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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Survival Planning: Doing A Real Bug Out


Ever hear the term” He’s Book Smart--but dumb as hell” That could apply to a lot of the survival planning that I see going-on out there in cyber-world. It sometimes makes me laugh, other times I just have to shake my head and move-on to the next video that I’m watching, or the next article that I’m reading…

Take a moment to log into the YouTube website and do a search for “Bug Out”. You could literally spend the next week watching these videos. Some are providing really good information that actually makes sense, others are just a bunch of grown-up-kids playing in front of the camera trying to impress their friends…


Over the years I have watched thousands of survival related videos. But, just once I would like to see a video that lays it down with  a real perspective on real survivalism. I wish these types of people would get over their fascination with assault rifles and military gear; and just show how to survive out there in the wilds when SHTF.


I don’t know how many times that I have tried to make people understand the necessity of having a good survival plan, a decent food supply, and a Bug Out location that is their destination. But as usual, some of these people can’t get it through their heads because their all to wrapped-up in collecting gear that may never be used, or is likely to fail when they need it the most.

Hey—it’s not that I consider myself an authority, but I have been doing this stuff longer than some of these people have been alive. I think that counts for something. The difference is this; I actually go out into the woods (without my camera) and practice my survival plans and skills.

Spending the night in the wilds of Alaska when the temperatures dip down into the double-digit (below) zero isn't unusual. I use the things that I carry on my back, and besides a small flashlight, there is nothing battery operated, or anything that requires a can of fuel.


Here in Alaska the winter are seven months long. There are periods where the temperatures rise into the 30’s ad 40’s—and that makes for a pleasant day. But nonetheless; my plans are based upon the fact that if something happens, it will probably be in the dead of winter when it’s severely cold out there.


At my Safe Area I have everything that my family and I will need when things go south. But the primary focus has always been on actually getting there during a crisis. I’ve developed routes, alternate routes, and backup plans for every facet of my survival plans. Up here, you can’t leave anything to chance, the plans and strategies have to be rock solid—or you die…

  • 5-7 Days Emergency Food Supply
  • CFP-90 Rucksack
  • Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Folding Espit Stove & Heat Tabs
  • Arctic Canteens
  • Water Purification Filter
  • Ka-Bar Knife
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Lensatic Compass
  • Toiletries Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • 3-Piece Mess Kit
  • Emergency Fire Making Kit
  • Emergency Gear Repair Kit
  • Weapons Cleaning Kit


  • Gortex Parka
  • Gortex Bibs
  • Bunny Boots (-50)
  • Cold Weather Gloves
  • Polar-Tec Pants & Pullover
  • Fleece Facemask
  • Snow Goggles
  • Snow Shoes
  • ax Change Of Socks
  • 2x Extra Gloves


  • 12-Gauge Pump Shotgun
  • .44-Magnum Revolver
  • 10-Rounds of 2-3/4” Rifled Slugs
  • 10 Round of 2-2/3” OO-Buckshot
  • 24-Rounds Of 245 Grain .44-Magnum JRN

NOTE: When the seasons change—so does the contents of my Bug Out Bag. Everyone in my family has their own Bug Out Bag filled with similar gear and equipment. That way, if one of us perishes, the others won't be left out there twisting in the breeze. They carry their own firepower as well…


Useless Junk That I Don’t Carry:

Global Positioning Device: Don’t need it because I already know where I am going, and I have trudged through the boonies many times to become familiar with my routes into the Safe Area. Needs batteries.

Night Vision Device: Nights are for sleeping and resting, not playing GI Joe with battery-hungry goggles.

Wireless Perimeter Alarm: Hidden sleeping area and a very light sleeper: Needs batteries.

HAM Radio: Small hand-held 136-174 MHz—rarely used until near the perimeter.

Traps & Snares: Don’t plan on staying around long enough to hunt or trap.

Fishing Kit: Lakes and streams are frozen; and don’t want to waste time fishing.

Tents: When they get wet, they freeze, and then I’ll be carrying a pop-cycle in the rucksack.

Folding Shovels: Don’t want to have to dig my way into anything.

Camper’s Saw: No time or inclination to saw things; and to noisy as well.

Machete: Makes to much noise, and is pretty heavy to hump around.

Grappling Hook: For what?

Bullet-Proof Vest: Weighs more than what I want to carry, and isn’t gonna’ stop a shotgun blast to the head.

Knee-Pads: I learned how to walk upright as a young child.


The whole object and reasons for a BUG OUT is to escape and evade from whatever the hell is threatening you. Bad Guys with guns won’t stop to hunt, fish, and trap when they are coming for you. Likewise, these skill-sets are for long-term survival not bugging out of an area.


During my bug out I certainly won’t be alone. My family will be right beside me…I don’t consider myself the last HERO of mankind staving-off the hordes of commie paratroopers that have parachuted into my AO to enslave us. That means my plans have to be rock solid, and based on reality—not junior explorer boy scout fantasies.


There is only one job that I must perform: Get them into the Safe Area where the rest of my group is waiting on us. Accomplish this WITHOUT attracting attention or letting my presence be know. I’m going to sneak through the woods as quickly and as quietly as possible. Staying away from danger areas, and keeping off the trails. The food will be hot, but you will never smell smoke or see a flame. The sleeping bags will keep us warm, and my choice of camps will be in areas that are inhospitable to people trying to sneak-up on us.

My weapons are for defense, and to help us get out of trouble—not going to war with everyone that I encounter.


That my friends is how I plan to BUG OUT when SHTF….





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