax applied against all Non-Muslim, as well as Muslims that have the financial ability, or are wealthy. Certain Islamic Hadiths describe under what condition Jizyah can be collected. Yet--all of them state that Non-Muslims must be levied this tax if they will not convert to Islam. In some cases, other Hadiths also demand Muslim nations to go to war with those that refuse to pay the tax.

Behind the scenes among these Arab uprisings; one can clearly see the handiwork of the Muslim Brotherhood. Emboldened by their recent victories on other Islamic countries, their next target has already been lined-up: Saudi Arabia...

With $30 Billion Arms Deal, U.S. Bolsters Saudi Ties

Israel & Iran:

At the forefront of Mideast news remains two antagonists; Iran (as well as its proxy states,) and Israel.

Since the Shah was ousted from Iran in 1979; this Islamic country has been involved in nearly every terrorist action across the globe. Even though the Shah; "Mohammad Reza Pahlavi" was a dictator in his own right--he was also friendly to the West. Consequently he established ties with Israel, a move seen by many westerners as a step towards democracy. The "Students" who initiated the military coup of 1979 were headed by two familiar names; Ayatollah Khomeini, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Anwar Sadat; the President of modern Egypt, that had established close relationships with both Israel and the West; was assassinated by fanatical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khalid Ahmed Showky Al-Islambouli; an Egyptian military officer with strong ties to Iran's Revolutionary Council, was the leader of a four man hit-squad that killed Sadat. After being found guilty and put to death by Egyptian authorities; a street in Tehran was named in his honor.



Iran support of globally recognized terror groups has increased each year with devastating results. Its nuclear ambitions are not for the acquisition of a WMD; but as a tool to be used against the vast oil fields in the region. Granted, that should Iran ever have the capability to launch nuclear weapons against

Israel, it will probably do so. But for now; I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like nothing better that to control the oil flowing out of the Mideast region. He who controls the oil, controls the world...

Iran has actively provided financial support, military weapons and munitions, as well as technical experts to those countries opposed to Israel.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Lebanon, and the terrorist groups operating out of the West bank areas, have all been armed and trained by this rogue (Islamic) militaristic nation. Consequently; of the six Islamic nations--four have fought against Israel in the past, and one continues to conduct protracted attacks against Israel, land-locked nation.

For survivalist in the United States; the consequences are far reaching indeed. In a "blink of an eye" this situation can go south without warning. There are already many things working behind the scenes to bring this forward. These issues have the capacity to initiate a global meltdown of biblical proportions.

Summary: There is absolutely nothing that you or I can do to alter this situation. America, and other Western nations will have to continue to deal with these oil-producing sheiks from a political standpoint. However; should Iran actually make moves towards closure of the Strait Of Hormuz, then it's likely that military action will result. In my view; those nations, such as Turkey and Egypt that previously had political ties with Israel, and withdrawn those ties; will suddenly appear out of nowhere as a proxy military force whose sole intent is to destroy Israel, and control the oil distribution centers of the region.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Worse Case Scenario:


With all of the confusion about the 2012 Doomsday events; I thought that it would be prudent to outline what I feel are three of the more common events that we will face during this particular time period. But; I must state, that in my own opinion, December 2012 is “The Beginning” of these events; and not a date when everything will happen all at once.

Already we are witness to many terrible catastrophes that have rocked the world’s foundations. I believe that in the next 24-months, this world of ours will experience some cataclysmic events which will break all of the previous records. A series of events that have been formulating since time immortal itself.


Magnetic Pole Reversal:

It is a proven, and well documented-scientific fact that our northern and southern poles have recently changed the axis of their respective spin. This is also (sometimes) referred to as the Magellan factor. It comes about as a result of two distinct external  influences:

  • Polar Ice Pack Densities
  • Space Based Magnetic Anomalies

If the ice packs are over-loaded with an abundance of frozen ice; it creates a slight wobble of the earths axis. This wobble affects many different weather patterns, and also has an effect upon marine animal life. The rate at which the oceanic currents flow, and the influences upon the oceans tide patterns; all have consequences upon planet, and life as we know it.

Consequently; scientists already have determined that the polar ice caps are melting at an astonishing rate. If this trend continues, the consequences could be very severe:

  • Sea Levels increased by 5-15 feet.
  • Decreased water salinity; which affects weather patterns across the globe.
  • Coastal area flooding; all delta areas, islands, and peninsulas are flooded.
  • Decreased Oceanic “Elevator” theories caused by the introduction of fresh water into the trade currents.



[ Click The Picture To Enlarge – Will Open In A Separate Window ]

Our Magnetic north has already been fluctuating. True north is several degrees different from magnetic north. The gap has slowly been increasing over the years. There is much speculation as to why this is happening, but I think that it comes about due to the gradual planetary alignment that is occurring around us right now. There is also the fact that we are presently being bombarded with increased Gama Radiation from the sun. Scientists predict that in 2012, a solar storm will reach earth with much increased power.

Geo-Physical Pole Shift:

There are a variety of hypothesis regarding a physical pole shift. Many scientists conclude that several shifts have already occurred throughout the history of the planet. Some scientists agree that the earth undergoes a series of cycles; some of which can be determined through careful analysis of weather patterns, as well as ice, soil, and water sampling methods.

The most prevalent assumption is based upon the following factors: Our planet, as well as its life-cycles, can be directly correlated to the magnetic influences exerted by the other planets in our universe. The sun and the moon, both play an important role on our lives affecting the flow of water, tidal activities, as well as human and animal behavior across the globe.

Many ardent believers in the 2012 prophecies tend to believe that a rogue planet called; “Planet-X” will enter our galaxy sometime in 2012. If this is true; then our planet will undergo some serious cataclysmic changes which will affect everyone on the globe. The ramifications of that scenario are dire, and could create an “Extinction Level” event which kills a large percentage of the world’s population.

If the Planet-X Fly-By theory is true; then The Worse Case Scenario becomes a matter of survival for all of humanity.

The arrival of Planet-X into our galaxy would create a magnetic influence that causes the poles to tilt towards the approaching planet. This in turn creates a series of cataclysmic events that will ultimately destroy mankind, or at least many of our numbers.


Interplanetary (Galactic) Alignment:

The year 2012 will also be the timeframe that ushers in an alignment of the planets. The last alignment occurred in 1982. A quick research of significant weather related events occurring in 1982 indicate the following: (This list isn’t all inclusive)

  • January 10 – The lowest ever United Kingdom temperature of −27.2 °C (−17.0 °F) is recorded at Braemar, in Aberdeenshire. This equals the record set in the same place in 1895 (the record is equaled again at Altnaharra in 1995).
  • January 11–January 17 – A brutal cold snap sends temperatures to all-time record lows in dozens of cities throughout the Midwestern United States.
  • January 17 – Cold Sunday sweeps over the northern United States.
  • February 15 – The oil platform Ocean Ranger sinks during a storm off the coast of Newfoundland, killing all 84 rig workers aboard.
  • Syzygy: All eight planets align on the same side of the Sun (see also Jupiter effect).
  • April 6 – A blizzard unprecedented in size for April dumps 1–2 feet of snow on the northeastern United States, closing schools and businesses, snarling traffic, and canceling several major league baseball games.
  • July 6 – A lunar eclipse (umbral duration 236 min and total duration 106 min, the longest of the 20th century) occurs.
  • Torrential rain and mudslides in Nagasaki, Japan destroy bridges and kill 299.
  • December 24 – The "Christmas Eve Blizzard of '82" hits Denver.

I believe that anytime the planets align; the magnetic influence is increased. If one were to place a series of magnets on a table, each would impart either a positive, or a negative influence on the others. The larger the magnetic power, the larger the magnetic influence on the other magnets.


The alignment is sure to create some upheavals on Planet Earth; since the magnetic affect is increased as the planets come closer together.

To what extent, and for how long these influences persist, is probably a very well kept secret that we aren’t being told. But from a personal perspective; I tend to look at these things in a “Worse Case” scenario. It’s the only way to mitigate the associated risks.

For over twenty years I have been a student of this prophesized phenomenon; long before main-stream media latched onto it, or corporate greed realized the significant revenues that could be earned from it.




The Worse Case Scenario


These are the worst things that could occur during an event such a Pole Shift. An event that would certainly erase our technologies, and potentially most of the earth’s human life. Even one single event as described below, has the capacity to put into motion a series of other ancillary events.

  • Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis
  • Volcanic Eruptions
  • Coastal Flooding
  • Pacific Ring Of Fire
  • San Andréa's Fault Line Degradation
  • Yellowstone Caldera Eruption
  • New Madrid Fault Line Degradation
  • Tectonic Plate Collisions
  • Intensified Solar Radiation Output
  • Super-Storm Phenomenon
  • Unusual Animal Behaviors
  • Tidal Surges
  • Mass Religious Fervor
  • Civil Uprising
  • Sweeping Crime Epidemic
  • Polar Ice Cap Melting
  • Land Mass Shift




Consider this: all of the volcanoes on this planet are connected to each other by the core mantel deep down in the center of of the earth.

There is no such thing as a “Volcano That Never Erupted”, because it wouldn’t be classified as a volcano then—We call these beautiful mountains.

We know that volcanoes and geo-thermal hot springs are tied together. Hot springs exists as a result of “veins or rivers” of hot molten lava close to the surface of the earth. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park is a prime example of this.

Both hot springs and volcanoes derive their power from the lava being pushed to the surface by internal pressures, and sometimes external influences such as earthquakes, tectonic plate shifts, and other forces of nature.

What is startling; is when you see that most volcanoes are clustered together in certain areas of the world. These areas also have some of the most frequent occurrences of seismic activities. Sometimes scientists are able to predict a volcanic eruption, by the number and intensity of the earthquake swarms that precede the eruption.

This is one of those “Fear Factors” that go hand-in-hand with the worse case scenario. If in fact, a Pole Shift event were to occur, and as a result the earth’s crust were moved, or the inner steel core of the planet were jiggled around—would it then result in a simultaneous eruption of all of the volcanoes on the planet…?

If so; then the probability of an “Extinction Level Event” would be true.

Likewise; since the inner-earth is comprised of metal elements; these elements are thus subject to “Magnetic Influences” from exterior forces. If you have suddenly arrived at the same conclusion as I have; then it’s not difficult to understand the that role that solar activity, and planetary alignment will have on this planet. They appear to go together.

No matter what is said about 2012 prophecies; it’s uncanny that so many different cultures, most not related to each other in any way; have arrived at the same conclusion. Every religion prophecy, and every cultural prophecy that has been written throughout the ages; have ALL pointed towards a  series of cataclysmic upheavals that would be faced my mankind in the future.  Thousand of years into the original writers future….

Before the last Ice Age; there were (roughly) about one million people living in the area we know as Africa. A sudden volcanic eruption somewhere in Indonesia changed all of that; and changed the face of the world as well. Within ten years, only 30% of the original inhabitants remained alive; the rest having either perished from the results of the eruption, or starved to death as the global temperatures dropped—creating the last ice age. Of those 300,000 people surviving after the eruption; only five thousand were women of child bearing age.

Every person on this planet today owes their existence to one of those women. Everyone!


So, whether or not 2012 happens in a sequence of prophecies as foretold by the Mayan Elders, or as described in the Holy Bible; it doesn’t change the fact that every person on this planet is actually living on borrowed time when it comes to crisis events. We may not be at “Ground Zero” when it happens; but I guarantee that we all will feel the effects in some way.

How we deal with these issues is up to each of us, and if things happen to go rapidly south; how we have prepared ourselves and our families may determine the outcome for generations into our future.





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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Survival Cooking


In many different articles over the years I have tried to explain the necessity of utilizing a “Low Impact” technique to be used when conducting a Tactical Bug Out. Camping stoves that require bottled or canned fuel is okay for camping, but when SHTF, an alternative method must be considered—for many different reasons.

Commonly called the Espit’ Stove; its origins are of East Germany, and were widely used during the cold war ear. The fuel consisted of small trioxide tablets which averaged a 15-minute burn time. Enough to boil some coffee water, or heat a can of stew.

These stoves can be purchased in most military surplus stores, or they can be found on-line at EBay and other online retailers. In some cases, the fuel tabs are supplied as well.

I make my own fuel tabs in the following manner:

  • Small Pot
  • Cleaned Soup Can
  • Thongs or Tweezers
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Aluminum Foil

Using a pot filled half-way with water; I place a cleaned soup can in the middle of the pot, and then ignite the stove. Using paraffin wax purchased at my local hobby store, I break the wax into small pieces, and drop them into the can.

Using a pair of thongs, a cotton ball is then dipped into the hot melted wax. The saturated cotton ball is then placed on a 3” x 3” piece of aluminum foil, and the ends twisted like a candy kiss.

The fuel tabs can be made smaller, or larger as needed. The normal cotton ball size will burn for at least 30-minutes; while a cotton ball half the size will burn for about 10-15 minutes. A novel idea that can be used, is to tear the cotton ball into three strips, and then roll the strips between your fingers until it resembles a small sausage.

Having used this set-up for years; I take comfort in knowing that during a SHTF scenario, I will not have to resort to building a campfire to cook food; thereby betraying my presence. Additionally; the wax-saturated cotton balls can also be used as a source of heat and light inside small tents, or primitive shelters.



Another stove along this line is called The “Volcano Stove”; another fine invention by foreign military units. It works on the same principal as the Esbit Stove, but is taller, and comes with a built in water bottle and canteen cup.



Even if fuel becomes a problem; both of these stove can be fired with small twigs, leaves, and other combustible materials. For long term solutions, it’s hard to beat these stove. The only difference is their size and weight.

NOTE: using an old soup can, it’s easy to build a Volcano Stove with little effort. Look at the above picture, and see where to punch the air holes. Fuel and tinder can be carried inside of the stove with relative ease.

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Map picture

Don’t Be So Eager

1 (1)

Don’t be so eager to live in a world gone south

It’s easy to discount the suffering and misery of others; but you will never understand how deeply personal this is until it is brought home to you.

Look at this mother’s face again; now tell me everything that you feel from this picture…

Map picture


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sanctuary Among The Trees: Part 2

The rain hasn’t stopped for several hours. A cold wind whips down through the trees, sending droplets of water streaming into my face. At least most of the mosquitos have given me a little break. Like a dog shaking dry its fur, I shake the water from my boonie hat; the tiny flow of cold water stops rolling down the back of my neck.

For most of the afternoon I have trudged through the slippery foliage against the driving rain. The incessant rain continued unabated throughout my trek, making the going even more difficult than before. Underneath my feet the saturated ground gives way to a quagmire of mud which threatens to slip my ankle at every turn. Already the extra burden of watching every foot-fall has taken its toll—my legs muscles scream for a rest.

I stop and look around me; casting a quick glance at my wristwatch I see that time has once again slipped by. It’s near evening, and already the coming darkness quickly interfuses with the foreboding dark of the forest. Across to my right I see a small trail; a tiny sliver of brown amidst the green surrounding it. A few quick steps and I understand what I am seeing; an age old game trail that has been used by bear and moose alike to work their way down out of these mountains. This is evidenced by the many fresh bear tracks, some only hours old. Others indeterminable.

To my left a steep hillside rises higher into these eternal mountains; to my right a terraced drop-off leading down to a stream. I am halfway between the high and low ground—halfway between the light remaining overhead, and the night that is hungrily approaching.


With no time left to find a suitable camp, I spot a tangle of trees. Branches run amok among their heights; my eyes following along a thick branch jutting out from among the rest. The height is a mere twenty feet from the ground, but it’s girth will allow me to remain safely out of reach in this bear trodden area. It seems to be my only choice. Already my sore muscles congratulate me, as already my feet are carrying me towards my sleeping area.

Dropping may rucksack, and securing my rifle and gear to it; I attach a fifty foot length of cammie rope to it; the other end tied to by belt loop. The rough bark of this aged tree scrapes against my fingers as I begin my ascent into its awaiting clutches. Using every branch as a hand and foot hold, I find myself climbing higher within its lofty view until I can climb no more.

The wind whispers through my hair as I look around me taking in the magnificent view below. To some men, this view would would cost them a million dollars—to me it is but a few moments of strenuous climbing.

My rucksack is tied against the tall tree trunk. Crammed between two outwardly pointing limbs, I have secured myself a perch. I will not be able to lay down, but having positioned my rucksack just so—I am able to sit on it and lean back without fear of falling. Later I will tie myself to this tree to keep me safe up here; but for now I am content to be off the well travelled bear trail. Safely tucked up here where the wind will carry my scent away.

Laying on my back with my legs dangling over the edge of the limbs, I truly feel alive out here among the wilds that so few have experienced. It’s not often that humanity veers from it’s modernized path to find itself a guest among nature. As I lay here gazing across the lush expanse of the forest below, and feeling the pitter-patter of rain drops against my poncho; I am reminded that our humanity is fragile as a jetliner passes quietly overhead. Its blinking lights a testament to humankinds inventions—a reminder that technology is weak when compared against nature. There is no noise as the jet fades from view, only the sound of the rain against my clothing. and the sound of my chewing the Wheat Bread rations that I have brought with me.

Tonight's meal will be cold. Military crackers smeared with peanut butter and jelly; washed down with lukewarm instant hot chocolate. A scrumptious feast among the swaying branches; a delicacy nourishing the body and mind. Twenty feet below the rain cascades from the base of this old tree, its wave of water spreading outwards to be hungrily drank by the thirsty forest floor.

Already the night has once again crept up on me. My eyes have adjusted to the almost dark. The rains make for a darker night, but the darkness hides me from the savage below; the cold wind sending my smell higher among the tall trees; denying the bears my presence.

My poncho is worn like a cape to protect me from the driving rain. Here and there I have to adjust my position to keep out small wet stains. The toes of my boots are soaked, but so far my feet remain dry. With my head peeking out from under the rubberized hood, and safely tucked away inside of my rain suit; I will probably stay relatively dry up here. I’d rather be soaking wet, than be bloody dead down there.

Most of these game trails have existed for centuries before man came to this place. The trail is dotted with scat from different animals; fresh prints mingle with old prints. Wolf, Moose, Bears, and small rodents use this trail. It is not a safe place for my kind to remain long. Even remaining in close proximity requires careful planning. This place is not for the uninitiated who wildly tromp through its confines demanding all around to bend to their will. Many have learned the difficulties of this; many have learned it the hard way. One cannot bargain with nature or its wild beast; one cannot hope to force their will upon either. Many travellers to this wild country have vanished, to never be heard from again—Ever!

As I slip off to sleep, my mind wanders across the far reaches of time. I remember the reason that I came here; the nexus of all that has sent me to this place. I imagine a world gone sour; the suffering of humanity, the pain of reliance upon technologies that are apt to fail. I feel a loss inside of my very heart when contemplating these things. My mind’s eye plays vivid movies of these things—and I vow to myself that I will not allow these things to corrupt me. I remember the jetliner cruising across my vision earlier. I can almost see the passengers sipping drinks, and staring thousands of feet below into the darkness that keeps me safe. I wonder if these people understand the unnaturalness of their flight. That should nature unleash its fury; their delightful journey may suddenly come to an abrupt end. It’s not my nature to dwell upon these events; I dare not challenge the universe. But deep inside of all that I am, of all that I have come to be—I understand the meaning to my purpose, and I understand the urgency that has been imparted to me. My only regret is that many people exists with their unseeing eyes. They are blind to their environment. They have become deaf to the sounds of mother earth’s discontent—and perhaps in our lifetimes she will remind us even more that we, like our animals cousins, are simply as fragile as seeds sowed upon the winds.


Daylight finds me once again working the kinks out of my sore back, It’s been a very long night up in the safety of those trees. Earlier as daylight made its appearance, I spotted a grizzly bear with her three cubs plodding along the trail below my perch. The little ones looked happy romping along behind momma—and she, like so many other animals in this forest, intent on feeding her small family.

The rain had stopped somewhere in the early dark hours of the morning. I was oblivious, tucked inside of my makeshift poncho tent. Occasionally a gust of wind would ruffled the edges of the poncho, but soon the tiredness sent me spiraling back down into my sleep.

Now, as my feet once again feel the firmness of the ground; I hurry away from this area, my belly growling for food. With my left foot placed in front of my right, I leave the sanctuary of the trees and head further uphill to assuage my wet and tired muscles.


Less than an hour later I see the perfect spot. Overlooking a large stream I set about to dry my gear, and get some hot food inside of me.

Wisps of steam rise from the canteen cup of boiling water. A bag of freeze dried scrambled eggs and peppers will provide the sustenance that is needed to make the last few miles into the Safe Area. Several cups of coffee will also help to shake the coldness from my bones. While waiting for the water to boil, I strip down my weapons and carefully clean and oil each component.

The sunlight against my face warms me somewhat; but more importantly—it tells me that todays journey might be a little easier. All around me the scent of raw nature floods my senses. The smell of damp grass, the way that the earth smells; intermingling with the smell of pine trees. It’s quickly becoming a paradise, a place that I could forever remain. But my destination calls out to me. I have reason to continue my trek through the myriad of spectacular countryside ahead of me.

With one final look backwards, my feet begin their journey forward into the trees. My eyes scan the skies overhead, noting the potion of the sun; and just as quick, my eyes begin their systematic search of the undergrowth as I am carried along this odyssey deep within the jungle called Alaska.

Along the way I encounter many animals; the small chipmunks, rabbits, ptarmigans, and grouse. These creatures make their home here among the trees; and they pay little attention to me as I work my way through the tangled undergrowth. The ground is littered with Moose tracks. Fresh droppings tell me that meat will not be a problem here. The problem is when Man enters these woods to slaughter these magnificent animals for sport, or to acquire a trophy. It trespasses upon all that I hold sacred. I have arrived here from a long line of hunters dating back to the beginning of time itself. My bow and arrow feel as natural to me as cell-phones feel to others. It is a way to feed those that are hungry, it is a means to provide hide shelters from the cold rains—it is not a sport to relish and cherish; as taking the life of an animal needlessly upsets the balance of nature’s energy. There will be an accounting for this in another life.


A few hours later I arrive at my Safe Area. Hidden from view along a series of ridges, the area that I have chosen is the perfect spot. I look around to reacquaint myself; and am surprised to see that I am not the only one calling this place home. A pair of Swan have made it their own, and I watch from the tree line as they nurture each other in their own magnificent way.  These two have mated for life. Each becoming part of the other; these heavenly creatures will spend their lives in perfect harmony with nature, and in perfect harmony with each other.


I walk around the edges of the pond to see what animals are drinking from it. The many trails leading down to its banks tells me that game is plentiful. I will not go hungry in this place. Nature will provide me with what I require, as long as I do not abuse the privilege.


Unearthing my cache from deep within its hidden lair, I am astonished to learn that everything that I have stashed two years ago has remained safe. Contained in several buckets are essential supplies that will carry me through rough times. Food, clothing, tools, and other gear that has been laboriously hauled up here by snow-machine. My buried supplies are one of many such “caches” that have become an integral part of my survival planning. I have no false-illusions that living off the land during the winter months is possible. Animals head further towards the coastal areas when the deep snows cover the land; edible plants remain under five feet of snow. Life in the Alaska bush in the winter is severe.

I spend the next hour setting up a series of snares; hoping to catch a wild rabbit or two. I have plenty of food with me, but it’s always good to supplement my rations with fresh meat.

Trap (4)

With my camp all prepared for the coming darkness, I find myself inexorably drawn to the comfort of a moss covered spot. Arranging some branches to hide my form, I slip down onto the warm earth and find contentment in the sounds of nature. All around me the quiet noises of the forest lulls me down into a satisfying sleep.

I have chosen this place as a refuge in case things back in The World goes south. Here among the craggy peaks of the mountains, I find myself drawn backwards in time to an age where a Man, such as I have arisen from, made his solitary way throughout his existence. I am sure, insomuch as is possible—that he and I share many of the same thoughts when so confronted with the beauty and bounty of nature. Deep within me I sometimes feel his presence urging me onwards, guiding me through the tangle of these woods, and sometimes through the tangles of life among humanity as well. The ancestral bond remains unbroken out here. It grows and nourishes the spirit of him, and those that came after him; flooding my sense of identification with this place, this time—and thus all that it means to me.

I have named this place—Home…

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