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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Operational Security For Survivalists



Operational Security:

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 – All Rights Reserved

Considering all of the news laws bouncing around within the justice department, the growing trend among survivalists, seems to be a gradual withdrawal from mainstream survivalism; whereby many of the groups are headed underground, and off the radar.


Or so they think….


The fact remains that every Facebook page, every website, and every internet forum has already been infiltrated, should come as no surprise to anyone. It’s how they operate these days. The problem stems from several different factors, most of which can be directly tied to a very simple premise: Many militia groups are actively portraying themselves as a survival group.


Additionally; Facebook is deluged with a boatload of individual preppers claiming to be survivalists, but their avatar/picture depicts something entirely different. One cannot claim to be a survivalist, and then post pictures of themselves brandishing assault rifles, flying the Gadsden Flag, or sporting the 3% Patch. This is the single-most contradictory element that quickly arouses the attention of the various investigative agencies, and sends a clear signal to the general public that all survivalists are militia, and all militia are thus survivalists.


If you are claiming to be a survivalist, and consequently have Facebook friends that belong to a militia group; it would seem obvious that you are sympathetic to the militia ideologies. You will be judges by the associations that you maintain.


If your Facebook page is chock full of anti-government tirades, or you post anti-government statements; then it’s perfectly clear that you are anti-government. Thus, you pose a threat to those in power, and perpetuate the problems in, and of itself.


As I have stated in hundreds of articles over the past several years; it’s okay to hate the government, it’s okay to be militia oriented, and it’s even okay to stockpile supplies, arms, and ammunition. But what will quickly get a checkmark beside your name, is if that is ALL THAT YOU POST, and nothing else.

I have nothing against militia, as a matter of fact, I wrote one of the most controversial resistance books (The Lonewolf Resistance Manual) a few years ago that got a huge checkmark beside my name. But, I used my real name, and continue to do so—because I am not afraid to say what I mean, stand up for what I believe in, and I will absolutely not slink away in fear for my political views. That would be in contradiction to what I personally believe in. It would make me less than a Man, and that will never happen. I have no false assumptions that I have a nice warm cell awaiting me, and that the “Men In Black” would dearly love to beat my ass with rubber hoses. Yet, I am cognizant that I am responsible for my own actions, and thus equally prepared for whatever the future may hold for me.

I am not afraid to call myself a survivalist, because that is the absolute truth. I have no fear of what I do, or what I will do when SHTF, because everything that I do is above reproach, and within the tenants of survivalism.

There is no need for me to wear a mask to hide my identity, nor do I feel the need to threaten the government or elected leaders. None of my survival plans are offensive in nature, nor will I ever make plans to fight other Americans. GOD will take care of those when the time comes. –Make no mistake about it; the time is coming soon. 2500 years ago everything that is happening in the world was foretold, and revealed to mankind in the Holy Bible. There is not anything that can be done about it. We are all victims to it in one way or another. The best that we can hope for, is to be right with GOD, and to prepare ourselves and our families for the tribulations that will soon arrive.


My survival plans dictate that I lead my family and friends to a safe place where we can maintain some semblance of our former lives. That doesn’t include executing Hit & Run tactics against the perceived enemy, or blowing up buildings—it means that I, and those that I surround myself with, do what is necessary to remain safe, well fed, and out of harm’s way.

But, should we experience a situation that forces our hands in another direction; all bets are off, and then let the chips fall where they may. I call that TOTAL WAR. It means that every man, woman, and child fights to the death for what they believe in. A perfect example would be Poland 1933 when Hitler and Stalin attacked that small country from opposing sides. Every man, woman, and child armed themselves to protect their family, and then their country.

I see it this way; as more and more people become aware of the frightening aspects of what we will face in the coming years, it becomes clear that their fright has turned to anger—because they feel helpless. They understand the forces that are allied against them, but have come to understand that they alone can little impact the outcome. Others use this as an excuse to live out some morbid fantasy that sees them as the last hope for mankind—saving the women and children from the armies of darkness; marching victorious into Washington DC as the last standing heroes of the republic.

But, reality commands that they alone have neither the capacity, or the resources to actually accomplish anything other than to get themselves killed. They will probably get their family and friends killed as well.


How can anyone claim to stand for the Bill of Rights, when they won’t even get off their lazy-complacent apathetic ass and head for the voting booth…!


So why are there so many people calling themselves survivalists prepared to fight other Americans?

Because they are just repeating the diatribe of profiteers who seek to inflame and outrage the masses with their delusional hoopla that has little merit, and even less credibility. They cite case after case, and example after example—yet fail to invoke the true spirit of the “why’s and how’s” of their self-sustaining propaganda. These are the worst of the worst, and I hold them responsible for the mass-paranoia so-prevalent within the survival movement today. But, I also hold responsible those which have bought into this bullshit, and spread it further outwards because they have been “spoon fed” these lies, innuendos, and half-truths.


Here’s Is The Straight and Narrow Truth—whether you believe it or not…!

ü There are more of us, than them…

ü They have neither the manpower, or the resources, to arrest, detain, and judge every survivalists in the country today…

ü There isn’t enough bed space in all of the federal properties to adequately house forty five million people, nor do they have enough guards to keep all of them locked up…

ü They don’t care how many weapons or bullets that you have, unless you begin to post anti-government bullshit on the internet…

ü If you wear a mask, and call yourself a survivalist, then it’s your own fault when they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night…

ü If your Facebook page has tons of militia and resister friends, then you will be judged by the company that you keep… (Pretty Simple Equation To Digest)

ü The Rapture and Tribulation will occur, and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it…

ü There is unequivocally no need to threaten the federal government, or its leadership, with harm, or force of arms. Keep your dumb ass mouth shut and go about your own business. IF and WHEN the time comes that you are forced to do something—that will be the time to threaten them, not before…

ü All your stupid ass ranting, threats, and raving accomplish nothing. Zip! Nada! It inflames the masses, and makes you look like a fool—say nothing of the people that know you personally, and on-line…

ü When the “Men In Black” surround your house in the middle of the night; turn off the juice, and blow through your door to stick a MP-5 sub-machinegun in your face--you are going to lay down on the floor and do “exactly” what they tell you. You are just bullshitting yourself if you think otherwise…

ü If you think that running away into the woods will provide you a safe haven—Say the following phrase to yourself until you remember it: “That Predator Missile Is Going To’ Ruin My Fucking Day…!”

ü The government has several divisions of highly trained Special Forces troops that will eat you alive, and not blink afterwards. You aren’t Rambo buddy!


That my friends is the absolute truth. Either believe it, or not. I could care less either way. All of this horseshit conspiracy theories is nothing but fluff. There is no place in the survival movement for fantasies. There is no place for anarchists, rogue paramilitary groups, and unquestionably no place for people that are “weak-in-the-head” that buy into that line of horseshit.



Operational Security For Survivalists:

Don’t Used Encryption Technologies

Don’t Threaten The Government

Don’t Hide Behind A Mask

Never Say Anything That You Will Regret Later

Watch Who You Associate Yourself With

Keep Everything Legal and Above Board

Surround Yourself With People That Share The Above Views



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“I Ain’t Skeeered…!”