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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Survival Network


One of the most difficult things that survivalists encounter, is trying to convince family and friends that they should undertake preparations for future disasters. Even among my own family , friends, and co-workers; I see that little smirk, or the outright denial, when I bring up the subject.

Nonetheless; it should remain a priority for survivalist to reach-out to others right now, while things are nice out there. After SHTF, it might very well be too late.

On the Alaska Watchmen website, we offer FREE TEXT ALERTS for Alaska Residents only. In case something serious in nature occurs, these "interested parties" will get a text message from me indicating the severity of the crisis. This is my own way of helping those that have an aversion in joining established groups.

Consequently; I have also set-up a web page that attempts to bring survivalists together. It's basically just a map of North America. The intent of the webpage is to allow individuals and groups to reach-out to each other.

It works like this: Simply send me an email with your STATE of residence, and an email address or telephone number. When I get a message from somebody in your area, I will send both of you each other's email address. It's then up to you and the other person to break the ice.

For those of you that are into survivalism, and not caught up in the conspiracies, this would be a great way to open some doors across the country, and in your own state.

I've posted my thoughts on here about trying to face the coming disaster all by yourself. No matter what--the bottom line will always be that small groups have a better chance of surviving ANYTHING that is coming down the pike.


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