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Friday, November 23, 2012


In the last year we have watched (on television) as the current administration has assisted various “Rebel” groups to overthrow their Islamic Rulers. Financial aid, weapons, and even air strikes have helped

to get rid of Dictators in several different countries. A prime example would be (the former and much dead) Libyan dictator Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.


The problem is very simple, once certain fundamental aspects can be grasped:

1.) Each of those countries were ruled by a dictator, that brought a small sense of cohesion to the countries wild-headed Jihadists.

2.) Dictators like Gaddaffi were both loved, and despised by his countrymen. But the one irrefutable fact is that he kept them ALL in check.

3.) The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t like Gaddaffi at all, because he wouldn’t allow them into his countries political process.

4.) Obama helps the Muslim Brotherhood overthrow Gaddaffi, and installs the same terrorist group that killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat (for making peace with Israel)

5.) Without an Iron-Fisted Dictator, those small Islamic countries would have already been part of the world wide terror network of the Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, and Al Qaida.




In rapid succession, the United States provides aid to other small Islamic countries amid their own civil wars. News footage of burning cars, dead babies, and atrocities filled our nightly news channels with an

never-ending plethora of violence filled scenes.


But Was It All In the name of Democracy, Or Is There Another More Sinister Reason Behind This….?



“”The Future Must Not Belong To Those That Slander The Prophet Of Islam”

—Obama speaking to the United Nations General Assembly


Would you consider it a coincidence that The Muslim Brotherhood said the same thing…?


Even the most illogical mind, could grasp the significance of this without to much contemplation…