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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Urban Survival Strategies

Urban Tactical Survival Strategies


  • A major crisis event has just erupted within your city.
  • News stations are reporting a radiological release has occurred thirty miles away.
  • Wind driven highly radioactive particulates are sweeping towards your city.
  • The fallout is expected to arrive in less than one hour.
  • All roads and highways leading out of the area have quickly become impassible due to traffic-gridlock.
  • Bridges leading across major rivers are totally blocked.
  • Small localized crime incidents begin to appear sporadically among the fleeing citizens.
  • Police are unable to control the flow of traffic, or the escalating crime wave.
  • Gasoline prices take a sharp upwards hike—many gas stations are already closed.



Your Personal Situation Is As Follows:

  1. Your car’s gas tank is registering 1/4-Tank full.
  2. Cell-Phone service is down due to massive overuse.
  3. Your child is in school near your home.
  4. Your spouse is at home.
  5. You are 25-Miles away at work.



The Bug Out Bag Book By Franke Schein



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