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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Survival Test: Super Volcano



Survival Test:

Yellowstone (Super Volcano) Eruption

By Franke Schein

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



At 11:18 pm seismic detectors located through Yellowstone National Park indicate that a massive earthquake swarm continues to increase with each hour. Hot springs and fumarole temperatures swing upwards, Large swatches of land immediately rise, while other areas sink into the ground creating large holes.

National Geological Survey Agencies remain quiet, though a steady stream of government vehicles begin pouring into the area. Base camps are established as far away as Rock Springs and Evanston Wyoming.

At approximately 02:21 AM local time; Yellow Stone Caldera erupts with frightening consequences.

Fiery boulders the size of semi-trucks are blown skywards. The initial eruptions sends massive amounts of thick ashes 18-Miles into the skies.

The resultant Pyroclastic flow wipes out every city within 100-miles around the volcano. Roads, bridges, houses, and millions of acres of woodlands are instantly vaporized—along with several hundred thousand people. Wildfires rage across large portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Smoke clouds darken the skies in those areas.

Within hours the ashes begin drifting downwards into the unaffected areas 300 miles away. Already the countryside is blanketed in 14-inches of volcanic ash. Scientists predict that most of central America will begin experiencing ash fall within twelve hours.

As the eruption continues unabated, the ashes reach into the upper trade winds, sending dark clouds heading towards Europe. All airlines cancel their flights, maritime shipping comes to a halt, and life on the planet slowly begins to wind-down in anticipation of what is yet to come.

Survival Test:

1.) What are the short and long term consequences of a Yellowstone Caldera eruption, and how would it affect you, and the people in your area?

2.) What preparations have you taken to counter this imminent threat?

3.) If you are unfortunate enough to live within 600 miles of Yellowstone, what will you do to save your life?

4.) What is the safest area in the United States during a Super Volcano eruption, such as Yellowstone?

5.) Do you feel that this scenario will affect you personally?



Yeelowstone Caldera