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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Survivalist or Anti-Government: A new breed emerging


What is the difference between a survivalist, and a government resister: Is there a separation of the two, or will they at some point converge to create and develop a new entity?

Having been active in the survival field for three decades, I have watched the survival movement grow in small leaps & bounds; and then suddenly explode into mainstream American at an alarming rate. It seems like everybody and their brother are getting ready for something. But there is a lot of paranoia and fear oozing across the electrons of cyberspace. Some of it I completely understand, while others are just pure hogwash.

What’s alarming are the number of people that are posting pictures of themselves on the many social networks, deluging the internet brandishing assault rifles, and hiding their identities behind a mask; yet they are claiming to be “preppers” or “survivalists”, when in fact, the things that they post on internet forums, rarely have anything to do with survivalism.

This movement is literally and figuratively filled with thousands of websites whose only ambitions are to create panic, fear, and then sell you something to ease the suffering and pain. Everything from gold coins to freeze dried food is being hawked by these websites. It’s a multi-million dollar enterprise. Some of the top websites earn thousand of revenue dollars each month through advertising programs, and click-through functions.

But that is a secondary point in this article; the real point of this article, is to explore the reasons that so many people are fearful of the government, and are actively preparing to wage war against it; while seeking out survival training and survival strategies. It doesn’t make sense at all, as the two have absolutely nothing in common with each other.

Lets cut to the chase:

  • It is NOT illegal to hate the government, or make disparaging remarks about the elected leadership.
  • It’s not illegal to join, or start a militia or resistance group.
  • It’s not illegal to stockpile arms and ammunition.
  • It’s not illegal to train with said weapons and a group of like-minded people.

What makes it illegal is when one conspires to actually do something illegal that would cause another person bodily harm—then the actions undertaken have crossed a very well defined law—not to mention the law of common sense as well…

I have emphatically stated time and time again; that if you are truly calling yourself an American Patriot, then fear of the government, and fear of reprisal shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. (sic) There is absolutely no reason for you to be afraid to stand-up for what you believe, and what you hold dear to your heart. There is absolutely no reasons whatsoever for any patriot to hide behind a face-mask in order to remain anonymous. There is also no reason for any patriot to loudly proclaim on YouTube their desire to kill other Americans in a civil uprising.


If that is your stance in all of this; then my friend you have already lost the battle before it’s even began !

Give me 1-Million Proud Americans that are not afraid to stand up for what they believe; and I will start the most powerful political party that this country has ever seen. That’s the end result of being a Real American Patriot—the people that are in power, and the elite’s, will have no choice but to understand that the American consciousness has been awakened.


But is it necessary to threaten war against these people? Is it necessary to wear a mask and pretend to be vengefully and ideologically opposed to societal control. Then the movement’s ambitions and desires are doomed from the start. The biased words of the media will quickly clutter the real issues that are attempting to be changed. Instead the media, and many of their followers, will be honed-in upon the ”machinegun armed thugs in face masks” trying to create anarchy .


Inside the survival movement, there exists a sub-culture of dedicated government resisters. Individuals that post violent euphemisms ranting and raving for the extermination of Law Enforcement Officers, Military Service members, and the elected leadership of America government—say nothing about certain appointed officials holding posts in various government agencies.


Little of their internet postings are really about survivalism; since they are more inclined to believe that in the finality of things—the government will enslave them, and lock everyone up in Camp FEMA. I’m here to tell you; FEMA can’t even get the National Emergency Alert Broadcast System working correctly—what hope do they have of detaining millions of people!

Many survivalists that I know carry with them the added burden of trying to maintain a very low profile. They go about the business of preparing for “The End” with unconstrained energy. Yet when asked to teach a class—they quickly shrink away from the public spotlight.

I know people that refuse to have a cell-phone, don’t have an internet connection, and pay with cash for everything that they need. They live away from society, and do their very best to stay incognito, as well as under the radar. But at the end of the year they are only to happy to receive the Federal Income Tax refund check, or as some Alaskans do—the annual Dividend Fund check. (Hey—to each their own; but my saying has always been’ “If your gonna’ be a bear—be the baddest bear in the woods—a grizzly bear!) Why are the people that hate the government the most, the first to stick out their hand for a cash payout…

I’ve met some “Holy Rollers” that live their lives in this manner. They have given-up all of their worldly possessions, and settled down to a near Spartan lifestyle awaiting the return of Christ. But when you look at their lives from an outside perspective; here is what you see:

  • Enormous Credit Card debt.
  • Gasoline credit cards that are currently being used to sustain their lifestyle.
  • Shopper loyalty card to get a discount on groceries and fuel
  • Bank accounts where Social Security checks are being deposited.
  • Life and Health insurance premiums that are being paid by mail, or directly withdrawn from the bank account.
  • State issued Driver’s License.
  • State issued License Plates.
  • State issued Vehicle Registrations.
  • Cell-Phone accounts to stay in touch with the kids.
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on…..

Are these people really that paranoid to think that a halfway decent skip-tracer or investigator couldn’t locate them? Even a newbie could find these people in less than 1-hour.

I try to convey to them in the most polite manner that GOD has decreed what would occur during the end times—there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it, an hiding out will not help them one single bit. The only thing that anyone is able to do, is to mitigate the risk to themselves, and to get right with GOD first!

But is the paranoia justified when you arrange certain bits and pieces of information together; probably not. It goes back to the fear mongering that has occurred since the debacle of Y2K. A time when 500-Billion dollars were spent on survival gear and essential equipment. Ever notice how many on-line survival stores are selling cheap imported Chinese survival junk these days? That is the primary reason for all of the fear mongering—Profit.

Having said that—there are however some areas of concern that needs to be address. It boils down to the apathetic crowd of malcontents that have neither the time or inclination to step into the voting booth. These are the “yuppies” of the world that could care less about voting, yet are the first to scream at the top of their lungs when the internet is restricted. A generations of “Gimme Mine” that haven’t paid the price for their liberty, or so-called social freedoms.




It also includes other people of my own age group that don’t vote on issues locally, or on the national level. But they are willing to got to war over the right to own firearms, yet never do anything other than rant and rave on the internet when it comes to political activism.

“Lemme’ see if I got this right; you are willing to lock and load for bear, but you won’t step into the voting booth to make you voice heard FIRST…


“Ballots Before Bullets!”; that should be the rally cry…


I worries me that so many survivalist have adapted this mindset. That they are willing to abandon their homes, throw away their constitutional rights, and head for the hills at the first sign of trouble. Who will hold the line, if that is the case? Wouldn’t the better plan be to stand-up for what is your belief and rights?

It’s time to remove the mask that you falsely think are hiding you. They really aren’t doing anything for you, other than to attract attention to yourself.

It’s time to STOP being afraid to be an American. It’s time to understand that everyone in this country has a choice, and a say in the way things are done. It’s time to also understand that THIS means getting off the internet and marching downtown to the nearest voting booth—vote these monkeys out of office at both the local, and national levels.






Are You Still Afraid?



I’m Not!

“And I wrote the book on Resistance…”


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