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Monday, January 9, 2012

The North American Survival Alliance


In recent months I have been deluged with request from people from all across the globe to help them find survival groups, or to help them start their own group. Requests that keep pouring in with no end in sight. But, I understand; we are after all--living on the cusp of the 2012 Prophecies.

I’ve tried to answer everyone that has taken to time to send me a message. I’ve done my very best to help them with whatever that they were asking of me—short of having them come to Alaska and occupy the spare bedroom in my home.

After giving it much thought, I believe that the best thing that anyone can do, is to reach out to those people in their own area, and get busy making some serious survival plans. Now is NOT the time to be distant from your neighbors. I’ve learned that there is probably one survivalists that lives on every street, in every city. The job is to find out who they are,

So, I’ve tried to make it easy to find “likeminded” people. But, I need your help in getting the job done…

The link below is the portal to a brand new survival forum that I have put together in the last week. I’m hoping that each of you will take a moment to register, and then introduce yourself. Even Better—post some of your own skills, experiences, and survival knowledge, so that others can learn from our collective skillset.

The North American Survival Alliance Forum

Get the word out about this forum. Post it wherever you can; and let people know that we exist. It’s a free forum that doesn’t cost me a dime, and I don’t make a dime off it. It’s strictly to share the information, and get people together before the collapse of society.

Already I have spoken with a few people about setting up survival groups in New Jersey, Iowa, California, Texas, and Colorado. There are others, but we haven’t reached the actual agreement, so I will not post their states until I know for sure that they are on board.

Each of these State Groups will start from scratch. The Group (Interim) Leaders will be busy getting everything set-up, and will receive lots of instruction from me, and some of the people from my own group here in Alaska. We will try to emulate the success that The Alaska Watchmen Group has experienced, among those State groups.

But, I also have to tell you this: Each of the State Groups will operate under the exact same guidelines that my group does:

  • The Group will not be a security blanket or welfare department for the unprepared. Just because a potential new member isn’t prepared, doesn’t automatically mean that they are rejected. But it does mean that they must show progress every month in getting their food supplies in order.
  • The member must be able to stand on their own two feet when it comes to acquiring food, water, and supplies. Like I tell my new candidates here; “Don’t show up at our Rally Point or Safe Area empty handed” The group will vote whether we want to feed you, or send you packing.
  • Each member will have to understand when they say “I Got Your Back !”; it means just that, and nothing less!
  • The Group operates as a TEAM, trains as a TEAM, and plans as a TEAM. There is no petty dictatorship or Type-A Personality Control Freaks allowed. (The world already has enough of those…)
  • There will be a small monthly due. Without dues, the Group cannot purchase Long-Term food supplies, communications gear, or medical kits. Any survival group that doesn’t ask for dues to cover these issues, has a problem with communications.

Folks; I think that sometime between March and June the world will start feeling the initial effects of the 2012 syndrome. It’s not going to happen all at once. It will happen like a summer rain-storm; it will mist into our lives, and then blow like hell when it gets dark…

We have 11-Mont's before the Galactic Alignment, and 11-Months before the Solar Storm reach their peak cycles. There isn’t much time to start bickering, or side-stepping these issues. No matter what you do today; make sure that you and your family will have the ability to eat,drink, and keep war. December 21st 2012 is in the middle of winter.




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Blogger Labels: North,American,Survival,Alliance,globe,Requests,message,Alaska,area,plans,street,portal,forum,moment,Better,knowledge,word,Post,cost,Already,Jersey,Iowa,California,Texas,Colorado,haven,agreement,State,Group,Interim,Leaders,instruction,Watchmen,guidelines,welfare,department,Just,member,food,Point,Safe,Back,TEAM,dictatorship,Type,Control,Freaks,world,dues,Long,Term,communications,gear,Folks,March,June,syndrome,mist,hell,Mont,Galactic,Alignment,Months,Solar,Storm,December,winter,Franke,Schein,Prophecies,skills,feet,candidates,cycles,survivalists,does,dime
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