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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Firearms Review: Intratec TEC-9 9mm Handgun


This old buzz saw has been around for a few years, but sadly the manufacturer stopped building these weapons a few years ago. The TEC-9 is one of the weapons that has been banned by many different states, and a boatload of municipalities. It’s supposed to be the “weapon of choice” for drug-dealers and gang-bangers. Nonetheless, the TEC-9 is a great little handgun that has a purpose in the survival armory.

Getting magazines for the TEC-9 can be a little problem at first, but once a supplier can be found, the money spent is well spent.

The TEC-9 is ideally suited for survival situations; it’s compact size and low weight factors make the TEC-9 up to the task of keeping survivors safe during SHTF scenarios. It fires the standard 9mm round that is common to many other survival weapons. Finding one these days isn’t all to difficult. There are a few still left out there, and their going for about $500.00. Magazines are running about $15 dollars for the 32 round mags, or you can spend a little more money for the 50-round version.

The TEC-9 can be fitted with a barrel extension that gives it more stability while using the two-handed firing stance. Adding the barrel extension adds a little more weight to the gun, but this is offset by the fact that the barrel extension allows for a more “rifle” like feel.

What’s really cool about this little weapons, is the reliability. It will send rounds screaming down-range just as fast as you can pull the trigger. The recoil is slight, but as with any 9mm Luger weapon, the results at the target are pretty impressive.

If you have the chance to add a TEC-9 to your survival armory; it’s worth the cost. Perhaps someday these fine weapons will be viewed for what they really represent, instead of the anti-gunner crap that has demolished the use of this weapon.




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