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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Survival Perspective: False Sense Of Security Kills


[ Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: “2012 The Beginning:” ]


I am in total awe of the survivalist out there that have undertaken the job of preparing their homes and families for long-term survivability. It's absolutely great to see these folks thinking outside of the box--but there's always the old adage of "Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket"; and in this case it holds true.

If you suddenly found yourself faced with the real possibility of having to leave the safety and comfort of your home; what impact would this have on your survival plans? Would you choose to remain in your home no matter what--or have you made plans to evacuate when the situation demands it?

Sadly, many survivalists will choose the "Shelter In Place" option because they probably have no choice, since they have "prepped" their home for survival--instead of themselves.

Getting ready for "The End" could mean any number of things. Each scenario has its own peculiarities, and each scenario offers different level of threats and dangers. It would be difficult to prepare for each eventuality--though not impossible.

No matter what scenario comes to mind; the recognition must be present that all preparations should be undertaken with the "worse case" concept. There can be no minimizing the truth, or outright denial of what could occur. This leads to fantasy based survival assumptions, instead of reality based survival plans.

The basic assumption of "I'll be alright, or, it won't happen to me"; lulls many into a false sense of security. It denies the omnipresent reality and challenges the universe. Thinking that one is immune from adversities, or somehow invulnerable to the effects of a crisis, is a foolish way to protect one's family. It leaves the doors wide-open for utter failure...

Just because the basement is full of food and supplies. Just because there are several topped-off fuel tanks, and just because every facet of long-term survivability has been considered--doesn't make the home's occupants impervious to ancillary effects of a crisis.

Having a Bug Out Location tucked away in the high mountains is great! There's no doubt this concept will work. But what happens when your BOL is discovered by sheer accident, or pure luck? Imagine how you would have to react when faced with a single mother dragging along three hungry kids, or several heavily armed thugs that noticed your electric lights, or smoke emanating from the fireplace?

These are very real possibilities that one could face in future events. Adopting the "Bunker Mentality" is one of the sure-fire ways to greet this new age with an entirely adversarial approach.

The fact is; that there are people out there that will burn your house down when you don't give them what they ask for. There are also people forming small groups out there (right now) that are training in military tactics. In both of these cases, your BOL may be compromised by virtue of just being visible. Unless you have additional help in protecting what is yours, there is a very good chance that all of these survival preparations will either go up in smoke, or you will not live to enjoy them. One simply has to look back into other crisis situation in our history, and learn the bare naked truth about how evil and desperate humanity becomes when SHTF.

To me personally; these long-term plans are based upon the "Sustainability" concept that allows a family to continue the perpetuity of a normal life--AFTER AN EVENT. Preparations must be undertaken to survive the initial event creating the crisis....

  • Chemical Event
  • Radiological Event
  • Biological Event

The three events listed above represent scenarios that might force a rapid evacuation from the BOL. If the automatic response is "I Have Gas Masks and Air Filters"; then the person making the statement has probably never spent any time wrapped-up inside a gas mask, and a chemical suit. How "exactly" does one intend to feed themselves, or evacuate their bowels? Again; it's a matter of looking at these things with a critical understanding based upon real world (probable) scenarios.

  • Several months ago four members of a terrorist group were planning to manufacture anthrax, and then drive around Atlanta liberally pouring this toxin out of the back of several vehicles.
  • Some of the 911 Hijackers had considered using crop-dusters to spray large areas of major cities with anthrax and bubonic plague infected fleas. Several crop-dusters have went missing since 911--They have never been located.
  • In another incident, plans were made to steal chemical laden tankers for use against civilian population centers; and at the same time--poison the drinking water supply. Three such tankers were reported stolen from Chicago on the day 911 occurred, and to date--have not been recovered.
  • Jihadists have established 79 training centers located within the borders of the United States. They openly train and prepare for jihad against America.
  • The unprotected southern borders along Texas, Arizona, and California are seeing record numbers of illegal's coming across the borders. The Border Patrol has published statistics recently attesting to larger number of Non-Hispanics infiltrating into America. Most are armed and equipped with military grade weapons and gear.
  • Reports are trickling in from alternative news sources indicating that small groups of Non-Hispanics clothed in cammie uniforms, and carrying assault weapons; are living in/around tribal (native) lands. Many small grocery stores report an influx of "soldier" pouring into their stores at night--buying water, smokes, and other items.
  • Wildfires are increasing in numbers; this is evidenced by several major fire storms sweeping through large swaths of different areas in the country.
  • Solar storms are increasing in intensity; NASA predicts increased solar activities in 2012. They are not saying “IF”; they are saying “WHEN”—and telling their employees to get ready for the event.


No matter what one might think, or no matter what active measures one has undertaken; nothing belays the fact that the United States is home to some 310-Million people. At some point the survivalist community will have to deal with a portion of these people; whether by choice, or by.

Having well-stocked home is wonderful; but reality also dictates that it is just four walls with  roof. It isn’t a sanctuary or safe haven that will protect one from ALL of the evils in the world. On the contrary; it makes for an easier target for those that through their own actions—haven’t prepared and suddenly find themselves “disconnected: from their own lives.



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