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Friday, January 13, 2012

Survival Perspective: Biological Terrorism


Tuberculosis and Cholera; two infectious diseases that have jumped the scientific gap developing into a Totally Drug Resistant strains which could be used as a WMD by jihadists in their ever-increasing war against the west.


Given that jihadists are willing to adorn themselves with explosive laden vests or belts, would it not then be prudent to assume that a suicide bomber would readily agree to be infected with a deadly form of a virus.

The Transportation Security Administration screens passengers and baggage for all kinds of things, but I’ve never heard of a medical screening or quarantine area for those travelers that could be carrying a deadly disease.

It wouldn’t be difficult for these jihadists to mastermind a devious plot that sends several of their agents onto international airlines. The mere fact that this contagion is not a threat that can be screened by machines, makes this type of biological warfare all the more plausible. A dozen jihadists could infect everyone that comes into contact with them at the airport, and within a few days those people could infect others. A sequence of events that could start a chain reaction across Europe, America, and the Western nations.

In recent days the internet news has reported two significant events related to this:

Totally Drug-Resistant Form of TB Emerging in Second Country

UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Superbug to Americas

America is AT RISK by terrorist that have learned how to adapt their style of warfare. These jihadists don’t necessarily all come from countries located in the Mideast—some of them are Caucasians immigrating from Yugoslavian countries and the Baltic states of the former USSR.



Here’s another one of these nefarious bastards that was arrested last week by the FBI because he wanted to kill Americans in his own version of Jihad against the “Big Satan” America.



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