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Friday, December 2, 2011

Survival Test: Do you have what it takes?



The tensions in the Mideast are rapidly escalating. Israel's Prime Minister calls for a bi-partisan United Nations investigation into claims that Lebanon's Hezbollah has acquired soviet chemical munitions from Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Several European countries, as well as the US cabinet quickly condemn the use of chemical weapons. Much saber rattling ensues over the course of two weeks.


A team of covert Hezbollah operatives infiltrate into the heart of Jerusalem, detonating a chemical weapon. 200 Israeli's die as a result of the explosion. Within minutes Israel's Civilian Defense Minister urges Israeli citizens to take precautionary measures against the introduction of biological and chemical attack.

The Israeli Defense Forces launch a massive missile barrage into Lebanon. IDF Fighter aircraft sweep across the desert to drop their heavy-ordinance payloads into Lebanon's major cities. Paratroopers seize key Hezbollah facilities and round-up Hezbollah leadership. American made M-1 Abrahams of the Israeli tank forces race across the desert towards the Lebanese borders. Helicopter gunships supporting Israeli troop-transport helicopters engage Hezbollah forces along the major highways leading into the heart of Beirut.



All across the globe there is outraged condemnation against Israel's punishing retaliatory strike into Lebanon. Vivid images of dead and dying Lebanese children quickly flood the news channels. Shaky videos emerge of IDF troops gunning down surrendering Hezbollah fighters.

The mid-east is once again embroiled in another major war...

Tension mount even higher as Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for the eradication of Israel; urging Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and other Islamic military powers to "Put an end to Israeli aggression".

Here in the US; the 82nd Airborne is placed on QRF (Quick Reaction Force) with a 4-hour recall. C-5, C-130, as well as C-141 aircraft are parked on the runways ready to go at a moment's notice.

The 5th Mechanized Infantry, along with other supporting elements begin preparations to deploy to the Mid-east theater. All across the US; military leaves and training exercise are cancelled, as the country ramps-up its war preparations.

Two Days Later:

Along the Golan Heights separating Israel from Syria, the armored and ground war reaches epic proportions as Jordanian and Syrian military units engage the Israeli s. The Negev desert of southern Israel once against is center-stage as Jordanian and Egyptian armored vehicles rumble across the Suez canal.


At 2:45 am a flight of Iranian Mig-30 Jet Aircraft streak across the Gulf Of Oman through Saudi Arabia. Armed with the latest Soviet built sophisticated air-to-ground rockets, they pound Tel Aviv and Haifa with laser guided munitions.

A submarine launched tactical nuclear weapon is introduced by the Iranian navy; the loss of life is staggering. The smoking ruins of Hebron, Bethlehem, and Jericho are testament to violence playing out in the region.



America responds by deploying the 82nd Airborne Division, as well as two Naval Carrier Task-Forces. 4000 US marines flood through the Red Sea. Countless American fighter aircraft roar across the night skies in route to their assigned bombing targets.

Expatriated Iranians in America begin their fifth column attacks against major American cities. Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, and other American cities come under assault by elements of Iranian Special Forces trained loyalists.

Explosive devices detonate in shopping malls, schools, churches, and government centers. Electrical and telephone stations are destroyed, and the drinking water reservoirs are poisoned. Home-made anthrax and other viruses are introduced into the air--many succumb to the biological attack against civilian targets. Escalating gunfire rips through quiet neighborhoods. Police forces are unable to quell the rising tide of violence. State Guard troops are deployed to protect critical infrastructure, and to restore peace within controlled areas.

Martial Law is quickly declared--road blocks and check points pop-up seemingly within minutes. Private firearms are quickly seized--many Americans die in a hail of gunfire refusing to relinquish their guns.


State militia and resistance units muster against government forces. Violent clashes occur almost around the clock in every major city in the country.

Life on the streets of America has just taken a radical left turn...


The Test:

· Are you cognizant of how the events in the Mid-East affects life in America?

· What is the "Trigger" that predicates a response from you during these events?

· Considering the immediate disruption to America's supply-chain distribution system; would you have the capacity to feed yourself for an extended period of time?

· Do you have the ability and willingness to endure the harshness of a prolonged crisis?

· How would you react to an armed-incursion into your neighborhood by militant Iranian loyalist?

· When faced with State Guard troops demanding the surrender of your firearms; how will you react?

· If you are planning to Bug Out--do you have a Safe Area to evacuate to?

· Are you planning on Bugging Out yourself, or will others be accompanying you?

· Do you have the necessary supplies cached for such an emergency?

· If you are under doctor's care--how will you continue treatment?

· Have you considered the physiological impact such an event could have on your children?

· Are you actually prepared for this type of scenario?



This test doesn't have any right or wrong answers. It's designed to get you to start thinking in terms of reality based survival strategies. If you think that this scenario is far-fetched; then I would offer that you haven't taken the time to explore the existential threats that we as a country face. Take a very close look at the World Events that are occurring at this very moment; and you will quickly understand the significance of how such a scenario might play-out in real world situations.

Fundamentally there is absolutely nothing that you and I can do about the events in the Mid-East. We are all victims to one degree, or another. What we can do, is to prepare our families for these eventualities, and do our very best to make contact with people that share our views and opinions.

This means "shucking" those ill-conceived notions about Bugging Out and living off the land. That might work for awhile--but at some point you will have to resupply yourself. Those that use this "crutch" are in for a very rude awakening when SHTF. They will either perish in a few weeks, or somebody's gonna' put a bullet into their chest when they are caught stealing from other survivalists.

Take the time to walk across the street and get to know your neighbors. Form alliances with like-minded people that agree to band-together during a crisis. You cannot do this alone. There is safety and strength in numbers--small groups have a much better chance at surviving a crisis, than the "lone wolf" survivalist does.

During these terrible times, you can only own the piece of real-estate that your feet occupy. There's always going to be people out there that are more violent. more intelligent in the ways of conflict, and more apt to take your life for a measly can of beef jerky. Human kind has always revert to this type of "survival" during adversities. Our history is filled with stories of these atrocities. Do not make the false assumption that you are immune to it.

This is the main reason that I started The Alaska Watchmen Group. During a crisis, I want to be surrounded by people that I can trust, and people that I can count on when SHTF. We talk on the phone, meet at the pizza parlor, and conduct classes and training sessions together. When things go radically south there's no doubt in my mind that Alaska watchmen will come together as a group. That is what we are all about. Our families are part of an extended family group. I would take a bullet for anyone in this group, and if a member dies during a crisis, their kids become my kids. That my friends is real survival--not internet based survival.

I urge each of you to consider this in the long-term perspective. There is no other way...



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