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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pacific Ring Of Fire:


Flash News: The Yellowstone Caldera has just erupted: you have 3 To 5-Hours before the ash clouds arrive.

  • All air traffic is grounded.
  • The transportation industry has just came to screeching halt.
  • Major manufacturers have temporarily shut-down their operations.
  • Retail stores across the country begin sending their workers home.
  • Small business owners close their doors—some forever.
  • The State National Guard has been activated to protect critical infrastructure.
  • FEMA declares an impending national emergency.
  • Utility companies slowly begin to shut down the grid to “Non-Essential” customer, or face loosing transformers.
  • Cell-Phone Service providers and wireless carriers temporarily shut down their towers.
  • All Fire Fighters, Police officers, EMT’s, and First Responders are called-in for extended operations.
  • Grocery Stores and Super-Markets are immediately flooded with throngs of panic-buyers. The shelves are emptied.
  • Schools and Universities send students home, and lock the doors.
  • Surplus and Outdoors Stores sell out of survival food and gas masks.
  • Gas Stations do a record business as generator fuel is snapped-up by panicked buyers--Fuel Tanks are drained.
  • Fearing collapse; Banks limit the amount their customers can withdraw—Long lines outside of each banking center.
  • Hardware stores do record business—then immediately close their doors.
  • Ammunition prices triples as stocks dwindle and then disappear altogether.


1-Hour Before The Ash Clouds Arrive:

  • The Governor orders all non-essential agencies and departments to shut down.
  • Financial Systems suspend trading, worldwide stocks plunge.
  • Banks and ATM’s are shutdown.
  • Water and Sewage companies are forced to shut-down their system in an effort to protect the pumps.


Survival Perspective:

  • Ash covers everything up to a depth of three feet.
  • Seasonal rains mix with the volcanic ash; creating “ashcrete”.
  • Buildings collapse.
  • Utility poles buckle.
  • Road surfaces become dangerously slick.
  • Respiratory illnesses triple.
  • Eye contamination injuries on the rise.
  • Stalled cars and trucks clog inner-city traffic flow.
  • Household and Family pets choke to death inhaling the ash particulates.
  • Power and Telephone lines snap.
  • Computer systems not protected overheat and start fires.
  • Household air filters quickly clog. Furnace and AC units overheat and fail.
  • Residential fires spread quickly.
  • Water mains fail—supply terminated.
  • Stream, ponds, and rivers are contaminated with ash. Thousand of marine life die.
  • Birds, rodents, and other animals suffer—many perish.
  • Nuclear Winter has set-in.
  • Catastrophic Crops failure is imminent.
  • Ambient temperatures quickly drop—the agricultural industry fails.
  • Jails and Prisons manned by a limited number of Correctional Staff; Uprising occurs, streets flooded with thugs.

Two Weeks After Eruption:

  • Police unable to quell rising tide of violence.
  • Theft, robberies, home-invasions out of control.
  • State Governor tells citizens to “Deal With It” as necessary.
  • FEMA establishes “Food Distribution Centers”; it takes hours to get an MRE and drinking water.
  • Vigilante Justice becomes a harsh reality.



What’s Your Plan…?



Can you live off the land now?

Can you hunt, trap, or fish during all of this?

Can you protect what is yours all by yourself?

Do you have enough food, water, and supplies to last three months?

Do you have a network of friends that you can count on?

Can you generate your own electricity?

Do you have generator fuel stockpiled?

Have you thought about generator spare parts, air and oil filters, spark plugs, motor oil, belts and such?

Do you have a means to communicate with others?

How will you cook your meager food supplies?

Do you have enough toilet paper stockpiled?

How will you deal with sewage in your house?

Do you have the means and equipment to decontaminated water?

Do you have the skills necessary to treat an upper-respiratory illness due to ash inhalation?

What happens when your medical prescription runs out?






You Look Out The Window






It’s Starting To Snow Outside Now…


( Things Just Took Another Radical Left Turn! )



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