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Friday, February 3, 2012

New World Order: In Your Face


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All of the terms above represent a series of divergent views, opinions, and beliefs, about how the world will end, or what the future holds for mankind. It depends entirely upon the person’s belief system, and their personal values, coupled with their own understanding of these future events.

Some would argue that in 2012 a series of cataclysmic events will rock the very foundation of all that is representative of our modern culture; while others vehemently declare without reservation, that the Wrath of GOD will fall upon mankind very soon—probably in December 2012.

No matter who I have spoken with about these future events, and no matter what their own end-times philosophies are; each person has told me that they intrinsically felt a sense of immediate urgency in getting themselves ready to face these future crisis probabilities.

My own search for answers to the omnipresent concerns about these terrible events, has led me onto a different path than some of my contemporaries. A path which looks into the historical aspects, predictability patterns, and current events around the globe--which might in some small way allow me to catch a glimpse of the initial indicators that something is amiss. But, I must admit that often-times I have to stop and look at the information peeking out from behind the veil of modern telecommunications with its inherently instant gratifying information portals—as it can quickly inundate my senses with a flood of information non-relevant to my research.

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I look for emerging patterns such as unexplained weather phenomenon, psyhotronic behaviors patterns, economic trends, religious trends, political and judicial policies, national security and foreign polices, moods, consumer price indexes, and many other other data streams that fit a certain pattern of movement away from, or towards something.

With an open mind I watch these data streams fade into and out of my field of understanding. Some remain logged into the memory bank of my mind, while other data bits just flow through my mind without consequence. Yet, certain tidbits of data-information forces my mind to stop and observe a little closer, sit up straight, read a little more, and sometimes it allows the information to take my search in an entirely different direction.

It’s these little nagging things which demand that I find the answer that puzzles me the most, and oftentimes forces me to spend many hours sifting through reams and reams of information, until I achieve a sense of understanding, and have gained some inner cognitive recognition that the information which I am seeing is very important to me.

Here are some of the data-stream trends that I have encountered over the last few years, and some of these trends have increased in their individual voracities, as well as frequency of occurrences:

Food prices have risen sharply; while the prices paid to farmers have decreased exponentially. In essence; corporate America is screwing the farmers and ranchers that produce our food, while screwing us at the cash register when we buy their products.

Unemployment seems to be slowing down; based on what I see from the national unemployment index. But the index doesn’t take into account the number of people that no longer qualify for unemployment benefits, and are forced to apply for public assistance. Another disturbing factor right beside this trend is the sudden increase in the number of families applying for food stamps. Middle class America which was the very foundation of the economic growth of this country—are now losing their jobs to outsourcing, losing their homes to foreign investment banks, and forced to put corporate America’s overpriced food on their kitchen tables—bought and paid for with food stamps that are subsidized with tax revenues.

Our oil hungry nation imports more oil than many of the third world countries in South America combined. Yet our car manufacturing base is cranking out supersonic flashy cars that suck high dollar fuel faster than dairy cows can pump milk. There is little effort being put into economy cars that sip gasoline, because the younger generation of America are envious of those that have high dollar Beamer’s and Benz's. But these kids cant afford the price tag, so they spend their money foolishly on street racers that look good and are filled with all kinds of electronic gizmos that do absolutely nothing for the fuel mileage, but everything for their own sense of self indulgence—and thus send more of their dollar overseas to Asian companies importing the stereos, gps, and other electrical crap which makes mechanics smile when the car break down.

Gold prices have gone through the roof, but the Euro still outdistances the dollar by 40%. A Euro costs $1.40; even though the European monetary system is teetering on the brink of total collapse. Wall Street traders, investment bankers, international banking consortiums—all have prophesized that the European financial institutions are writing checks that their respective, and collective asses can’t cover. The US dollar has a 63% buying power. So every time that you lay down a one dollar bill—remember that it’s only worth sixty three inflation adjusted pennies. Perhaps that is why ten years ago one could buy three cans of beans for two dollars; and today one can of beans costs three dollars.

I had a long conversation a few years ago with a Harvard Math professor and political science educator. He told me that America’s economic problems could be solved in one single 24-Hour period. He told me that all of our problems could be solved if the US Government would give one million dollars to every man, woman, and child that is a citizen of this country.

Simple math tells me that there are just about 350-Million people in the USA. That means the feds would have to shell out three hundred fifty million dollars. Though at first it sounded like a very good idea, when I digested and processed that information, it was easy to see that having a country of instant millionaires wouldn’t be such a good idea.

The personal income tax on one million dollars would be in the neighborhood of 33%. So one third ($333,000) would be returned to the government the following tax year. That in itself is significant, because even before the very first tax return is ever filed, the consumer goods taxes would blow the roof off. States and cities that currently charge a 5% sales tax, would probably raise the tax structure to around 12%—just to keep up with inflationary counter-measures by the greedy corporations and outsourcing business entities. Corporate America would rise to the occasion; and that $3 can of beans today, would cost $12 tomorrow. To be sure, the labor outlook would be gloomy the first year. Many small business would be forced to close their doors because their suddenly rich employees told the boss to “stuff it”. That creates a chain reaction which slowly shuts down another source of tax revue feeding the hungry corporations and government tax structures. This in turn affects the national debt.

The national debt equals $44,900.00 per person in the United States; which puts that figure around 15-trillion dollars. Our current national debt is creeping past what our Gross National Product earns. That means we are spending more money than what we sell in products. The debt to dollar ratio is getting higher each year, and pretty soon, if the trend continues, the national debt will outsource our own production capabilities. As of February 2012, the national debt represents 96.8% of the Gross National Product. In comparison; in 2000, the ratio was 57.6% [ Oops! Can you say higher taxes, lower service, and inflated corporate consumer commodity prices…? ]

And that is the good news--Now let’s really get into some trends:

America’s population density is predicted to increase to 439-million people by 2050. That means in 38 years there will be an additional 89-million people in the USA. Along with that, the prediction is that the Hispanic-Latino population that today represents 16%, will double to a little over 30% by the year 2050. While Hispanic-Latino, African-American, and Asian-American see a rise in their population growth—the white Caucasian race declines from 79.5%, to 74%. [Hey; that’s not me talking—here’s the link: US Census Demographics ]

So, that means my grand children will be in their forties, their cost of living index will be much more than what we experience today, and the USA will be one third Hispanic-Latino, 13% African-American, and 7.8% Asian-American, with another 46.3% Non-Hispanic-White.

62% of the nations’ children in 2050 is expected to be of a minority ethnicity, and only 38% are of the Non-Hispanic White children--which declines to 56%. What does this trend mean? Better get used to Mexican food, changes in the food manufacturing process, and increased imports, while decreased exports. Are you starting to see the data-streams trending right in front of your face…

Cause and effect is most evident here; and for every trend which creates a cause; there is an equal and opposite trend that has to come around.

Newton’s Third Law;” The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear”; in other words: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions

  • Raise taxes, people earn less
  • People that earn less, spend less
  • When people spend less, revenues drop
  • When revenues drop, prices rise
  • When prices rise, less disposable income results
  • Less disposable income, means that less is spent on comfort items,

Taxes Are Raised=Less Income=Less Earnings=Less Spending=Less Sales Taxes=Less Tax Revenues= More Taxes; simple right!


So where does this all lead to, and what does it have to do with the New World Order…?

I will summarize it in one single word:




  • Control what we earn
  • Control what we eat
  • Control what we drink
  • Control what we spend
  • Control how we spend it
  • Control where we spend it
  • Control how we save it
  • Control how we use it

And if we don’t like that—then make a law that forces us to be controlled by the thing that we don’t like in the first place. If we still don’t buckle down, then control the manner in which we speak out against it; make it “unconstitutional speech”.



It gets a little weird from here down:

We have a supreme court that gives “Human Rights” to a corporate entity; but cannot give those same rights to a fetus in the womb.

The same supreme court that is sworn to uphold the US Constitution; and yet allows foreign national agitators to stand on America’s street corners and piss on the US flag, and burn it on main street—while telling American citizens that to oppose the “Lawful Constitutional Rights” of these bastards—makes “You and I” the criminals.

The same Supreme court that denies the rights of Oklahoma citizen to add another amendment to THEIR State Constitution outlawing Sharia Law. 


[ LINK: News Article By The Huffington Post ]

The same Supreme court that threatens the Governor of Arizona about their constitutional rights to impose immigration polices along the Mexican border.

A system of government that bends at the waist to atheist political activists to remove prayer, and religious symbols from schools, and public buildings; but has the sheer audacity to demand that churches and religious charity groups provide birth control to people that are fundamentally opposed to that principal on the religious grounds that birth control is murder.

A system that refuses to acknowledge “creeping-sharia” as being the single most dangerous threat to the American Constitution, and way of life; and just yesterday gives top-level security clearances to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Global warming is always in the data-stream; but lately its been all about “Global Cooling” that is making all the headlines in the world.

Most of Europe is under an icy blanket which has already killed hundreds of people, and forced millions more into shelters. A slice of bread topped with fat and onions; are the what’s keeping some of these folks alive. In placed like Rome, Greece, and much of the United Kingdom; shelters are over-crowded, and the local authorities are telling hospital staff to keep patients, instead of sending them back into the cold to die of hypothermia.


Here in the USA, a flue is quickly spreading across the state boundaries. Everyone that I know is suffering from form of the flue, or another. The map below shows what the CDC calls “seasonal flus”: All but three states have been affected; with the heaviest hit areas along the I-70 Interstate corridor that runs from Washington DC into Utah.


A major winter storm system is sweeping through the Midwest causing massive traffic snarls, shutting highways down, and forcing the closure of school and other essential services. Airline service is taking a bit hit, and the trucking industry has come to a near stand-still in the wake of the storms.

Texas and other southwest states are facing droughts this summer. There hasn't been enough snowpack in the Rocky Mountains to supply the Midwest corn-belt, or the southwester underground aquifers, with enough water.  consequence is that farmers will not be able to irrigate their corn and wheat fields. Once again this will affect the supply-side of the equation, and those products will see a price hike this fall, if not earlier. It also affects beef production, but grain-fed cattle need the surplus corn that farmers sell. Beef and other herd-meat products will likewise experience rising prices.

There have been several reports arising out of South America that has alarmed many people. Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Panamanians have recorded what people are terming “Elijah’s Trumpet” call. This is the biblical trumpet blast that will be heard three times around the world before GOD unleashes the evil plagues which kills one third of mankind. A few scattered reports are seen from the USA, but nothing significant so far.

Other indicators

Earthquake are swarming all across the country

There are eleven volcanoes active around the globe

Three cyclone are hammering the Indian ocean

Small Pox, Cholera, and other diseases are rapidly becoming “Totally Resistant To Antibiotics” at an alarming rate. Lets not forget that H1N1 as well as H5N5 are still active right beside Ebola, SARS, and other flu’s creeping around the world. It is just a matter of time before a type of the Spanish Flu of 1913 remerges and becomes another genocidal killer of mankind. Considering the many rouge jihadist scientists that have an axe to grind with America and the West; it would be a devious way to rid the planet of God's children. Imagine a dozen medically infected martyrs arriving on America’s shores with a virus that has a two week incubation period, and then rapidly infects everyone that comes into contact with these people. Go watch the the movie “Contagion” to see what the government response would be. Scary stuff to be sure.

But amidst all of this gloom and doom, there is some good news as well: Survival groups are forming everywhere. Individual preppers are popping-up faster than clap through a whore-house; and The North American Survival Alliance is growing each day. It’s my personal hope that survivalist will embrace this FREE opportunity to reach out to other groups and preppers that are preparing for collapse of society, as well as natural disasters. In these highly unusual times it will be the small groups that flourish when others suffer. The question remains: are you willing to face these coming-times all by yourself, or would it be easier and safer to surround yourself with friends that “Got Yer’ Back” when SHTF.


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