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Monday, December 5, 2011

SURVIVAL TIP: Emergency Food Supplies



It’s rather disappointing to read articles, and watch videos showing people that have little or no food in their Bug Out Bag. A ton of ammunition, but no life saving food. I’m thinking that these people are in for a very rude awakening when SHTF…..

I use a CFP-90 (Combat Field Pack) that was purchased for around $50.00 It’s probably one of the most rugged backpacks that I have ever used—say nothing about all of the “shtuff” this pack will carry. But, before I even snapped-on the first canteen or external pouch; the first thing that I did, was to fill it with food. For me there is no other way. Everything else comes second to the food supply.


I learned a long time ago that all the fancy gear and gadgets don’t mean squat unless your belly is full.  I’ve been hungry before, and I know what it’s like to be hungry for days, and days. The body’s metabolism starts to break down, and so does the capacity to think clearly.

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Protection

When I put together a Bug Out Bag, these four elements are all that I care about. Everything else is just a waste of time until I have squared-away the food that I will require out there.

In the upper right hand corner of the picture (above) you will see 10-MRE’s. That means ten days worth of food for one person, or five days for two. That’s enough sustainability to keep me humping through the worst situations that I can imagine.


If you look slightly to the left of the MRE’s; you will see a white Plastic Bag: The bag contains the rest of my food supplies. I now have the capacity to remain in the field, and eat well over the next 28 to 30 days.

Special Introduction Chapter One-Food Supplies


Special Introduction Chapter Two-Food Supplies

I’ve been asked by other people why I carry so much food. Simple: Because I realize that during a SHTF scenarios it will be next to impossible; to stop and hunt, as well as build a fire to actually cook the food. Besides the simple fact that if I am forced to Bug Out; I will have a destination that has food, water, gear, and other supplies waiting on me. As I’ve said before—don’t become a “wandering victim” by having no place to Bug Out to. even worse; don’t think about heading out into the bush unless you have food. You are just asking for trouble.


The Secret:

Get a paper and pen and write down Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in three columns.

Now start with Day #1 and plan the three meals that you will consume the first day.



In the example above; I have laid out a two day meal supply. This is based on one person for two days. the food can actually be made to last much longer, but nothing beats a full belly at the end of a hard day humping through the woods. Been There-Done That!

folding stove

Cooking The Food:

I don’t like to rely on propane or alcohol stoves for my own survival situations. The use of fuels make’s you vulnerable to disaster. Run out of fuel, and you are screwed. Break a fuel canister inside of the rucksack, and your going to have a stinking mess in the one place that you don’t need it.

I have the new Fire Jelly, since the gov’ment did away with the heat tabs that comes with this stove. But I never rely on just one source of fuel—I also make my own fuel tinder.


using a cotton ball, I dip it into some hot wax, and then wrap in a small aluminum foil square. One cotton ball will burn for more than 30-minutes. It not only provides heat/flame to boil water, but it also serves as a source of light and heat during the cold winter months. Cotton balls and Vaseline jelly works—but they will dry out and become ineffective. get some real wax at a hobby store. On the flip side, a stove like this can be used with small twigs, tree bark, and leaves. There is the element of a security risk, but I have boiled water for my evening meals using dried birch bark. Worked like a charm too.



Watch the two videos above. I explain my reasoning behind all of this, and attempt to make people understand the necessity for humping around an emergency food supply. Don’t get caught-up in that “Live Off The Land” bullshit. That works AFTER something has happened, not during a crisis that sends you heading for the hills.

If the situation is serious enough to force me leave the comfort of my home, and drag my family through the woods under dangerous conditions; I damned sure will have to make sure that they are fed. We may not eat like Kings—but I won’t have the added stress of trying to hunt, fish, or look for wild edibles out there. I can keep moving towards my destination. and remain as quiet and out of sight as possible.

Remember: If you are bugging out; other people will be out there with you. Maybe some of them didn’t bring any food supplies because they tried to live off the land, and then when they become hungry enough—your gunshot to bag that fresh meat will draw them right into your area. That’s a No-Win situation.




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