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Friday, December 11, 2009

The difference between America and the Mideast

The difference between America and the Mideast

What is the difference between life in America, and life in Islamic countries?

It's pretty obvious that Americans enjoy many liberties that are not present in Islamic countries
ü Right to vote

ü Right to free speech.

ü Right demonstrate in public.

ü Right to education.

ü Right to practice religion.

ü Right to dress how one choose.

ü Right to create music and art.

ü Right to disagree with the government or its policies.

ü The right to raise our children as we determine.

ü The right to travel anywhere in the USA.

ü The right to government assistance.

ü The right to a fair trial.

ü The right to have an attorney present during questioning.

ü The right to face those that accuse us of a crime.

ü The right to publish our thoughts or ideas.

ü The right to own a gun.

America’s inner-wealth is equally as important as our rights:

ü Our supermarkets are always stocked with tons of food.

ü We can walk down the street without fear of suicide bombers killing us.

ü We have no religious Police beating us on the streets for listening to music, or dressing casual.

ü There are no secret police services that make American’s disappear from the face of the earth.

ü Our free-market systems brings bounty to every corner of the world.

ü Education is one of our national priorities.

ü Our streets are paved and lighted.

ü We don’t stage protests at the government’s request denouncing a country or it’s religion.

ü Our highways beat any dirt roads in the Mideast.

ü We don’t raise our kids to be suicide bombers or martyrs.

ü We don’t burn down Mosques or Synagogues in America.

ü We respect our neighbors rights to privacy.

ü We donate our hard earned cash to worthwhile causes.

ü We allow other religions to practice their faith in our country.

ü We allow immigrants from other countries to come live here.

ü Our farmers and ranchers are the backbone of the economy.

ü We send aid everywhere, even to countries that hate us.

ü We jail those that rape our women, not execute the women for reporting the rape.

ü Our judges are real judges, not religious fanatics.

ü We pray to be accept into heaven for living a good life, not for taking it.

ü We defeated Nazi Germany after they killed 8-million Jewish people.

ü We destroyed the Japanese imperial empire when they attacked us without provocation.

ü We conquered the fascists Italian dictator-his own people hung him afterwards.

ü America helped South Korea, when the communist North and China attacked them.

ü Our nation’s military forces have always fought for democracy and peace.

ü We don’t fire homemade missiles or rockets into Mexico or Canada.

ü America has never executed anyone for their religious beliefs.

ü In America we don’t sell our children.

ü We have no arranged marriages.

ü We don’t kill for the sake of family Honor.

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