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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Word About Watchmen Of America

A Word About Watchmen Of America

There are many places on my respective websites that indicate Franke Schein, Alaska Watchmen, and The North American Survival Alliance is not associated with the Watchmen Of America (WOA) website or its affiliates in any manner whatsoever.

Though I support all aspects of the US Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights; the website calling itself Watchmen Of America is in no way connected with, affiliated with, associated with, or even remotely part of my websites—much less shares in my personal opinions and views.

What really stands out, is that this website, and many of its members claim to be survivalists, and are actively recruiting new members to learn survival skills. Yet; it is abundantly clear that the website is about as close to survival, as trying to breed cats with dogs. The administrators of this website are aware of the rising concern regarding civil preparedness, and are blatantly using distraction in a foul attempt to deceive people into joining their cause. This website is a militia website, with very close ties to the sovereign citizen movement, as well as racist organizations that make no qualms about their ideologies.

Their particular website, as well as every associated chapter thereof, has been included in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of militia groups. Additionally, many of the chapters of WOA ascribe to the ideologies persistent within the Sovereign Citizens movement, as well as many of the radical white-power ideologies, Jew-hater groups, and other assorted racists organizations—none of which I agree with, endorse, or claim as my own. As a matter of fact, I oppose everything these groups espouse.

The administrator operating the Watchmen Of America website falls into several of the aforementioned categories by virtue of the members, and organizations that he supports and displays on the website. The fact that he is operating this “for-profit” website stands in stark contradiction to the established regulations imposed by The Social Security Administration, and other public assistance agencies at both the Federal and State levels within his home state.

Additionally; the WOA website claims to be a “Militia Support Group” providing, uniforms, gear, equipment, firearms, and training to its members. When in fact very little of these services and products have actually been delivered to the members that have paid for it. Over the last year, there is a growing number of people and groups that have withdrawn their support and participation in this fraudulent scheme because the contractual obligations have not been delivered as promised.
Those few members that have received some of the promised gear, quickly found that the cheap imported products from Asia are of inferior quality, do not hold-up under field use, and are generally worthless. There remains a growing dissatisfaction within this area.

One only has to glance at the various webpages throughout this shameful website, to see the many “donations” buttons begging for money. On nearly every page, the administrator is begging the membership and viewing public for cash donations. Oftentimes, there are products, videos, books, calendars, and other offers for sale, that have been illegally obtained through copyright infringement, or outright theft from the internet, and its respective owners. Many examples can be found within the Patriot Resistance Website, as well as the Watchmen of America domain.

The original image can be found here:

A letter is being drafted to the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office as well as the United States Attorney General, in order to communicate concerns regarding the illegal contracts offered by the administrator(s) of WOA and its associated websites. Particularly, the absence of any arbitration agreement in the event of contract default, as well as notarization by a legitimate state licensed agent. These two areas should be cause for alarm when entering into contractual agreement with this organization. The absence of these two areas thereby invalidates their contracts with current and former members that have participated in this scandalous program.

Of even more concern, are the many reported instances whereupon the administrator refuses to refund money paid by the members who are desirous of cancelling their agreement with WOA. This alone, contradicts every know concept of business ethics, as well as various laws and regulations, and may in fact, eventually lead to a class action law suit, if not the outright criminal charges being brought against the website and its administrator’s, as well as any serving officer having complicity within the scope of this fraudulent program.

Additionally, there exists no public records of any business enterprise calling itself Watchmen of America, Patriot Resistance, nor does any such business entity exist within the State of Kentucky, or registered under the Internal Revenue Service. Perhaps, the additional income realized by the website administrator is not being reported, nor are the various local subsistence/welfare agencies being advised of the additional income sources experienced by the administrator through the operation of this on-line business venture.

Perhaps, if the truth were to be known; that all of the donations are merely a scheme perpetuated at the hands of the website administrator whose only goal is to increase his personal income levels, and live large at the expense of the website members who are oblivious to the manner in which they are being fleeced by a slick charlatan in poor health hiding additional income from the IRS and other agencies.

I suspect, that in time, those involved in this heinous scam, will be called to the carpet to answer for their actions. Let us all hope that this day arrives sooner—before yet another person is conned into “donating” their hard earned cash.

Societal Collapse:

In a recent posting I discussed the probabilities, and ramifications of what could happen to America during an economic collapse.

Using historical events as a basis for my research, it is very easy to understand what America is facing. If Greece is but just one example, then we as a nation will be facing some very tough times

in the coming months.  Another economic collapse could stall every industry in America, and like a dark cloud—hang across the country for several years before slowly experiencing a return to




Nightmare foretold if Greece heads for euro exit

In Athens, the homeless are on the streets in growing numbers, soup kitchens feed twice as many people as a year ago, and the poor are diving into garbage bins in search of scrap they can sell.

Greece is close to breaking point as it struggles with austerity targets set by creditors, but this is just a foretaste of the nightmare of unrest, hunger and even anarchy that could engulf the debt-crippled nation if it is forced out of the euro.

If the exact economic impact of such a move is hard to nail down - newly issued drachmas devalued by up to 70 percent, runaway inflation, a banking meltdown, a collapse in trade - the implications for ordinary Greeks crushed by the debt crisis are even harder to predict.

Without international bailout cash, salaries and pensions would go unpaid and violence, political extremism and uncontrolled emigration could quickly follow.


"There will be shortages in basic staples. Without fuel, the army and the police would not be able to move their vehicles. After a long period, things will return to a better balance. But during the first transitional phase we would be experiencing a nightmare scenario," Provopoulos said.



Survival Test: Super Volcano



Survival Test:

Yellowstone (Super Volcano) Eruption

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



At 11:18 pm seismic detectors located through Yellowstone National Park indicate that a massive earthquake swarm continues to increase with each hour. Hot springs and fumarole temperatures swing upwards, Large swatches of land immediately rise, while other areas sink into the ground creating large holes.

National Geological Survey Agencies remain quiet, though a steady stream of government vehicles begin pouring into the area. Base camps are established as far away as Rock Springs and Evanston Wyoming.

At approximately 02:21 AM local time; Yellow Stone Caldera erupts with frightening consequences.

Fiery boulders the size of semi-trucks are blown skywards. The initial eruptions sends massive amounts of thick ashes 18-Miles into the skies.

The resultant Pyroclastic flow wipes out every city within 100-miles around the volcano. Roads, bridges, houses, and millions of acres of woodlands are instantly vaporized—along with several hundred thousand people. Wildfires rage across large portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Smoke clouds darken the skies in those areas.

Within hours the ashes begin drifting downwards into the unaffected areas 300 miles away. Already the countryside is blanketed in 14-inches of volcanic ash. Scientists predict that most of central America will begin experiencing ash fall within twelve hours.

As the eruption continues unabated, the ashes reach into the upper trade winds, sending dark clouds heading towards Europe. All airlines cancel their flights, maritime shipping comes to a halt, and life on the planet slowly begins to wind-down in anticipation of what is yet to come.

Survival Test:

1.) What are the short and long term consequences of a Yellowstone Caldera eruption, and how would it affect you, and the people in your area?

2.) What preparations have you taken to counter this imminent threat?

3.) If you are unfortunate enough to live within 600 miles of Yellowstone, what will you do to save your life?

4.) What is the safest area in the United States during a Super Volcano eruption, such as Yellowstone?

5.) Do you feel that this scenario will affect you personally?



Yeelowstone Caldera