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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Warning & Message



Throughout the years I have come to understand a simple principle when it comes to survivalism: Some of us are sent THE MESSAGE, while others are sent THE WARNING.


For me, this began while I was still a young child. It began subtly, and at first I didn’t understand it. I took years, until my teens, for me to realize that I was endowed with a message, and a warning.  It changed my life then, and continues to impact it even today.


The Message:

It’s pretty simple. When one become aware of what is going on in the world, and understands the nature of how life will unfold in the coming years; some of us began preparations that might somehow allow us to make peace within ourselves, and perhaps even began the slow and tedious process of stockpiling some very basic essential supplies.

· Stockpiles essential supplies

· Completes basic threat research

· Talks to others on the internet for information exchange

· Devotes several hours each day to internet discussion groups

· Understands that something might happen

· Builds a basic bug out plan

· Enrolls in a self-defense class

· Talks on the internet about survivalism

· Is prepared to Bug Out when SHTF

· Maintains an adequate Bug Out Bag


The Warning:

This is much more serious than having heard the message. A person that hears the warning is alarmed to the point that immediate action is required. It’s a process which demands that there isn’t enough time in a day, and that there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover all the associated costs.

· Stockpiles several years’ worth of food supplies

· Completes exhaustive risk analysis

· Establishes a network with others for information exchange

· Devotes several hours each day towards fulfillment of stockpile acquisition

· Knows that something will happen

· Builds an advance evacuation plan

· Enrolls in a self-defense, first aid, and wilderness survival class

· Talks to neighbors about survivalism

· Is prepared to Bug Out before SHTF

· Maintains several advance Bug Out Bags strategically cached in different areas


The term “Prepper” has become repugnant to me. It denotes something that is far removed from survivalism. A prepper collects gear, and hopes nothing happens; while a survivalist stockpiles gear and knows that something will happen.