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Friday, January 9, 2015

New York City's Nightmare

New York City's Nightmare Under Communist Mayor De Blasio
By Franke Schein
January 9th 2015

New York City's 109th Mayor is truly one of a kind administrator. His public polices  are aimed at destroying the middle-class workers who keep the public treasury flowing with countless billions of taxes, as well as increased fines, violations, and petty permit fees.

But on the other hand, his policies are not only beneficial to himself, but to the millions of illegal and generations of welfare families who voted for him.

He is the first democrat to hold the city's highest office since 1993. One of his first acts in office was to change the manner in which the New York Police Department deals with blacks and Latino.

He ran for mayor by promising the black and Latino communities that he would do away with the STOP & FRISK policies that has been the leading crime deterrent in NYC for years. A move that resulted in across the board dissension between De Blasio's and the NYPD, who felt that the mayors actions are disrespectful to them.

But what could New Yorkers expect from a mayor who is openly sympathetic to socialism, if not outright communism...?

Considering De Blasio's track record of over-taxing New York City's working families, and giving it to the subsistence families, it shouldn't come as a surprise where he is taking New York City.

His public polices regarding education can be witnessed in his September 2013 opposition to the city's 183 Charter (Private) Schools. Opting instead to reduce the city's co-funding of these schools--even though 20,000 New Yorkers staged a rally against this policy. He revoked $200 Million from the city's Charter School budget; Yet, at the same time, he wants to tax those families earning over $500,000 a year to pay for kindergarten after-school program which are largely dominated by the Latino families, many of whom are receiving welfare.

Just like his Democratic Socialist mentor in The Whitehouse, De Blasio's Fas tracked illegal citizenship in New York City through an unconstitutional act which provided illegal's with a city issued identification card.

This policy created an immediate overload of NYC's welfare and subsistence rolls, and had resulted in overall budgetary spending at the cost of working New Yorkers who foot this illegal scheme.

Additionally, the city's school districts were inundated with a mass influx of illegal's registering their children for after-school programs; many of which are prioritized, and provided almost exclusively for the Latino students, leaving many non-Latino's out of the programs.

Another immediate effect of De Blasio's educational policies can be seen in the lack of student seating throughout the districts. Due to these programs, the schools don't have enough seating space for longtime residents, because the Illegals outnumber the registered students. In some cases, lack of seating space has forced the school districts to bus students to different schools.

Illegals given a city identification card, as well as legal status, has combined to create a predominantly disproportionate number of educational opportunities for New York City's residents. A simple divide and conquer approach to administrating the city's population.


During De Blasio's inauguration speech, he openly states that he is a Democratic Socialist. Use of the words like "Progressive" can be linked to the communist ideologies common in The Soviet Union and Peoples Democratic Republic Of China.

“Make no mistake: The people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it, together."

He goes on to state a very common socialistic view, that wealthy New Yorkers should pay more taxes to support the city's illegals, and fund his "No Child Left Behind" policies.


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The Democratic Socialsits Party (Progressive Agenda)

The Democratic Socialists Party
By Franke Schein
January 5th 2015

The democratic socialists party leadership is comprised primarily of middle age blacks who have been given a taste of power, and they have become drunken with it to the point of uncontrollable addiction.

Their ultimate goal is to elevate themselves to a position of authority which guarantees unlimited wealth, and absolute power without public oversight.

Their agenda removes all forms of resistance and recourse from those who willingly, or unwillingly serve the system. A system that perpetuates servitude from cradle to grave, with dire consequences for those who contradict the established absolutism.

Their closed door legislation includes the covert manipulation of education, healthcare, finance, immigration, judicial processes, manufacturing, communications, and essential consumer commodities. In essence and form, they seize every opportunity to utilize taxation as a means to force compliance until abject control is established, and all civil liberties are a mere shadow of a long forgotten history.

At no time in America's history has this group ever conducted themselves in a manner beneficial to anyone other than themselves. For they see themselves as having been victimized by an unjust system, in the exact same manner in which they seek to victimized others once they gain power.

One can see evidence of this in every democratic controlled city or state. The maddening profusion of inane laws designed to inhibit speech, restrain action or complaint, and the incremental elimination of civil rights through brutal police state tactics.

Utilizing race, and money, they create a climate of racial disparity in order to ferment controlled chaos within the sphere of their influence. By pitting race against race, they mastermind the actions and thoughts of those who are undereducated and unemployed, against those who are employed and sustain their own lives financially.

They speak of capitalism in derogatory terms, disparaging those corporations that bring a measure of consistency to the kitchen table; when in essence it's these same corporations that they want to control through heavy revenue generating taxation, and useless legislation.

At the forefront of their self indulgent policies, they work diligently to abolish all forms of western religion. They view GOD and those who follow Jesus teachings as a detriment to their personal agenda. Using federal laws and media propaganda, they routinely harass and intimidate churches, clergy, and church members; calling instead for a new age type of spirituality which allows deviant peculiarities, and oftentimes outright contempt for established religiosities. By eliminating religious morality, they foster a sense of righteous acceptance to their godless immorality, and further truncate the system of reliance by those that have been indoctrinated.

Historically it has always been the elimination of privately owned firearms that has allowed these closet tyrants to succeed in their sinister plans. It isn't the removal of firearms that they are seeking, it's the elimination of the means, the rights, and the will to resist these Marxist plans that they are seeking. In their views, a citizen with a firearm had both the means and will to speak out against the system. By eliminating guns, they bemuse themselves with the notion that America's masses will simply ignore the laws of both GOD and the constitution; and willingly submit to their new world order.

When there is public opinion against their gun-grabbing program, they are quick to arm themselves beyond sensibilities, and militarize local police forces in the name of domestic security. In fact this show of force usually has the opposite effect, and results in a massive upscale of gun and ammunition sales. It creates a climate of hate and dissection, which divides the nation even further. In every national issue, these liberalized communists use religious rights, gun rights, and crime statistics to persuade public opinion.

Yet they never speak out against abortion, immigration, or family rights. It's rare to watch these power hungry people denounce their own party membership's crimes or sexual deviance. Instead, they call America's war veterans terrorists, and portray Christians as racists when church members speak out against the gruesome beheadings and genocidal slaughter occurring in Islamic countries. They give credibility to the Islamic State and Palestinian Hamas, while denouncing Israel for defending itself from Islamic terrorists. But give little concern to the North Korean slave labor camps where human suffering occurs around the clock.

 Short of a full scale civil uprising, the way to eliminate this nefarious agenda is to identify and publicize the people pushing forward these Marxist plans. To make them understand that even though they may hold public offices, their tenure in the public sector is wholly reliant on the will of We The People, and as such, their collective communist asses are under America's microscope...

FBI Creates Malware Spreading Newspaper Article

FBI Creates Malware Virus
By Franke Schein
January 9th 2015

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation created a fake newspaper ad on the Seattle Times server, in order to catch somebody they suspected of having something to do with an alleged bomb threat.

What can you expect from an agency that spends more time investigating right wing Americans, than it does catching jihadists living in America.

Then again, I suppose they think it's necessary to break the law, in order to enforce it.