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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Enough Is Enough: America Is At Serious Risk

Enough Is Enough:
America Is At Serious Risk
By Franke Schein
January 11th 2015

Day after day, week after week; Islamic Terrorists across the globe are slaughtering innocent people almost without impunity. These atrocious acts of terrorism have been steadily increasing over the last ten years, and no matter how these events are sliced and diced by the liberal media, who categorically refused to say that a vast majority of Moslems either covertly or overtly approve of these acts; the fact remains that America is facing a growing threat from these Moslem fanatics.

Major metropolises, such as New York City, and Los Angeles, that have a large Islamic population, should undertake to examine their public policies from a hardline stance, before the stealth jihadists gain more ground in America's political infrastructure--and we witness Islamic Terrorist going on a murderous shooting rampage in a schoolroom full of six year old kids.

History shows that anywhere in the world that Islam was allowed to create settlements; within ten years a war occurred in that area. France, England, Sweden, and other countries whose public policies paved the way for Moslem immigration, are now facing a deadly menace on their own streets.

Obama and Company are providing the same immigration opportunities to the Moslems as Europe did; subsequently allowing already radicalized jihadist families into the country. Though many of these people are adept at hiding their distain and hatred for America, they could potentially be the terrorists killing everyone in the next mall shooting spree.

Muslim Sulejman Talovic

A prime example of this can be discovered in the actions of this 17 year old radicalized jihadist. Shouting "Allahu Akbar" he stormed a Salt Lake City Mall and began systematically murdering Americans until the police took this scumbag out with well placed gun fire.
After his death, his local mosque prepared the body, shipped it back to Bosnia, and he was given full military funeral in Bosnia. The liberal press, and even the Utah police were unwilling to call this cold blooded murderer a jihadist.
As in the Oklahoma City beheading, The Fort Hood Shooting, and other such incidents where innocent Americans were brutally murdered by these stealth jihadists allowed to immigrate to America; these events will in all likelihood increase until the streets are awash in the blood of American children.
Utah killer lays in coffin. Bosnian Muslims touch the "Shaheed" or Islamic martyr before his funeral