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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Survival: Moral Imperative




Moral Imperative

By Franke Schein

May 17th 2012

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Over the last few weeks my telephone has been ringing off the hook, and the email messages keep pouring in from around the world. It seems that a boatload of people are worried—seriously worried about what the immediate future will involve.

From the newbies just coming into the movement, to the hard-core survivalists; the questions are nearly the same:

· What will happen

· When will it happen

· How can I get ready for it

Let’s take this in a step-by-step approach in order to arrive at some logical answers.

“What Will Happen?”

I personally feel that an economic collapse is not only imminent, but that we are staring down into the dark abyss. One only has to look deep into what this collapse could mean to each of us down here on the streets.

Already the American Dollar is severely undercut. Several (hostile) state-players are doing their very best to destabilize the US Dollar, and by proxy, the economic livelihood of about 300-Million American Citizens. That fact alone, should send shock waves throughout the media, but the politically correct “talking heads” aren’t saying much about it. Political power play is most evident in this massive network silence. The reason is very simple: Every network is desirous of having a few key reporters sitting in the Whitehouse; speaking out against the administration’s foreign polices does little to insure a front row seat in the Whitehouse Press Room. Their silence is both a travesty towards America, and reeks to the high heavens of media bias for the sake of corporate profiteering.

The short and long term ramifications of an economic collapse are frightening. One only has to look backwards into the history of America, and the world, to see how this event will play out in our lives. Imagine a 1930’s style Depression, but on a much larger scale.

Capital manufacturing takes a plunge. Only those industries with guaranteed government contracts will remain. Many of the brand name factories and their distributors will fall by the wayside. The corporations growing, or distributing food products will fare well because people still need to eat. Of course the consumer prices will rise sharply, and the supply-side of the equation will come into play as the demand outsources the inventory and production values.

Critical fuel supply production will likewise take a nose-dive down into the abyss. Just like 1930, the price of gasoline will skyrocket until it is almost out of reach for most Americans. The government’s strategic reserve will have to be tapped, and in the long term it could result in a “rationing” of gasoline and other critical fuels. Ask your grandparents about “ration cards” and what all of that meant to them.

Once the manufacturing base goes down the crapper; other consumer supported industries will fail in less than three months.

Cellphone and Wireless carriers, as well as internet based services will struggle to remain afloat, and then eventually go bankrupt. Those carriers that manage to survive the first two quarters will have little choice but to raise prices. Again, the “supply and demand” will enter into the equation. Many families will have no choice but to disconnect from the internet, turn off their wireless devices, and return to a pre-technological mode of communications.

The good news; thousands of new car dealers will face bankruptcy, and the prices of new cars will plummet. Dealerships do not own the cars, they are just the purveyor of manufacturers finished products. Those with ample cash and get some rock-bottom prices—pennies on the dollar.

Of course; as usually happens, the greedy utility companies will reap tremendous profits. The cost for electricity, water, sewage, and natural gas will go through the roof. Imagine being forced to pay 500% more than what is paid right now. Expect this industry to profit at America’s misfortune—as they already are doing.

The nation’s financial industry will take a huge hit. The Dow Jones and other indexes will see a drastic drop in prices. Investors will panic, raise the prices, experience an immediate deficit as the S&P index falls to the basement. Investment accounts, 401K’s, Long-Term saving, as well as Mutual funds will wither and die a horrible death.

Local credit unions, and banks will likely fail in the first few months. The Mega-Banks will be forced to raise fees, and charge for every conceivable service that the bank offers its customers. As more and more banks fail, there will probably be long lines at the bank doors as panicked citizen try to get their cash back into their pockets. It could very well result in the Federal Reserve System installing protocols that limit the amount that can be withdrawn from respective consumer bank accounts. This will signal a massive financial collapse as banks are deluged with angry customers. It will probably get bloody at some point, and national guard troops could be stationed at the bank in order to keep the peace.

The Federal Reserve will be struggling to maintain an equitable balance within its own rank and file. Expect to see a reduction in the amount of money flowing back and forth as people turn towards a barter system. The black market will swing into action. Those with barter goods will fare reasonably well, but those that are unprepared will suffer badly.

Gold will take another hit. Those that have stockpiled gold as a hedge against severe inflation will be in a shock for their life. Those $1,600.00 good coins that were purchased last year, will go quickly. Expect to shell out a gold coin for simple things like gasoline, rice, bullets, beans—and other consumer commodities.

Welfare will become the norm, and the already overburdened state subsistence agencies will turn to the federal government for assistance. Schools lunch programs, Medicare and Medicaid will follow suit. Our senior citizens will feel the brunt of the collapse. Their $1300.00 a month stipend payment will be reduced as the consumer price index rises—their low dollar income-buying power will have drastic effects on senior’s purchasing power. Faced with increasing utility payments, undervalued buying power, and reduced social welfare assistance; many senior will choose to leave this world at their own hands. The nightly news reports will be filled with stories of suicide until the public becomes desensitized to these occurrences.

Across the country there will be a sudden increase in crimes against people and property. Looting will follow suit, along with rioting as angry-hungry people take to the streets. Bloodshed, and vigilante justice will take shape almost overnight. The “hanky stomping liberals” will quickly be faced with a choice of “correctness” or perish in the onslaught.

When the crime finally peaks, there will be a mass exodus from the cities. Armed groups will dominate the news, and eventually the local government will be forced to institute both a curfew, and martial law.

Civil disobedience will quickly come into play as heavily armed people take matters into their own hands. The price of ammunition, firearms parts, as well as the costs of guns themselves will skyrocket. Local gun stores and those department stores still having ammo inventories, will be quickly depleted. In some cases, the local government will have no choice but to seize and confiscate all firearms and ammunition. They will claim this measure is to keep the peace—in fact, it will only give rise to increased anarchism.

All in all; the average American will be facing severe difficulties. The loss of the financial system, manufacturing capability, as well as the decrease in consumer commodities, will, when combine with the loss of jobs, reduced buying power, and the destruction of the banking system—create a welfare state wholly dependent upon government assistance, social charity agencies, and leave people facing a world of criminal dominated nights where safety means being armed and alert.

But, there are others factors to consider beyond a total economic collapse. Events such as another terrorist attack, severe weather phenomenon, or natural disasters resultant of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis, could plunge a large portion of the country into a dismal state . Events such a this could impact the economy outside of the localized areas—thus sending shockwaves throughout the region, as was the case during Hurricane Katrina.

“When Will It Happen?”

There is not one single person on the globe that can predict this eventuality with any certainty of precision. There are many factors at play, any exigent circumstances across the global arena has the potential to ignite catastrophes whose far reaching effects could reach Americas shores.

One of the significant discoveries centers around the fact that Illegal immigrants are fleeing back towards Mexico at an alarming rate. Yet, the birth of Hispanic children has risen sharply to the point that current index indicates that the Hispanic population in America has reached the all-important mark of 36%. It is predicted that by 2050 the Hispanic population will achieve a 56% index, thereby impacting the economy through reduced literacy, sub-standard wage scales, and loss of employment opportunities, as well as a closely related increase in Hill-Burton (type) medical loss experienced by hospitals around the country.

Severe weather has already wrecked large swatch of the country during the first five months of 2012. If this is the matrix to measure the next seven months that will follow; then America will be facing an increasingly dangerous world.

“How Can I Get Ready?”

As I have addressed throughout the last several years, it is imperative that survivalists come together in their respective areas. Small groups have a much better chance of getting through these calamities, than the “Lone wolf Survivalist” trying to get through each day all alone.

Having a large supply stockpile is absolutely outstanding, but it should be remembered that a family of four will have no chance against a small rouge group of anarchists intent on taking the stockpile by force of arms. One person cannot hope to stand against those odds. It requires the combined efforts of an extended “survival family” that has taken the time to research, strategize, plan, and prepare for these types of situations.

It must be remembered that primitive survival skills are a useful tool in the survivalists toolbox, but it must not be the only plan. If this is the case, failure is definitely imminent and non-withstanding from the onset. A survival plan should take into account the necessity of supplementing the food supplies with fresh meat and vegetable, but there are events that will preclude this.

· Volcanic Eruption

· Tsunami

· Wildfire

· Civil Unrest

· Martial Law

· Radiological Disaster

· Biological Disaster

· Chemical Disaster

I have talked about the need for a reality based survival plan that takes into account every conceivable scenario, every possible disaster, as well as a deep level of comprehension and understanding of what each requires in terms of surviving, as well as knowing how these events will unfold step-by-step.

Failure to plan, is not an option when survival is at stake. There can be no minimizing the threats or any aspects of it, no delusional fantasies, and a good survival plan leaves absolutely no room for assumptions based on fictional scenarios.

The North American Survival Alliance is the product of my own attempt to allow other people to experience a level of survival planning, as well as execution of those plans within the scope of reality.

In the last year the membership has grown throughout the country. But, there should be lots of people signing up. It is after all a no cost mechanism designed to help everyone get ready for whatever Man and Nature offers in the future. But I fear that most “preppers” out there are simply put—imposters pretending to be survivalists.

Survival panning dictates a constant research of resources, technologies, tools, and other aspects which enhance or better an already good survival plan. But the trend seems to have turned towards collecting gear, stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and getting caught-up in all of the conspiracy theories that are destroying the survival movement from within.

I choose to remain outside of that arena, and continue to surround myself with capable and dedicated survivalists (Not Preppers) that understand the message and warning that we have been blessed to hear throughout most of our lives.

If you have heard the message, and know the warning; then I am happy to call you a friend. Now take the time to reach out across the horizon and get in touch. Time is not your friend—my friend.