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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Survival Situational Awareness: Victims Fight Back Against Despotic Regime

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It’s been all over the news for months; Syrian rebel forces are fighting to overthrow the country’s despotic tyrant. Normal (everyday) people are getting fed-up with being controlled by petty dictators who rule with an iron fist.

But the situation in Syria goes far beyond what is being reported by the talking-heads of news networks: China, Russia, Iran, and Lebanon all have a vested interests in the events occurring in Syria today.

RUSSIA: The Soviet Union is the leading supplier of arms, munitions, and combat vehicles for the Bashar Assad’s regime. The Central Committee also views Syria as their last military presence in the mid-east region. One of their prime objectives for supporting the Assad regime is due largely to the Soviet’s long standing defiance against NATO’s missile shield.

Throughout the last century, Russia has been arming, training, and brokering deals with America’s hostile enemies. They are the worlds largest supporter of global terrorism. The cold war might have ended among the major news networks, but the truth is most evident since Vladimir Putin began restructuring of the Soviet Military, as well as its foreign policies.

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Even though it may seem like “All Is Quiet On the Western Front”; make no mistake about it—Russia is actively at the forefront of maintaining its desire to make the word communist. Russia Delivers Missile System To China

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In the coming months we will see where this situation leads us. I am of the opinion that the events in Syria are the beginning of something terrible; a creature that has been asleep for decades is now only just arising.