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Friday, January 6, 2012

Survival Perspective: Lonewolf Survivalists At Risk


Survival planning necessitates having the ability to grasp the actuality of the threats one is facing in the future. Then through careful analysis of these threats; an affirmative response is established which minimizes the exposure to that risk.

Throughout the years that I have been involved in survivalism, it's been rare to see discussions on internet forums regarding the vulnerability of the lone-survivalist who is facing an organized- heavily armed street gang during a survival situation. As a matter of fact; I can probably count those discussions on one hand.

Street gangs are present in every major metropolitan cities in the US. Even small town USA is home to loosely organized-but nationally affiliated gangs whose reputation and stature among Law Enforcement are well know.

From a historical context, it's easy to see that mankind is one of the cruelest creatures on the planet. The propensity towards violence is always elevated during a crisis. Bad times brings bad people from out of the shadows of society. This is an undeniable fact that cannot be minimized or ignored by the survival community.
In terms of defense against these gangs, the only conceivable defense centers around the "small group" scenario. Small groups stand a much better chance against armed assaults by criminal gangs; depending on the number of assailants, tactical proficiency, and leadership within both groups.

The "Lonewolf Survivalist" will find themselves in a serious life and death situation when confronted by street gangs during a SHTF event. Something as innocent as driving down the wrong street could result in sudden and unexpected violence. Again; historically the Los Angeles riots are living proof of that theory.

Along America’s unprotected southern borders, a series of events have occurred in the last two years that should make every survivalist in that region sit-up straight and take a very hard look at their survival planning. With the recent news blast about the Mexican drug cartels pushing their product through the deserts; and the news of ATF’s firearms debacles; has clouded the real issues on America borders of heavily armed gangs working their way north into the heartland of America. Their not coming to get jobs at fast-food franchises, or pick tomatoes in the farm fields; they are coming to establish their own brand of gang warfare—the spoils are “Gringo Dollars”…








The picture above represent a treasure-trove of military weapons that were interdicted by the Mexican Federal Police. All of the weapons are military grade armaments. Look closely, and its easy to spot the grenades, Motorola radios, ballistic vests, Kevlar helmets; and other equipment that would should have everyone stunned. The weapons cache was discovered right across the border within a stone’s throw of the border.

The media had little to say about this; their politically-correct media experts didn’t want the truth to be known in America. They focused instead on the guns that were flowing south into Mexico—instead of the guns that were seized on the southern borders.

  1. The Asian Triads control the drug manufacturing base in the Asian countries.
  2. The South American cartels control all the drugs grown in that area. They even have their own military force to insure the safety of their drug manufacturing fields; FARC—the military Arm of the Narco-Drug cartels in South and Central America. A heavily armed paramilitary group that is currently fighting their respective governments.
  3. Mexico is the distribution base for drugs coming in from around the world. The five major cartels don’t manufacture these drugs—they just move it north into America. The Mexican cartels ONLY job is to insure that their part of the drug distribution network is maintained and the flow of drugs remain uninterrupted.
  4. The drugs are then sold to criminal enterprises across America. These are the Drug Barons that pump all the drugs onto the streets.
  5. American street gangs are the ones that actually perform the job of selling it on the streets. The major street gangs, and major biker club,s are the leading edge of the distribution system. The “Point Of Sale” in a long line of criminal organizations dealing in drugs, prostitution, illegal guns, armaments, and munitions.
  6. Criminal organizations in America already have enough money and power. The only way to insure that they remain in business, and are able to protect themselves from rivalry—is to arm themselves better than the next gang emerging onto the scene.
From a pure survival perspective; these interrelated events seem pretty inconsequential in their separate states. But when combined with crisis scenario, the events could take a very radical, and very violent left-turn when the lights go out, and the police are at home taking care of their own families. When there is no Rule Of Law, and no consequences for criminal activities—those that have lights shining in their Bug Out Location will be targeted, along with the solo-survivalist trying to make I out of the cities.

The likelihood of gang warfare against lonewolf survivalists is exponentially increased as the crisis unfolds. Those survivalist that continue to attempt to maintain their own equilibrium against the odds—will suddenly find themselves out numbered, out gunned, and probably over powered by well armed street gangs and criminal enterprises.

Consider This: Most of America’s Medal Of Honor Winners were presented that award posthumously. I haven’t met a real Rambo yet. It’s doubtful that one man could even begin to comprehend the magnitude of valor that would be needed to face down a dozen machinegun armed thugs slipping down the driveway—and live to talk about it afterwards.


Get to know your neighbors. Forge the alliances that might save your life someday real soon. You absolutely do not have the capacity to do this all by yourself. Get Organized, Get Prepared, Get Trained; and Get Righteous With God…

Here is A Good Place To Start: North American Survival Alliance