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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Arrival Of 2012: What Can We Expect



The Mayans have been counting down to the year 2012 for centuries; as have many other societies, cultures, and religions. To many people around the world; the year 2012 has held a certain mystique, and for some, the arrival of an apocalyptic era that which brings with it chaos and death.

The most important events that will occur are the Inter-Galactic Planetary alignment, and the anticipated Solar storms of 2012. These two events are significant in their own respects, and when combined, could create some difficulties for all of us in the year ahead.


In a recent article Titled “2012 Worse Case Scenarios” I explored the different aspects of how these two events could play out; and quoted several sources to confirm my own research.

Galactic Alignment:

  • Coastal tides and/or water levels influenced
  • Strange animal behavior
  • Strange human behavior
  • Polar Magnetic field degradation
  • Potential increased seismic activity
  • Potential increased volcanic activity

2012 Solar Storms:

  • Disruption and/or degradation of wireless communication devices
  • Global Positioning System failures
  • Reduced radio-wave propagation (sun spot) activity
  • Increased Aurora Borealis activity
  • Potential Power Grid failure
  • Potential computer system failure

Is there a possibility that both of these events will coincide to wreck our world?” Nobody knows for sure—it’s all just guess work when you break it down into the elemental stages.


I do know this much:

  • The earth’s crust that we live on is only about fifty miles thick. Underneath all of that, is a mixture of rock, steel, and magma.
  • All of the world’s continents are literally surrounded by oceans.
  • All of the oceans have undersea volcanoes and hot-spots.
  • The Tectonic pates are constantly in motion.
  • All volcanoes are inter-connected by the magna-chamber which feeds the molten lava to the surface at enormous pressures.
  • If sea water is introduced to the lava—a violent eruption occurs.
  • Earthquakes are due to plate-shifts; and that in turn creates tsunamis that roar inland at 500 MPH.
  • Earthquakes generally follow fault-lines.
  • Fault-Lines create a conduit for earthquakes. They travel up and down the fault lines, in near sequence.
  • The coastal areas of the United States contains a large population that is AT RISK, regardless if something happens in 2012 or not. These events make it just a little more riskier for coastal dwellers.

There are many possibilities for these two events to lead us all down a path of destruction. Each event creates its own unique set of possibilities, and requires a unique response from a survival perspective. I tend to look at this things in a “Worse Case” scenario. Planning is accomplished along those lines…



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