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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PERSPECTIVE: Did Obama Really Say What Everyone Said That He Said?


Or is this yet another fine example of sensationalism for the sole purpose of self-promotion, advertising, and hits on a webpage…?

Man; I’m starting to feel like I have to explain the actions of the Obama administration, and sometimes it feels like I am defending the people that would harm us the most; but I gotta’ tell you people that this “show” was everything that one would expect in a “television show” designed to get people excited and/or riled up. All of the necessary elements were present: Doom, Gloom, Fear, Misrepresentation, Lies, Innuendos, and more shallow-baseless facts that Jimmy Baker’s old church down in the bible belt.

Here’s the scoop according to Rachel Maddow:

She contends that under Obama’s new “Rule Of Law” American citizens charged with a “Pre-Crime” could be locked-up indefinitely by the administration. She goes on to make her case by showing  clips of Obama saying this, and Obama saying that. She weaves an intricate tale of horror along with a short clip from “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruz.


This particular video clip is 7:42 minutes long. It’s relatively short when compared to other clips on this subject, but nonetheless—the bullshit would even make the most devious con-artist cringe, and laugh at the same time. It is a pretty slick piece of work that suggests one thing, that actually means something different altogether.

So lets cut right to the chase: Is Obama Saying American Citizens Will Be Tossed In Jail Indefinitely?

Obama’s Announcement About American Prolonged Detention

If you support, or are a member of Al-Qaeda or one if it’s sister organizations that kills Americans and Westerners across the globe.

In the short clip below, Obama lays it down without much confusion as to why he initiated this bill—and surprisingly I agree with it.

Plots, Schemes, And Lies By The Media

This bill is an “Anti-Terrorist” bill that is deigned to make America just a little safer, and keep the mid-eastern terrorists at bay just a little longer. The keywords here are: Distant Lands, Crowded Cities, and Training Camps.  It points directly at Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So all you people out there have once again---been duped and to made to look silly by these sly charlatans of the media. When will you ever learn…

By The Way: I really hate defending Obama—but COME ON people; Think your own thoughts, and stop being led around by the bullshit from these self propagating and self-promoting fear mongers.

Coffefication is the name of the person that posted this video. I pulled up the YouTube page and went through the list of videos. Same old stuff found everywhere else—nothing original. Nothing newsworthy.

A quick Google-Search found so much stuff posted by this “person” under the name “Coffeefication”, that for a minute I was thinking that this person must be an advertising and marketing genius. Then I realized it PROBABLY IS a marketing program designed to get the video out there. Hits equal pennies, and pennies equal cash—Somebody wants to make some Christmas Cash real bad!

This is just a partial listing where the links are popping up:

Do your own search and see for yourself…


At the end of the video I noticed this little gem of information..


A quick search turned up some information about who the people behind this video really are. Talk about a diverse mix of personalities and education. BUT—many of these staff writers and personalities are current, or former contributors, to The Huffington Post; the mecca for just about all of America’s Socialists and Marxists. Hey—don’t take my word for it; here’s the link to their staff website:


Conspiracy Theories abound out there. It’s all about greed folks. Since you aren’t forking out your hard earned cash for whatever the hell their website is hawking, they get paid through advertising programs. You just made the commies and socialists just a little bit richer…

Isn’t it about time that you stopped living vicariously through other people’s morbid fantasies….?

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