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Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Loved By Franke Schein


Trueness Of Love By Franke Schein


Love’s Eternity By Franke Schein




Dark Fires Rage:



Dark Fires Rage:
By Franke Schein


Lonely is my heart
A dark and empty place
Where no longer Can I feel
Your loving embrace.

A prisoner to my pain
Where dark fires rage
Shackled to memories
Of love's velvet cage.

Existing on the edge
Where the sun doesn't shine
Haunted by the memories
Locked into our time.

Remembering your eyes
The taste of your skin
The sounds of ecstasy
That made my head spin.

An emotional destruction
Reaching deep into my dreams
A slow motion movie
Replaying the same scenes.

So I'll go through my days
Try to get through the night
Wearing Chains that bind me
And lock my heart tight...

Existence's Solitude:



Existence's Solitude:
By Franke Schein
I am just a solitary man living inside my own world. Just another stranger, In a world full of blank eyes staring at you from the Edges of your reality.

I don't exist in your world until an intersection of our lives occur.

A moment in both of our lives whereupon, that which has kept us apart, brings us together.

On that moment, perhaps your eyes will experience something vaguely familiar, and pleasing,

almost like finding that long lost earring. A sense that you know me, or want to know me.

Perhaps in that moment you will draw courage to hold your eyes against mine just a little longer than usual,

allowing the subtly of the moment to creat a small rift in the confines of time itself, to charge the air around us with energized opportunity to erase our disconnection, and begin a friendship which blossoms beyond both of our wildest expectations.

You see; Oftentimes you have felt a piercing stare from across the room; turning your head to seek out the source, you found a crowded room of strangers, and the experience left you insensitive to love's simple caress. The gentle reminder that nothing happens by pure chance in our lives, for every moment of your life's path had been laid down since the moment of your birth.

Our creator made perfect this world. He gave us togetherness instead of singularity of existence. A perfect mate to fulfill his grand design. The one, With which a communion of heart, mind, and spirit was possible.
Yet throughout your life you accepted the invalidating premise of perfection's concept; laying wasted his perfect partner to complete the circle of your life, and consequently my life as well.

Thus creating the incongruity leaving two people suffering amid the emptiness of unrealized longing. Both residents of an imbalanced world of question filled eyes.

But today, on this exact moment you will begin to feel a small change. So small, as a matter of fact, that at first you will dismiss its tingling sensation as yet another fallacy creeping through your self absorbed illusion of intimacy.

But your heart will not allow you to easily forget this lesson today. Because to forget, is to deny your own purpose of existence.
Already I can sense that your eyes see a little beyond what they did a minute ago. That you are using all of your given senses to reach out beyond the narrowness of your life, to see that which you have forgotten; and perhaps your eyes will find mine, to erase the existence's solitude from my life without you.

Photo Credit: Elsha Hales