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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Ready For The End: Save Your Life First


With all of the predictions surrounding the events of 2012 Doomsday Prophecies, it's easy to forget that there are other cataclysmic scenarios that are equally devastating.

Our world, and our society have become increasingly reliant on modern conveniences such as electricity, sewage, drinking water, telecommunications, and instant gratification.

What would happen to society if these conveniences were suddenly and inexplicitly removed without warning...

For the average family out there that has fallen into this "consumerism" based trap--the end result would be devastating in both the short term, and long term.

No matter what event one is prepping for; the basic survival plan begins with having and adequate food and water supply at home. It has been suggested to maintain a 72-hour kit, but I personally think that steps should be taken to increase this to a minimum of 3-months. Based on historical facts concerning other disasters, and how FEMA coped with these events; three months worth of food and water, as well as other supplies, will provide a much better window of survivability.

The Basics:

  • Powdered Eggs
  • Powdered Milk
  • Instant Soup
  • Instant Coffee
  • Tea Bags
  • Rice
  • Cornmeal
  • Dried Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Cream Of Wheat
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Dried Fruit
  • Cup-O-Soup
  • Ramine Noodles
  • Pasta Noodles

These food items are relatively easy to find, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The fact that they are DRY, makes them easier to store--no matter what the weather conditions happen to be. There are many microwaveable food packs on the shelves of the grocery stores. These items are already cooked, as they only need to be heated. Boiling the pack in hot water will work just fine—remember to cut a small slit in the top of the bag FIRST.

Canned food is great; but they are subjected to weather, and weigh considerably more. The first thing to remember that even though the expiration date has expired, the food is probably still palatable. The only exception might be prepared foods such as beef stew, chili, spaghetti sauce, or those foods that have a higher acidity. Fresh vegetables will be needed when SHTF. A steady diet of rice and beans will get old real fast. Mixing up the canned food with dried food will be a significant factor during a crisis.

Freeze Dried food and Military rations are probably the best way to start out in this endeavor. The cost is a little higher, but offset by the long-term shelf life, and the portability because of the small size and reduced weight factors.

The secret to remember; don't put all of your emergency food in one place. Spread it out across several different "Supply Cache's" in the area. The last thing that you want is to rush home during a crisis, and suddenly find all of your food buried under fifty tons of wrecked house.

A supply cache could be something as simple as a 5-gallon bucket of survival food that is stored in the back of your car, or buried beside the doghouse. There are many places in your area where these buckets can be hidden, or buried.

The best option is to fill each bucket with enough food to last every member of your family for at least two weeks. Careful selection of the food, and carefully packing it into the bucket, will go a long way in insuring that that you have a insurance policy when SHTF. Boxes containing food-bags should be broken down. he box is just for getting your attention, the real food is inside of the bag-getting rid of the box reduces the overall weight and size, making it easier to store or pack.

My own plan uses these same principals. Several buckets of food are buried here and there, as well as a much larger “Base Camp” cache that is designed for long term sustainability AFTER the crisis has passed. In addition, it would also be wise to bury or maintain some caches containing clothing, tools, ammunition, and basic survival gear. Even the best plans have a tendency to fail, so having “extras” spread out across the area will insure that even if you are forced to flee with only the clothes on your back—there is something waiting on you at one of the supply caches.

All too many times I have been amazed at the sheer magnitude of the preparations that some survival families have undertaken. Alternative energy system, several years worth of food supplies, thousands of gallons of fuels, as well as chicken, cows, pigs, and everything that will sustain their family during a crisis.

BUT: What happens if these families have to suddenly flee their home in order to save their lives?

They are screwed !

Even though lots of time, effort, and money went into their planning; they didn't start at the basic plan of saving their own life first...


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More information can be found at the link below

Getting Ready For The End





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