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By Franke Schein - November 25th, 2012

Copyright Reserved

(This article may be reposted under the Fair Use doctrine, as long as author credits are established, and published therein.)


My Friends,

This may very well be one of the most prolific article that I have written thus far: It concerns the essence of survivalism itself; and I hope that I am able to present it in a manner reflective of my true inner thoughts. I also hope that you, as both the reader, and my friend; take this message to heart, and claim it as your own.

Throughout the past thirty years I have spent a great deal of time contemplating the intricacies concerning how I could prevail during natural, or man-made disaster (type) events. Using historical data as a matrix, reaction to the event by various governmental, and disaster relief agencies, as well as different and diverse indexes laboriously compiled, in conjunction with, and how they related to such an event; I am able to predict with certainty, how a single localized event could transform itself into an event that could, without much warning, metamorphose into a national, or global incident.

I’ve studied every natural disaster that has occurred, as well as man-made disasters, and strategized my own survival from a deeper perspective, in a manner that most (main stream) survivalists would consider unfathomable. Almost to the point of inner consumption.

The one unmitigated and irrefutable truth that I have encountered so far, are false assumptions held by many survivalists--an inherent tendency to minimize the evidentiary truths in itself. This is usually the prelude to failure, and the result if inadequate analysis of the problems; leading to an even more inadequate response on their part, as it relates to their own survival planning.

Many of you share my views, and ideas regarding the survival of earthquakes, civil unrest, and other assaults against our local infrastructure. I have tried to share my skills and knowledge in these areas with you. You have written me many messages, thanking me for what I have shown you through my various written post.

Yet, this moment, as I sit here surrounded by the last vestiges of 2012; I am reminded that we as survivalist must, as a course of our self-imposed lunacy, understand that there are other events which have proportional and significant hazards to our lives, and the lives of those that we hold dear to our hearts. That is after all; why we do the things that we do. ( Isn’t it…? )

My entire focus has been directed towards the sustainment of life during catastrophic events. No matter if the event was a localized, national, or a global event. I always have a Plan-B, as well as Plan-C, ready for whatever I was facing.

During the strategy phase of my planning, it became necessary for me to actually experience, insomuch as possible, the realities of whatever event, or crisis situation that I was involved in. Often times I would force myself to live off the land deep in the snow covered mountains of Wyoming and Alaska, or pugnaciously trudging through the scorching sands of Arizona’s arid deserts; relying on whatever survival gear rode inside of my backpack.

To say “Trial & Error” would be the understatement of my life. For during those times, I learned not only about the planning, and the gear; but I learned much about myself, my weaknesses, and my strengths.

As a consequence of that aloneness; I came to understand the delicate balance between Man and nature itself, and the fragility that we as humans share in the saga that is our lives. It was a profound moment, when I saw myself as part of a universal system, whose only perceived purpose is to work, buy, sell, build, manufacture, coexist, obey, and propagate the noise of labor from one generation into the next. It was an awakening, because as I saw my life thus far, I also saw the consequence of the impetus propelling me along the roadmap that I had been unknowingly following; with no perception that I was merely just another face in the crowd, another number in the register, and another product of societal consequence.

Then I saw, with much clarity, the forces that have propelled me forward, rendering me into the near-vegetate state of submissive servitude that I had become throughout my entire life—AND I rebelled, as is the natural instinct of someone with my personality.

I rebelled in such a manner, that at times the flood of indignation, and outright resentment became a daily diet which fed and fueled the inner fires burning deep inside of me. It required, and demanded of me to embrace a lifestyle which exists on the very peripheral fringes of society. A life of violent disquieted hatred for a system that shackles all of us with encumbrances that we can’t touch, see, feel, or even understand. But yet we know there is something amiss; something slowly creeping through the fog ahead of our lives.

Some have called that a self-destructive mechanism, while others have labeled it under the principle of “self-enlightenment”. --I digress; for it has never been my forte’ , or desire to follow the footsteps of Gandhi, or Buddha; but I took what I learned, and what I was offered by those experiences, and made it part of my persona. It was a mile-marker in my life that forced me to examine the foundations of that which I thought had been “stamped in stone”, and made solid in my Manhood.

That personification has been slowly, and rhythmically pressuring my inner-being to examine other aspects of my own life, and consequently, by proxy, your lives as well. I certainly can’t speak for you, but if you are at, or near my level of conjunctive frontal-lobe hemorrhages , then you, like myself, have been inundated with a superfluity of concerns, as well as an antithesis to what is going on around you at this very moment.

Many of you are adept, and likely very good at surviving what nature throws at you. I know this for a fact, because I have contacted many of you throughout the years. Some of you have more than adequate survival and sustainment skills, capable knowledge, and the uncanny understanding of what our future many hold during any given catastrophe. But, then again, given the nature of current global events unfolding right in front of our eyes and ears; it’s possible that some of you have overlooked the most obvious threat that we ALL will face in the coming months:

The Rising Global Hegemony secretively disassembling the foundations, and cornerstones, of what this country has produced-- irrespective of the steep cost paid for with American lives.

What I am talking about is in essence this:

That we have watched from the sidelines as a select group of elitists have bargained their way into the narrow halls of Executive Privilege and Power; inaugurating their long-awaited policies that disassembles that which has been paid for in American blood sacrifices beginning in 1776.

Since the early 1930’s; an alarming trend emergent within Judicial and Executive branches of the United States Government; feeds upon the frenzy that all survivalists, preppers, and political activists, are potential domestic terrorists that present this country with an imminent threat against national security. At least, that is the term that THEY have coined since the inception of the Patriot Act Regulations. A circuital anti-constitutional effort on their part, in the establishment of a New World Order where there are no national borders, no unemployment, minimum wage, and the abolishment of free thought, free enterprise, and free speech. A world that operates under THEIR strict criteria, guidance, and aspirations; where we as human beings are relegated to a mere productive labor force feeding THEIR needs. An ideology that is being played out in North Korea, Communist China and Communist Russia at this very moment.

In each of those despotic countries; the emerging powers have always played by the same rule book—without fail:

1) Seize control of the government. Either by force, or by fraudulent voting programs.

2) Coerce, force, or make disappear political enemies.

3) Institute a system of checks and balances that are slanted in the governments favor.

4) Begin a systematic reduction of civil liberties.

5) Seize control of the courts, banks, media, and manufacturing resources.

6) Disregard, and undermine the established constitution through small regulatory measures.

7) Militarize all the police forces in the country.

8) Convert all crimes into a National/Federal crime against the STATE.

9) Create a National Secret Police Organization that has no political oversight to any agency other than the dictatorial powers.

10) Identify, and monitor every citizen of the country through human intervention, as well as electronic measures.

11) Regulate, and then Restrict the private ownership of firearms.

12) Establish a National Healthcare Apparatus.

13) Establish a National Banking Apparatus.

14) Restrict movement of citizens between various locations, cities, and other areas, as well as establish strict criteria of fuel consumption and usage.

15) Separate, then remove religion from the State, or overhaul it to covertly serve the State.

16) Establish a National Labor Force which forces citizens to work for bare-bones wages, and provides an unreserved labor force to the State Industries.

17) Clamp Down hard on any public demonstrations that speak out against the system.

18) Redistribute the wealth; oppress the rich to the point that they flee, or come under control

19) Restructure the educational system to reflect the needs of the State; squash mathematics, literature, and other non-essential studies that are counter-productive to a working class society.

20) Create a “classless” society which forces equality upon the masses, while admonishing, or punishing those that resist the “class warfare:” struggle.

That is exactly what most of Europe has already become, This can be easily verified through many different internet sources. Australia, Great Brittan, Germany, and France, are prime examples of the first stage strangulation efforts underway by their respective governments.

Here in America we are seeing the rise of these indicators at every turn:

The Official Branches have tossed away the Bill Of Rights, and are actively investigating, tracking, and monitoring every outspoken critic of the government.

Every form of communication that we utilize is under government control.

Every purchase, every bank deposit, every bank withdrawal is conveyed to a central collection facility that stores your information. Likewise for credit, medical, criminal, and employment records.

Law enforcement agencies are using technologies that are both unconstitutional, and unethical in their overzealous ambition to further propagate the “Us Against Them” mentality, that we are all guilty under proven innocent. That we if disagree with them; we must therefore be guilty of something already.

Our children are being indoctrinated by a hardcore cadre of Marxist educators to become good recipients of the societal rewards offered by the State. They are being brainwashed to believe that their rights as children, supersede our rights as parents. Their education has been purposely reduced, so as to make them a generational bi-product of the global community that neither involves themselves, or cares about politics to the devastating point of apathy previously unheard of in America.

Teenage sexual experimentation has reached proportions which defies logic.

Teenage drug use is off-the-charts; more so than ever before in the history of America.

Teenage rebellion against established norms, and values, are creating difficulties in family groups at nearly every income levels.

Middle class children are running away from the comfort and security of their parents’ home, as well as from educational opportunity that their parents financial status could buy—All in the name of individualism to become part of the “ cool-in-the-groove” crowd; who consequently are unaware that they are part of the global sheep-herd being shepherded into a self-imposed corral.

In essence it boils down to: “Take what we offer, you deserve this—let US worry about the rest…”.

A paradoxical incongruity that can be seen in action during the “OCCUPY WALL STREET” movement. The foundation of which was laid by a socialist group of educators who openly disparage the doctrines of this country’s founding fathers; and whose ultimate goals are the disassociation of youth from the loving embrace of their parents—in order to instill and reinforce utopian ideologies that will never exist but upon the surface. For once an examination of this system is undertaken, it’s easily understood that” even though there is much” Glitz & Glimmer” in the display window, there is little inventory in the storeroom...”

Christianity in this country is slowly being eradicated in (sometimes) subtle forms. Forms such as the overabundance of sexual inferences watched by our children through commercials, video games, and television shows. Slowly proselytizing self-serving individuality traits which contradict the blood ties and roots of family values, moralities, and ethos which this country has arisen from.

This same self-serving State Apparatus denies religious rights in America, yet embraces the foundations of Islamic State-Religion—the converse of Christian beliefs. A system of religious governance that demands submission, and yet murders those who question its philosophies. The same system that condemns women into forced marriages, and sexual submission, in order to further sustain THAT system as a child-bearing apparatus with no free will, no choices, and absolutely no free speech.

I could continue with this, but most of you are aware of these events. So I will divest myself from this cerebral headache, and continue with the originality of what I came here to say to you…

We are facing some serious troubles ahead. Even more so than the 2012 Doomsday Prophecies. These, in aggregate, or in their own singularities; could very well be the sum of the whole. None could accurately predict these events with absoluteness. But, having said that, I will offer you this much:

That no matter what political belief, religious ideologies, or life choices you are involved in: The fundamental truth is that America, and the world is rapidly changing right in front of your eyes and ears. We are presently living in those times that we knew was coming, but were afraid to quantify inside of ourselves. Many deny that these events will occur. Others deny GOD, as well as any form of religion. They have already been tied to the system that will eventually eat them.

Public servants have been indoctrinated that “We The People” are the enemies of the State. That we are future anarchists; people that must be brought under control, imprisoned, and removed from their sight. Other officials are part of the system to further their own greedy agenda. They have sold out their eternal souls for a paycheck, a retirement fund, and a place in the New World Order, because they lost faith in GOD, and gave up their beliefs; bowing down to the Messiah of Deceit prevalent in their world—material comfort, stock options, and annual vacations.

In the coming months ahead you will be witness to several events, incidents, or Executive directives, which further promulgate the creation of what is Biblically referred to as “The End Times”. Of that, I am certain. My faith in GOD allows me to see a small convoluted glimpse into our futures. It’s frightening. But I am not afraid for myself. I have made peace with the understanding that we each must play a pivotal role in what is ahead. I do NOT hide myself, or try to remain anonymous in my convictions or beliefs. Whatever fate awaits me; I will not bend my knee in submission, nor restrain my eager passions therein. For that would relegate me to less than what I am.

My fright arises from the simple fact that even though many are cognizant of what lays ahead; their apathetic nature, or perhaps their inane fear of authority, will prevent them from acting when it becomes necessary. By that I mean not acting out morbid violent tendencies, but rather, the widespread civil disobedience to the first stage regulatory acts that must be a prelude to what will surely follow shortly thereafter.

I fully believe that in a short time, the first of these steps will be undertaken by the administration. It stands to reason, given the Dictatorial Steps that I have outlined above. The question remains then; how will you react when yet another Executive Directive removes yet another of your civil rights, stripping you--of yet another of your GOD given liberty..?

GOD gives you a choice, and free will to worship, or to not worship him. Yet the Government wants to dictate, and eventually remove all religious expression (except Islam) from the public sector of your life. You see my Friends, the Government doesn’t give you your liberty. GOD gives you liberty, and the ONLY way that it can be taken from you, is if you willingly, or unknowingly, allow somebody else to have it..

At the present rate of forward momentum; it appears that these sinister agendas are already being instituted in a somewhat covert manner, and not surprisingly, on those industries that are required to operate under professional licenses, and authority. To Wit; truckers, pilots, doctors, taxicab drivers, construction workers, healthcare workers, and any other profession where a State License requirement is currently in effect.

The Administration is going to re-write the United States Constitution. Resultant of that; will be the immediate demise of The Bill Of Rights.

a. The New Constitution would eradicate all forms of non-Islamic religion.

b. Dismantle the 2nd Amendment right to private firearms ownership.

c. Force every American to become part of the National Healthcare System.

d. Force everyone to accept micro-implant chip, as a consequence for health care, banking, credit, and proof of citizenship, as well as ability to travel inside the country.

e. Remove all Congressional Oversight in matters of healthcare, national security, and domestic policies; giving absolute control to the President.

f. Establish laws that will make it illegal to demonstrate against elected officials, on, or near, State Property.

g. Outlaw private citizen militia groups, political activists groups, and survival groups.

h. Create a chain of State Operated Manufacturing industries that employ Americans that are presently unemployed; all the while eradicating social aid to dependent families, the infirmed, and the retired senior citizens on social security retirement benefits.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in GOD, or have never stepped a foot inside of a church. It doesn’t matter what political party you call your own, or what the color of your skin is. What matters is that you, and I; are part of the process, part of the solutions that THEY have in store for us.

It will be YOU that decides your own fate, and the fate of the rest of the world as these events play out. Your silence is golden to THEM, and harmful to the rest of US. If you have ever embraced any cause, any ideology in your life; then THIS is the time to put down the television remote control, and prepare to activate your mind, and likewise your mouth.

It will require more than ever has been asked of you, in that you must have the sheer audacity to stand-up in defiance to these power-hungry monsters that are gobbling-up out children’s free thoughts at an alarming rate. The world that you leave to them, and their children; will be the product of your commitment to yourself after reading this message.

I can do no more than show you, ( through my words ) what is happening, and to offer my suggestion that might perhaps animate your sense of urgency in these matters.

Let’s hope, and pray, that when the first of these signs emerges from the cesspool in the east; that civil war isn’t the first response to it. For that would play right into their wicked plans. But, I fear that as millions of you understand the ramifications of these agendas being forced down our throats; a determined calmness carries forward the day, and closes the chapter of these slithering creatures of the night.

I have received this Message and Warning when I was still a child. It has carried me forward through the years; ever cognizant that one day these events would come crashing into my life at full speed.


Now it’s in your face….

Friday, November 23, 2012

Situational Update:



Gaza crowds surge at Israel border fence, 1 dead

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli troops fired on Gazans surging toward Israel's border fence Friday, killing one person but leaving intact the fragile two-day-old cease-fire between Hamas and the Jewish state.

The truce, which calls for an end to Gaza rocket fire on Israel and Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, came after eight days of cross-border fighting, the bloodiest between Israel and Hamas in four years.”


U.S. has concerns about Egyptian president Mursi's moves

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is concerned about Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi's decision to assume sweeping powers, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

Mursi on Thursday issued a decree that puts his decisions above legal challenge until a new parliament is elected, causing angry protests by his opponents and violent clashes in central Cairo and other cities on Friday.

Mursi's aides said the decree was intended to speed up a protracted transition that has been hindered by legal obstacles, but rivals condemned Mursi as an autocratic "pharaoh" who wanted to impose his Islamist vision on Egypt.”


Two powers, Qatar and Iran, try to sway Hamas

“DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The courtship of Hamas between rivals Iran and Qatar has been one of the Middle East's intriguing subplots of the Arab Spring. The bloodshed in Gaza has now sharpened their competition for influence with the Palestinian militant group and the direction it takes in the future.

Qatar has sought to use its vast wealth to win over Hamas with investments and humanitarian aid and encouraging Arab partners to do the same — part of the hyper-rich U.S. allied nation's broader campaign to bring under its wing Islamist movements that have risen to power in the region the past two years. Qatar's influence with Hamas could edge it away from armed action toward diplomacy.

Iran, meanwhile, is invigorating its longtime role as the builder of the rocket arsenal for Hamas' military wing.”


The clock keeps on ticking, the Calendar keeps floating on by; and what’s going to happen is already underway…


In the last year we have watched (on television) as the current administration has assisted various “Rebel” groups to overthrow their Islamic Rulers. Financial aid, weapons, and even air strikes have helped

to get rid of Dictators in several different countries. A prime example would be (the former and much dead) Libyan dictator Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.


The problem is very simple, once certain fundamental aspects can be grasped:

1.) Each of those countries were ruled by a dictator, that brought a small sense of cohesion to the countries wild-headed Jihadists.

2.) Dictators like Gaddaffi were both loved, and despised by his countrymen. But the one irrefutable fact is that he kept them ALL in check.

3.) The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t like Gaddaffi at all, because he wouldn’t allow them into his countries political process.

4.) Obama helps the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow Gaddaffi, and installs the same terrorist group that killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (for making peace with Israel)

5.) Without an Iron-Fisted Dictator, those small Islamic countries would have already been part of the world wide terror network of the Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, and Al Qaida.




In rapid succession, the United States provides aid to other small Islamic countries amid their own civil wars. News footage of burning cars, dead babies, and atrocities filled our nightly news channels with an

never-ending plethora of violence filled scenes.


But Was It All In the name of Democracy, Or Is There Another More Sinister Reason Behind This….?



“”The Future Must Not Belong To Those That Slander The Prophet Of Islam”

—Obama speaking to the United Nations General Assembly


Would you consider it a coincidence that The Muslim Brotherhood said the same thing…?


Even the most illogical mind, could grasp the significance of this without to much contemplation…

Friday, September 14, 2012

Self Defense Preparations



I keep reading about all of the preparations being undertaken by some preppers, in terms of fighting off the ravages of society.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words; so allow the one below to speak my language:


Are you really going to allow your own humanity to take a serious hit; by turning away some child that’s hungry. Even more, are you going to shoot some desperate father or mother

that’s begging for your help?


A pall of smoke rises above protesters after they set alight cars in the U.S. embassy parking lot in Tunis, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012. some thousands of demonstrators massed outside the embassy and several were seen climbing the outer wall of the embassy grounds, an Associated Press reporter on the scene said. (AP Photo/Amine Landoulsi)

2 dead, 40 injured at US Embassy protest in Tunis


In this image with a cell phone plumes of smoke rise from the Volcan de Fuego or Volcano of Fire spews ash seen from Palin, south of Guatemala City, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The volcano is spewing lava and ash and the director of the national disaster agency says officials are carrying out “a massive evacuation of thousands of people” in five communities. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

33,000 fleeing Guatemala volcano eruption


US Marine unit heading to Sudan in response to violence, protests at US Embassy there

Bank failure in Missouri brings 2012 total to 42

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Road Home: Chapter 1–Part 2


The Road Home - Chapter One Part 2

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 Franke Schein

All Rights Reserved


Chapter One Part 1 Can be Found Here:!/2012/09/the-road-home-chapter-1.html

Manhattan, New York

The earth shook with an unimaginable intensity; collapsing even the most strongest and well-built structures. Immense skyscrapers, a monument to mankind’s engineering, toppled in just seconds. Never before in recorded history had the world witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of a 17 point earthquake. But not just one single quake, hundreds of quakes per hour. Their rumblings and shaking merging together to create a never ending roar which drowned out all other sounds.

Sounds such as the screaming of those injured, the death cries as victims met their fate, and the groan of buildings collapsing under the extreme shaking, ripping everything apart.

All across the great city, earthquake swarms destroyed in mere seconds, that which man had built throughout the generations. Bridges, roads, tunnels; none were spared from the massive mega-earthquakes. Fires quickly spread as gas mains erupted under the streets; adding to the cacophony of destruction came the giant toxic gas clouds as chemical plants exploded, to spew their deadly compounds into the already noxious air.

The quakes lasted but a mere forty two minutes; but in its wake of destruction, little remained that resembled The Big Apple. Debris litter every road. Not one single bridge or over-head walkway remained upright. Street lights slewed across cars, crushed people lay all about the streets. Roaring fires dominated the landscape, and the wind carried the stench of death out across the swelling seas.

Those survivors who managed to keep alive, were stunned to hear the fury of the wind increasing to a howling roar. Wind rushing out from across the ocean blasted headlong into the once sprawling city. Increasing in intensity, the wind storm reached its peak at 350 miles per hour. Hurdling shards of glass, steel, concrete, and even mangled cars against the already battered survivors.

Bethany Wills screamed in utter fear. She’d barely managed to escape the tenement house as the earthquakes tore the neighborhood apart piece by piece. Behind her, the mangled remains of her parents and brothers remained under the massive rubble pile that had been her childhood home. She didn’t even have time to cry, before the mega-hurricane force winds assailed everything in its path.

Barley managing to crawl into a drainage tunnel, she heard the screams as the furious wind plucked injured victims right off the street, smashing them against rubble piles. Their screams quickly drown out by the vulgar roar of the horrendous wind.

Covering her ears with both hands, she screamed in sheer fear. Her right shoe sucked right off her foot, threatening to jerk her out of the small cramped drainage tunnel. She willed herself to crawl on her belly, deeper into the surrounding darkness. Her hands and knees bleeding from the many cuts; but her fear urging her deeper into the labyrinth of claustrophobic darkness.

The mega-hurricane winds blasted itself for several hours against the remains of the largest and most populated city in the world. Millions had perished in less than one hour; and as the fierce winds subsided; the smell of salt air arose. The tiniest trickle of water against the heaps of rubble, soon turned into a torrent as water quickly inundated across the now dead city of New York.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Told Ya’ It Would Happen

The Dragon Finally Emerges:

A Chinese man holds up a piece of paper with the words " Diaoyu island belongs to China, Japanese get out" as he protests with others outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing, China Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. Chinese government ships are patrolling near contested East China Sea islands in a show of anger after Tokyo moved to assert its control in the area. Beijing warned Monday that Japan would suffer unspecified consequences if Tokyo purchased the islands from private owners, as it formally did Tuesday.(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

China sends Patrol Boats into Japanese waters in order to maintain alleged territorial rights.

In an article earlier this year I explained the ramifications of how China is slowly reclaiming its ancient territories. Among the disputed islands, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines; Island countries that

China claims as its own.

The questions is; will China use military force to reclaim these territories? 


Swine Flu Making A Killer Comeback:

New Swine Flu Virus Shows Lethal Signs


“Pigs can be infected by swine flu, human flu and avian flu, making them a perfect mixing pot for different versions of the virus to swap genes and potentially become transmissible across species. In 2009, an outbreak of swine flu caused by the H1N1 virus led to a pandemic, killing between 151,700 and 575,400 people across the globe in a year”

Earlier Article Can be Found HERE




Global Volcano Activity Increases:

Volcanic activity has increased in the last few months to the point that its becoming scary, to say the least. But just when it seems like things are cooling down, another volcano makes an appearance. But not just any volcano, this time its one of the monsters that wiped out an entire race of people in 1620.




Over the years I have been warning that anyone of these events could spiral out of control, and perhaps lead to a global crisis. Each of the situations described above came from todays news headlines. I have watched the Chinese military apparatus begin to rearm and refit its forces. I’ve posted articles explaining that the Chinese were not just “playing catch up” with the rest of the world, but rather; they are getting ready to increase their territorial rights for ONE SIMPLE REASON----OIL!

China uses more oil than any other country in the world; and their slowly running out….

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kill The Television




The BEST-WORST thing that was ever invented is the television set. It came to us purely as a means to communicate news and important information. But over the years it has become a hardcore method that is being used to both sway our opinion, sell soap, and coerce political viewpoints.

BUT what is this fancy expensive piece of energy hogging junk NOT telling us…?


Its NOT telling us about the miserable human suffering occurring right this moment in North Korea.

Its NOT explaining away the plight of the real unemployed people that have run out of benefits.

It’s NOT telling us how miserable the senior citizens are being treated by the Social Security Administration.

It’s NOT explaining why the administration donated $680,000,000.00 (Million) to Pakistan, and then demand that American farmers pay for the water to irrigate crops that we eat.

It’s NOT explaining why the administration allows illegals to get a driver license by hiring an interpreter, yet Americans have to show umpteen documents to prove residency.


I haven't watched television in several months, and it feels like my brain is coming back to normal again.  I get all of my news, entertainment, and political commentary from the internet and some of my friends. The good thing is that I get to choose what I am interested in, and NOT have to be subjected to umpteen dozen commercials trying to sell me cars, insurance, erection pills, and other useless crap that costs to much, does nothing, and I never heard about before. Ahhh—Feels like a cool drop of water against my cheek to be rid of the television…

Now that the mind control device is no longer part of my daily routine; I can see with a modicum of clarity the things that were a little fuzzy before:




Everything IS NOT alight out there in America! There are 45-Million families on food stamps,

90% of the seniors on Social Security are half starved, cant pay their bills, and are living way below the poverty level.

Children in the schools supported by OUR tax dollars are being spoon-fed the AMERICAN LIE that has them growing into better trained consumers with no political views, no public opinion, and no sense of morality or religion.

Parents that don’t know how to discipline their kids, are allowing the kids to discipline them. The kids are taught this in the schools.

Police departments view citizens in their jurisdiction as crooks that haven't been caught yet.

Public servants haven't been doing their jobs, yet their lazy sorry ass is still occupying the seat in their public office.

Preachers are preaching a liquefied version of the Holy Bible because their afraid to preach the gospel.

Radical Muslims are allowed to enter the USA.

Radicals from Mexico piss on the US Flag while standing on the streets of AMERICA!

Supreme Court Justices cant EVER make up their mind about ANYTHING because they haven't walked a mile in our shoes.

Oil prices are slowly dropping, but the price of gasoline is still climbing.

Food prices are shooting through the roof, yet farmers are going bankrupt.

There’s no such thing as free water anymore. The gov’ment wants to control all of it—everywhere.

Credit ratings are going down, yet the cost of credit is going up.

Banks are doubling their fees for less service than what was offered five years ago.

Gun control efforts are climbing, yet crime is at an all time high.

America locks up more people that the combined population of Sweden and Denmark.



The Crap Is Going To Hit The Fan Soon…!


There have been more tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, droughts, floods, and other sundry natural disasters than EVER before recorded in America’s history. But, very few people are getting their collective asses ready to weather these storms. Many go about their lives from day to day, just existing from one reality show to the next, one paycheck to the next. Its almost like they are being brainwashed to be good American consumers…



The BAD TIMES are just around the corner, and at our present rate of forward momentum, it won’t be long before the crap arrives on ALL of our doorsteps without much warning…!


Stockpile food, water, medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, fuels, radios, and barter materials like your life depends on it—because it does! Find some friends to help you out, watch your back, and get to know them like their blood related to you. Keep your eyes on the horizon, because whatever is coming, will be here real freaking soon, and it’s going to be a bitch from hell when it arrives.




First you have to understand the threats that we are facing today. Every person on this planet will be affected to some degree, in one way or another. I have tried to warn of these threats for several years. Luckily many are listening to my ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. Small groups are popping-up everywhere, and lone wolf survivalists are coming out of the woodwork to get their families ready. But we still have some time to get ready for whatever the hell is bouncing around out there…


All this talk of war with the military is scary crap, and while many groups are forming to circumvent this possibility; I must once again state the OBVIOUS that is most evident:

The United States Government does NOT have the capacity, resources, manpower, or audacity to imprison millions of people.(Should I Say That Again?)

They haven't the bed space, or enough guards to lock everyone of us inside CAMP FEMA.

The first moment that Camp FEMA goes into full swing, will lead to an instant CIVIL WAR, and much blood shed on both sides.

Lets NOT forget that American sons and daughters are serving in the U.S. Military, and many of them have been raised by people JUST LIKE US! Its highly unlikely that these soldiers will follow unconstitutional orders that would have them fighting their neighbors and kinfolk.



My Own Rendition Of Get Righteous 

If I were the Head Mother Trucker In Charge, here’s my rendition of CHANGE:

Lock down the southern borders with military troops that have permission to use deadly force. Put every illegal on notice that they have 72-Hours to vacate the country, or face being part of the chain-gangs that cleans up the highways. This would also halt the flow of drugs into America.


Prohibit consumer commodity imports from China for a period of 90-days. China allows a small percentage of American imports, yet our administration has killed American manufacturing capacity, or willingness, due to cheap Asian imports. Put Americans back to work making American products.


Put every elected official on notice that they better get off their sorry ass and do the job that they were hired to do, or face expulsion from office. Enough of these greedy fame sucking snobs squeezing every dime out of their office that they can, yet failing their constituents in every instance.


Free National Health care for everyone in the country, including dental and vision. Make America healthy again.


Flat Rate 15% tax rate for everyone, instead of the mess called the IRS we see today.


Get the U.S. budget under control by hiring one thousand small business owners that know how to budget and forecast revenues. Get a handle on that mess muy pronto…


Bring American troops back home, and only send them to foreign countries when needed. Enough with all the damned wars and conflicts.


Stop giving away trillions in subsidies to foreign governments that hate America. let em’ grown corn, or starve. America is the ONLY nation that feeds its enemies. Time to put that crap to rest!


Come down HARD on Neo-Nazis’, Klan, Skin Heads, Black Panthers, La Razza, and any other racist group that threatens women, children and old folks. They gotta be stomped out of existence!


Institute an educational panel that oversees what these rat-fink socialist school teachers and college professors are teaching out children. We pay OUR money to support these schools, and its time OUR kids learn the THREE R’s, and not be indoctrinated by these charlatans standing at the head of the classroom.



Coerce every citizen, of every state in the country, to conduct a mass protest against their own state government whenever unjust or unconstitutional legislation is introduced; such as gun control, abortion, health care, taxation, education, civil rights, and other controlling laws that inhibit or restricts free speech, free thought, free movement, or clarity of life.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What’s In Your Kit

zz-gear_Pix_001 zz-gear_Pix_002

The Bug Out Bag is constantly evolving.

I try to keep mine lightweight and easy to hump, yet carry enough food and gear to make it through a 3-week tactical evasion.


What’s in your kit…?

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Warning & Message



Throughout the years I have come to understand a simple principle when it comes to survivalism: Some of us are sent THE MESSAGE, while others are sent THE WARNING.


For me, this began while I was still a young child. It began subtly, and at first I didn’t understand it. I took years, until my teens, for me to realize that I was endowed with a message, and a warning.  It changed my life then, and continues to impact it even today.


The Message:

It’s pretty simple. When one become aware of what is going on in the world, and understands the nature of how life will unfold in the coming years; some of us began preparations that might somehow allow us to make peace within ourselves, and perhaps even began the slow and tedious process of stockpiling some very basic essential supplies.

· Stockpiles essential supplies

· Completes basic threat research

· Talks to others on the internet for information exchange

· Devotes several hours each day to internet discussion groups

· Understands that something might happen

· Builds a basic bug out plan

· Enrolls in a self-defense class

· Talks on the internet about survivalism

· Is prepared to Bug Out when SHTF

· Maintains an adequate Bug Out Bag


The Warning:

This is much more serious than having heard the message. A person that hears the warning is alarmed to the point that immediate action is required. It’s a process which demands that there isn’t enough time in a day, and that there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover all the associated costs.

· Stockpiles several years’ worth of food supplies

· Completes exhaustive risk analysis

· Establishes a network with others for information exchange

· Devotes several hours each day towards fulfillment of stockpile acquisition

· Knows that something will happen

· Builds an advance evacuation plan

· Enrolls in a self-defense, first aid, and wilderness survival class

· Talks to neighbors about survivalism

· Is prepared to Bug Out before SHTF

· Maintains several advance Bug Out Bags strategically cached in different areas


The term “Prepper” has become repugnant to me. It denotes something that is far removed from survivalism. A prepper collects gear, and hopes nothing happens; while a survivalist stockpiles gear and knows that something will happen.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Operational Security For Survivalists



Operational Security:

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 – All Rights Reserved

Considering all of the news laws bouncing around within the justice department, the growing trend among survivalists, seems to be a gradual withdrawal from mainstream survivalism; whereby many of the groups are headed underground, and off the radar.


Or so they think….


The fact remains that every Facebook page, every website, and every internet forum has already been infiltrated, should come as no surprise to anyone. It’s how they operate these days. The problem stems from several different factors, most of which can be directly tied to a very simple premise: Many militia groups are actively portraying themselves as a survival group.


Additionally; Facebook is deluged with a boatload of individual preppers claiming to be survivalists, but their avatar/picture depicts something entirely different. One cannot claim to be a survivalist, and then post pictures of themselves brandishing assault rifles, flying the Gadsden Flag, or sporting the 3% Patch. This is the single-most contradictory element that quickly arouses the attention of the various investigative agencies, and sends a clear signal to the general public that all survivalists are militia, and all militia are thus survivalists.


If you are claiming to be a survivalist, and consequently have Facebook friends that belong to a militia group; it would seem obvious that you are sympathetic to the militia ideologies. You will be judges by the associations that you maintain.


If your Facebook page is chock full of anti-government tirades, or you post anti-government statements; then it’s perfectly clear that you are anti-government. Thus, you pose a threat to those in power, and perpetuate the problems in, and of itself.


As I have stated in hundreds of articles over the past several years; it’s okay to hate the government, it’s okay to be militia oriented, and it’s even okay to stockpile supplies, arms, and ammunition. But what will quickly get a checkmark beside your name, is if that is ALL THAT YOU POST, and nothing else.

I have nothing against militia, as a matter of fact, I wrote one of the most controversial resistance books (The Lonewolf Resistance Manual) a few years ago that got a huge checkmark beside my name. But, I used my real name, and continue to do so—because I am not afraid to say what I mean, stand up for what I believe in, and I will absolutely not slink away in fear for my political views. That would be in contradiction to what I personally believe in. It would make me less than a Man, and that will never happen. I have no false assumptions that I have a nice warm cell awaiting me, and that the “Men In Black” would dearly love to beat my ass with rubber hoses. Yet, I am cognizant that I am responsible for my own actions, and thus equally prepared for whatever the future may hold for me.

I am not afraid to call myself a survivalist, because that is the absolute truth. I have no fear of what I do, or what I will do when SHTF, because everything that I do is above reproach, and within the tenants of survivalism.

There is no need for me to wear a mask to hide my identity, nor do I feel the need to threaten the government or elected leaders. None of my survival plans are offensive in nature, nor will I ever make plans to fight other Americans. GOD will take care of those when the time comes. –Make no mistake about it; the time is coming soon. 2500 years ago everything that is happening in the world was foretold, and revealed to mankind in the Holy Bible. There is not anything that can be done about it. We are all victims to it in one way or another. The best that we can hope for, is to be right with GOD, and to prepare ourselves and our families for the tribulations that will soon arrive.


My survival plans dictate that I lead my family and friends to a safe place where we can maintain some semblance of our former lives. That doesn’t include executing Hit & Run tactics against the perceived enemy, or blowing up buildings—it means that I, and those that I surround myself with, do what is necessary to remain safe, well fed, and out of harm’s way.

But, should we experience a situation that forces our hands in another direction; all bets are off, and then let the chips fall where they may. I call that TOTAL WAR. It means that every man, woman, and child fights to the death for what they believe in. A perfect example would be Poland 1933 when Hitler and Stalin attacked that small country from opposing sides. Every man, woman, and child armed themselves to protect their family, and then their country.

I see it this way; as more and more people become aware of the frightening aspects of what we will face in the coming years, it becomes clear that their fright has turned to anger—because they feel helpless. They understand the forces that are allied against them, but have come to understand that they alone can little impact the outcome. Others use this as an excuse to live out some morbid fantasy that sees them as the last hope for mankind—saving the women and children from the armies of darkness; marching victorious into Washington DC as the last standing heroes of the republic.

But, reality commands that they alone have neither the capacity, or the resources to actually accomplish anything other than to get themselves killed. They will probably get their family and friends killed as well.


How can anyone claim to stand for the Bill of Rights, when they won’t even get off their lazy-complacent apathetic ass and head for the voting booth…!


So why are there so many people calling themselves survivalists prepared to fight other Americans?

Because they are just repeating the diatribe of profiteers who seek to inflame and outrage the masses with their delusional hoopla that has little merit, and even less credibility. They cite case after case, and example after example—yet fail to invoke the true spirit of the “why’s and how’s” of their self-sustaining propaganda. These are the worst of the worst, and I hold them responsible for the mass-paranoia so-prevalent within the survival movement today. But, I also hold responsible those which have bought into this bullshit, and spread it further outwards because they have been “spoon fed” these lies, innuendos, and half-truths.


Here’s Is The Straight and Narrow Truth—whether you believe it or not…!

ü There are more of us, than them…

ü They have neither the manpower, or the resources, to arrest, detain, and judge every survivalists in the country today…

ü There isn’t enough bed space in all of the federal properties to adequately house forty five million people, nor do they have enough guards to keep all of them locked up…

ü They don’t care how many weapons or bullets that you have, unless you begin to post anti-government bullshit on the internet…

ü If you wear a mask, and call yourself a survivalist, then it’s your own fault when they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night…

ü If your Facebook page has tons of militia and resister friends, then you will be judged by the company that you keep… (Pretty Simple Equation To Digest)

ü The Rapture and Tribulation will occur, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it…

ü There is unequivocally no need to threaten the federal government, or its leadership, with harm, or force of arms. Keep your dumb ass mouth shut and go about your own business. IF and WHEN the time comes that you are forced to do something—that will be the time to threaten them, not before…

ü All your stupid ass ranting, threats, and raving accomplish nothing. Zip! Nada! It inflames the masses, and makes you look like a fool—say nothing of the people that know you personally, and on-line…

ü When the “Men In Black” surround your house in the middle of the night; turn off the juice, and blow through your door to stick a MP-5 sub-machinegun in your face--you are going to lay down on the floor and do “exactly” what they tell you. You are just bullshitting yourself if you think otherwise…

ü If you think that running away into the woods will provide you a safe haven—Say the following phrase to yourself until you remember it: “That Predator Missile Is Going To’ Ruin My Fucking Day…!”

ü The government has several divisions of highly trained Special Forces troops that will eat you alive, and not blink afterwards. You aren’t Rambo buddy!


That my friends is the absolute truth. Either believe it, or not. I could care less either way. All of this horseshit conspiracy theories is nothing but fluff. There is no place in the survival movement for fantasies. There is no place for anarchists, rogue paramilitary groups, and unquestionably no place for people that are “weak-in-the-head” that buy into that line of horseshit.



Operational Security For Survivalists:

Don’t Used Encryption Technologies

Don’t Threaten The Government

Don’t Hide Behind A Mask

Never Say Anything That You Will Regret Later

Watch Who You Associate Yourself With

Keep Everything Legal and Above Board

Surround Yourself With People That Share The Above Views



P.O Box 672453

Chugiak, Alaska 99567



“I Ain’t Skeeered…!”

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Word About Watchmen Of America

A Word About Watchmen Of America

There are many places on my respective websites that indicate Franke Schein, Alaska Watchmen, and The North American Survival Alliance is not associated with the Watchmen Of America (WOA) website or its affiliates in any manner whatsoever.

Though I support all aspects of the US Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights; the website calling itself Watchmen Of America is in no way connected with, affiliated with, associated with, or even remotely part of my websites—much less shares in my personal opinions and views.

What really stands out, is that this website, and many of its members claim to be survivalists, and are actively recruiting new members to learn survival skills. Yet; it is abundantly clear that the website is about as close to survival, as trying to breed cats with dogs. The administrators of this website are aware of the rising concern regarding civil preparedness, and are blatantly using distraction in a foul attempt to deceive people into joining their cause. This website is a militia website, with very close ties to the sovereign citizen movement, as well as racist organizations that make no qualms about their ideologies.

Their particular website, as well as every associated chapter thereof, has been included in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of militia groups. Additionally, many of the chapters of WOA ascribe to the ideologies persistent within the Sovereign Citizens movement, as well as many of the radical white-power ideologies, Jew-hater groups, and other assorted racists organizations—none of which I agree with, endorse, or claim as my own. As a matter of fact, I oppose everything these groups espouse.

The administrator operating the Watchmen Of America website falls into several of the aforementioned categories by virtue of the members, and organizations that he supports and displays on the website. The fact that he is operating this “for-profit” website stands in stark contradiction to the established regulations imposed by The Social Security Administration, and other public assistance agencies at both the Federal and State levels within his home state.

Additionally; the WOA website claims to be a “Militia Support Group” providing, uniforms, gear, equipment, firearms, and training to its members. When in fact very little of these services and products have actually been delivered to the members that have paid for it. Over the last year, there is a growing number of people and groups that have withdrawn their support and participation in this fraudulent scheme because the contractual obligations have not been delivered as promised.
Those few members that have received some of the promised gear, quickly found that the cheap imported products from Asia are of inferior quality, do not hold-up under field use, and are generally worthless. There remains a growing dissatisfaction within this area.

One only has to glance at the various webpages throughout this shameful website, to see the many “donations” buttons begging for money. On nearly every page, the administrator is begging the membership and viewing public for cash donations. Oftentimes, there are products, videos, books, calendars, and other offers for sale, that have been illegally obtained through copyright infringement, or outright theft from the internet, and its respective owners. Many examples can be found within the Patriot Resistance Website, as well as the Watchmen of America domain.

The original image can be found here:

A letter is being drafted to the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office as well as the United States Attorney General, in order to communicate concerns regarding the illegal contracts offered by the administrator(s) of WOA and its associated websites. Particularly, the absence of any arbitration agreement in the event of contract default, as well as notarization by a legitimate state licensed agent. These two areas should be cause for alarm when entering into contractual agreement with this organization. The absence of these two areas thereby invalidates their contracts with current and former members that have participated in this scandalous program.

Of even more concern, are the many reported instances whereupon the administrator refuses to refund money paid by the members who are desirous of cancelling their agreement with WOA. This alone, contradicts every know concept of business ethics, as well as various laws and regulations, and may in fact, eventually lead to a class action law suit, if not the outright criminal charges being brought against the website and its administrator’s, as well as any serving officer having complicity within the scope of this fraudulent program.

Additionally, there exists no public records of any business enterprise calling itself Watchmen of America, Patriot Resistance, nor does any such business entity exist within the State of Kentucky, or registered under the Internal Revenue Service. Perhaps, the additional income realized by the website administrator is not being reported, nor are the various local subsistence/welfare agencies being advised of the additional income sources experienced by the administrator through the operation of this on-line business venture.

Perhaps, if the truth were to be known; that all of the donations are merely a scheme perpetuated at the hands of the website administrator whose only goal is to increase his personal income levels, and live large at the expense of the website members who are oblivious to the manner in which they are being fleeced by a slick charlatan in poor health hiding additional income from the IRS and other agencies.

I suspect, that in time, those involved in this heinous scam, will be called to the carpet to answer for their actions. Let us all hope that this day arrives sooner—before yet another person is conned into “donating” their hard earned cash.

Societal Collapse:

In a recent posting I discussed the probabilities, and ramifications of what could happen to America during an economic collapse.

Using historical events as a basis for my research, it is very easy to understand what America is facing. If Greece is but just one example, then we as a nation will be facing some very tough times

in the coming months.  Another economic collapse could stall every industry in America, and like a dark cloud—hang across the country for several years before slowly experiencing a return to




Nightmare foretold if Greece heads for euro exit

In Athens, the homeless are on the streets in growing numbers, soup kitchens feed twice as many people as a year ago, and the poor are diving into garbage bins in search of scrap they can sell.

Greece is close to breaking point as it struggles with austerity targets set by creditors, but this is just a foretaste of the nightmare of unrest, hunger and even anarchy that could engulf the debt-crippled nation if it is forced out of the euro.

If the exact economic impact of such a move is hard to nail down - newly issued drachmas devalued by up to 70 percent, runaway inflation, a banking meltdown, a collapse in trade - the implications for ordinary Greeks crushed by the debt crisis are even harder to predict.

Without international bailout cash, salaries and pensions would go unpaid and violence, political extremism and uncontrolled emigration could quickly follow.


"There will be shortages in basic staples. Without fuel, the army and the police would not be able to move their vehicles. After a long period, things will return to a better balance. But during the first transitional phase we would be experiencing a nightmare scenario," Provopoulos said.



Survival Test: Super Volcano



Survival Test:

Yellowstone (Super Volcano) Eruption

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



At 11:18 pm seismic detectors located through Yellowstone National Park indicate that a massive earthquake swarm continues to increase with each hour. Hot springs and fumarole temperatures swing upwards, Large swatches of land immediately rise, while other areas sink into the ground creating large holes.

National Geological Survey Agencies remain quiet, though a steady stream of government vehicles begin pouring into the area. Base camps are established as far away as Rock Springs and Evanston Wyoming.

At approximately 02:21 AM local time; Yellow Stone Caldera erupts with frightening consequences.

Fiery boulders the size of semi-trucks are blown skywards. The initial eruptions sends massive amounts of thick ashes 18-Miles into the skies.

The resultant Pyroclastic flow wipes out every city within 100-miles around the volcano. Roads, bridges, houses, and millions of acres of woodlands are instantly vaporized—along with several hundred thousand people. Wildfires rage across large portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Smoke clouds darken the skies in those areas.

Within hours the ashes begin drifting downwards into the unaffected areas 300 miles away. Already the countryside is blanketed in 14-inches of volcanic ash. Scientists predict that most of central America will begin experiencing ash fall within twelve hours.

As the eruption continues unabated, the ashes reach into the upper trade winds, sending dark clouds heading towards Europe. All airlines cancel their flights, maritime shipping comes to a halt, and life on the planet slowly begins to wind-down in anticipation of what is yet to come.

Survival Test:

1.) What are the short and long term consequences of a Yellowstone Caldera eruption, and how would it affect you, and the people in your area?

2.) What preparations have you taken to counter this imminent threat?

3.) If you are unfortunate enough to live within 600 miles of Yellowstone, what will you do to save your life?

4.) What is the safest area in the United States during a Super Volcano eruption, such as Yellowstone?

5.) Do you feel that this scenario will affect you personally?



Yeelowstone Caldera

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Survival: Moral Imperative




Moral Imperative

By Franke Schein

May 17th 2012

All Rights Reserved

Over the last few weeks my telephone has been ringing off the hook, and the email messages keep pouring in from around the world. It seems that a boatload of people are worried—seriously worried about what the immediate future will involve.

From the newbies just coming into the movement, to the hard-core survivalists; the questions are nearly the same:

· What will happen

· When will it happen

· How can I get ready for it

Let’s take this in a step-by-step approach in order to arrive at some logical answers.

“What Will Happen?”

I personally feel that an economic collapse is not only imminent, but that we are staring down into the dark abyss. One only has to look deep into what this collapse could mean to each of us down here on the streets.

Already the American Dollar is severely undercut. Several (hostile) state-players are doing their very best to destabilize the US Dollar, and by proxy, the economic livelihood of about 300-Million American Citizens. That fact alone, should send shock waves throughout the media, but the politically correct “talking heads” aren’t saying much about it. Political power play is most evident in this massive network silence. The reason is very simple: Every network is desirous of having a few key reporters sitting in the Whitehouse; speaking out against the administration’s foreign polices does little to insure a front row seat in the Whitehouse Press Room. Their silence is both a travesty towards America, and reeks to the high heavens of media bias for the sake of corporate profiteering.

The short and long term ramifications of an economic collapse are frightening. One only has to look backwards into the history of America, and the world, to see how this event will play out in our lives. Imagine a 1930’s style Depression, but on a much larger scale.

Capital manufacturing takes a plunge. Only those industries with guaranteed government contracts will remain. Many of the brand name factories and their distributors will fall by the wayside. The corporations growing, or distributing food products will fare well because people still need to eat. Of course the consumer prices will rise sharply, and the supply-side of the equation will come into play as the demand outsources the inventory and production values.

Critical fuel supply production will likewise take a nose-dive down into the abyss. Just like 1930, the price of gasoline will skyrocket until it is almost out of reach for most Americans. The government’s strategic reserve will have to be tapped, and in the long term it could result in a “rationing” of gasoline and other critical fuels. Ask your grandparents about “ration cards” and what all of that meant to them.

Once the manufacturing base goes down the crapper; other consumer supported industries will fail in less than three months.

Cellphone and Wireless carriers, as well as internet based services will struggle to remain afloat, and then eventually go bankrupt. Those carriers that manage to survive the first two quarters will have little choice but to raise prices. Again, the “supply and demand” will enter into the equation. Many families will have no choice but to disconnect from the internet, turn off their wireless devices, and return to a pre-technological mode of communications.

The good news; thousands of new car dealers will face bankruptcy, and the prices of new cars will plummet. Dealerships do not own the cars, they are just the purveyor of manufacturers finished products. Those with ample cash and get some rock-bottom prices—pennies on the dollar.

Of course; as usually happens, the greedy utility companies will reap tremendous profits. The cost for electricity, water, sewage, and natural gas will go through the roof. Imagine being forced to pay 500% more than what is paid right now. Expect this industry to profit at America’s misfortune—as they already are doing.

The nation’s financial industry will take a huge hit. The Dow Jones and other indexes will see a drastic drop in prices. Investors will panic, raise the prices, experience an immediate deficit as the S&P index falls to the basement. Investment accounts, 401K’s, Long-Term saving, as well as Mutual funds will wither and die a horrible death.

Local credit unions, and banks will likely fail in the first few months. The Mega-Banks will be forced to raise fees, and charge for every conceivable service that the bank offers its customers. As more and more banks fail, there will probably be long lines at the bank doors as panicked citizen try to get their cash back into their pockets. It could very well result in the Federal Reserve System installing protocols that limit the amount that can be withdrawn from respective consumer bank accounts. This will signal a massive financial collapse as banks are deluged with angry customers. It will probably get bloody at some point, and national guard troops could be stationed at the bank in order to keep the peace.

The Federal Reserve will be struggling to maintain an equitable balance within its own rank and file. Expect to see a reduction in the amount of money flowing back and forth as people turn towards a barter system. The black market will swing into action. Those with barter goods will fare reasonably well, but those that are unprepared will suffer badly.

Gold will take another hit. Those that have stockpiled gold as a hedge against severe inflation will be in a shock for their life. Those $1,600.00 good coins that were purchased last year, will go quickly. Expect to shell out a gold coin for simple things like gasoline, rice, bullets, beans—and other consumer commodities.

Welfare will become the norm, and the already overburdened state subsistence agencies will turn to the federal government for assistance. Schools lunch programs, Medicare and Medicaid will follow suit. Our senior citizens will feel the brunt of the collapse. Their $1300.00 a month stipend payment will be reduced as the consumer price index rises—their low dollar income-buying power will have drastic effects on senior’s purchasing power. Faced with increasing utility payments, undervalued buying power, and reduced social welfare assistance; many senior will choose to leave this world at their own hands. The nightly news reports will be filled with stories of suicide until the public becomes desensitized to these occurrences.

Across the country there will be a sudden increase in crimes against people and property. Looting will follow suit, along with rioting as angry-hungry people take to the streets. Bloodshed, and vigilante justice will take shape almost overnight. The “hanky stomping liberals” will quickly be faced with a choice of “correctness” or perish in the onslaught.

When the crime finally peaks, there will be a mass exodus from the cities. Armed groups will dominate the news, and eventually the local government will be forced to institute both a curfew, and martial law.

Civil disobedience will quickly come into play as heavily armed people take matters into their own hands. The price of ammunition, firearms parts, as well as the costs of guns themselves will skyrocket. Local gun stores and those department stores still having ammo inventories, will be quickly depleted. In some cases, the local government will have no choice but to seize and confiscate all firearms and ammunition. They will claim this measure is to keep the peace—in fact, it will only give rise to increased anarchism.

All in all; the average American will be facing severe difficulties. The loss of the financial system, manufacturing capability, as well as the decrease in consumer commodities, will, when combine with the loss of jobs, reduced buying power, and the destruction of the banking system—create a welfare state wholly dependent upon government assistance, social charity agencies, and leave people facing a world of criminal dominated nights where safety means being armed and alert.

But, there are others factors to consider beyond a total economic collapse. Events such as another terrorist attack, severe weather phenomenon, or natural disasters resultant of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis, could plunge a large portion of the country into a dismal state . Events such a this could impact the economy outside of the localized areas—thus sending shockwaves throughout the region, as was the case during Hurricane Katrina.

“When Will It Happen?”

There is not one single person on the globe that can predict this eventuality with any certainty of precision. There are many factors at play, any exigent circumstances across the global arena has the potential to ignite catastrophes whose far reaching effects could reach Americas shores.

One of the significant discoveries centers around the fact that Illegal immigrants are fleeing back towards Mexico at an alarming rate. Yet, the birth of Hispanic children has risen sharply to the point that current index indicates that the Hispanic population in America has reached the all-important mark of 36%. It is predicted that by 2050 the Hispanic population will achieve a 56% index, thereby impacting the economy through reduced literacy, sub-standard wage scales, and loss of employment opportunities, as well as a closely related increase in Hill-Burton (type) medical loss experienced by hospitals around the country.

Severe weather has already wrecked large swatch of the country during the first five months of 2012. If this is the matrix to measure the next seven months that will follow; then America will be facing an increasingly dangerous world.

“How Can I Get Ready?”

As I have addressed throughout the last several years, it is imperative that survivalists come together in their respective areas. Small groups have a much better chance of getting through these calamities, than the “Lone wolf Survivalist” trying to get through each day all alone.

Having a large supply stockpile is absolutely outstanding, but it should be remembered that a family of four will have no chance against a small rouge group of anarchists intent on taking the stockpile by force of arms. One person cannot hope to stand against those odds. It requires the combined efforts of an extended “survival family” that has taken the time to research, strategize, plan, and prepare for these types of situations.

It must be remembered that primitive survival skills are a useful tool in the survivalists toolbox, but it must not be the only plan. If this is the case, failure is definitely imminent and non-withstanding from the onset. A survival plan should take into account the necessity of supplementing the food supplies with fresh meat and vegetable, but there are events that will preclude this.

· Volcanic Eruption

· Tsunami

· Wildfire

· Civil Unrest

· Martial Law

· Radiological Disaster

· Biological Disaster

· Chemical Disaster

I have talked about the need for a reality based survival plan that takes into account every conceivable scenario, every possible disaster, as well as a deep level of comprehension and understanding of what each requires in terms of surviving, as well as knowing how these events will unfold step-by-step.

Failure to plan, is not an option when survival is at stake. There can be no minimizing the threats or any aspects of it, no delusional fantasies, and a good survival plan leaves absolutely no room for assumptions based on fictional scenarios.

The North American Survival Alliance is the product of my own attempt to allow other people to experience a level of survival planning, as well as execution of those plans within the scope of reality.

In the last year the membership has grown throughout the country. But, there should be lots of people signing up. It is after all a no cost mechanism designed to help everyone get ready for whatever Man and Nature offers in the future. But I fear that most “preppers” out there are simply put—imposters pretending to be survivalists.

Survival panning dictates a constant research of resources, technologies, tools, and other aspects which enhance or better an already good survival plan. But the trend seems to have turned towards collecting gear, stockpiling weapons and ammunition, and getting caught-up in all of the conspiracy theories that are destroying the survival movement from within.

I choose to remain outside of that arena, and continue to surround myself with capable and dedicated survivalists (Not Preppers) that understand the message and warning that we have been blessed to hear throughout most of our lives.

If you have heard the message, and know the warning; then I am happy to call you a friend. Now take the time to reach out across the horizon and get in touch. Time is not your friend—my friend.