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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Situational Alert:


President Obama today shut-off Iran’s capability to export their oil to other countries, and promised swift financial actions against countries that ignore these UN sanctioned actions.

[ Details can be found here:  Obama sets stage for tough new sanctions targeting Iran’s oil  ]

In earlier articles I have warned that increased sanctions against Iran could lead to fifth column attacks against America and it’s allies. I am concerned about the possibilities that Iranian Special Forces teams located in America, could undertake actions against civilians, and perhaps America’s oil production system.


I am advising that everyone maintain a situational awareness through the next few weeks. as this situation develops, it could suddenly intensify with little or no warning.


The Israeli Defense Forces are prepared to initiate a strike against Iran at the first sign of Scuds or missile emanating from that area.


Folks; the world will not be safe until the madmen in Tehran have their nuclear toys taken away.


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