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Friday, December 30, 2011

Survival Perspective: Iran, Islam, and Peak Oil Crisis




Amidst all of the doom and gloom surrounding 2012; there exists a survival scenario of unparalleled magnitude. A scenario that should be part of every family's survival plan.

The Mid-East Situation:

America's interests in the Mid-East has inescapably centered around the need for increased oil production for an oil-hungry world. The United States, China, Russia, and Europe are the world's leading oil-hungry nations. Economic growth in those countries has created an even higher demand for oil based fuels; all of which contribute to the overall decline in world-wide oil production.

Here in Alaska; the oil boom began in 1977. During the next ten years the production levels swelled; and then sharply dropped by 16% in 1988. Each year since then, the production capacity has slowed by an average of 6% per year. Currently only 1/3 of the oil flows through the Alaska Pipeline, as it did in 1977.

What does this have to do with survivalism? In a nutshell; everything!

Nearly every facet of life in America can trace a direct connection to oil. Without oil, the major industries would slowly choke to the death, the strategic defense of America would be limited, and life in America would take a radical spiral downwards.

It's already happening; and most people, and the media; refuse to acknowledge it:

In Alaska the price for a gallon of gasoline has in the past reached upwards of $8.00 to $12.00 per gallon. Remote native villages are the prime targets, due to the enormous distances and costs involved to transport the precious fuels. Food, clothing, and other consumer goods cost nearly six times as much in the backwoods areas of Alaska, as they do in the inhabited cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Using this as a template; it's easy to then comprehend what would happen to oil prices, as well as the global supply-chain distribution network, if Iran makes good on their threat to close down the Strait Of Hormuz.


Forty percent of the world's oil flows through this volatile region. Any disruption of the oil distribution, would send prices rocketing upwards at a colossal rate; thereby creating economic conditions affecting every family in the United States.

  • Transportation Disruption
  • Decreased Manufacturing Output
  • Decreased Consumer Goods Supply Levels
  • Decreased Maritime Transportation
  • Decreased Air Freight Transportation
  • Decreased Agricultural Product Levels
  • Decreased Rail Road Transportation


Oil is the nexus of all of these industries. Each industry is vital to life as we know it today. The production of food is the most important industry. If farmers cannot afford to buy fuel, then immediately the demand for vegetables, grains, and meat products will affect the supply-side equation; and thus steep prices are resultant as major food production companies and grocery store chains begin a bidding war which drives prices even higher.

If one takes a very close look at the events occurring in the Mideast today; it should not come as surprise to see that what is really occurring, is a war of attrition against the oil-dependent Western nations.

Iran, Libya, and Syria; as well as Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon have experienced internal civil uprisings. The world rejoices that another petty dictator has fallen, and America and western countries actively support these uprisings hoping that a western style democracy emerges; but the stark reality is that these former(oil producing) dictatorships are slowly being replaced with Islamic Caliphates. Seeing the "writing on the wall" isn't too difficult. Those nations that produce oil, and have in the past maintained friendly relationships with the West--are being assimilated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

if this trend continues, I am of the personal opinion that the monarchy of Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah) will soon face increased civil uprisings that will be initiated, and promulgated at the hands of Islamists already arising in the Arabian Peninsula at an alarming rate.


" According to a 2009 U.S. State Department communication by Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State, (disclosed as part of the Wikileaks U.S. 'cables leaks' controversy in 2010) "donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide"] Part of this funding arises through the zakat (or religious tax) required to be paid by all Saudis to charities, and amounting to at least 2.5 percent of their income. Although many charities are genuine, others, it is alleged, serve as fronts for money laundering and terrorist financing operations. While many Saudis contribute to those charities in good faith believing their money goes toward good causes, it has been alleged that others know full well the terrorist purposes to which their money will be applied."

[ Source: ]


Saudi Arabia is already a hot-bed of geo-political wars. Recently, several uprising have occurred which have resulted in Saudi military forces quashing pro-democracy demonstrations. America kept its nose out of those affairs simply because we are dependent upon the oil being pumped out of those deserts. Most of the oilfield engineers are Americans and Europeans. It was the skills and knowledge of the West, that turned this former desert tribe, into a nation which exports 75% of its crude to the rest of the world.



Should the Muslim Brotherhood fulfill its objective; the House Of Saud will fall; to be replaced by an Islamic (Sharia) Caliphate that will strangle every non-Islamic country on the planet through a systematic agenda of financial terrorism.

As part of the strict Sharia Law; the Muslim Brotherhood is obligated to collect "jizyah"; a tax applied against all Non-Muslim, as well as Muslims that have the financial ability, or are wealthy. Certain Islamic Hadiths describe under what condition Jizyah can be collected. Yet--all of them state that Non-Muslims must be levied this tax if they will not convert to Islam. In some cases, other Hadiths also demand Muslim nations to go to war with those that refuse to pay the tax.

Behind the scenes among these Arab uprisings; one can clearly see the handiwork of the Muslim Brotherhood. Emboldened by their recent victories on other Islamic countries, their next target has already been lined-up: Saudi Arabia...

With $30 Billion Arms Deal, U.S. Bolsters Saudi Ties

Israel & Iran:

At the forefront of Mideast news remains two antagonists; Iran (as well as its proxy states,) and Israel.

Since the Shah was ousted from Iran in 1979; this Islamic country has been involved in nearly every terrorist action across the globe. Even though the Shah; "Mohammad Reza Pahlavi" was a dictator in his own right--he was also friendly to the West. Consequently he established ties with Israel, a move seen by many westerners as a step towards democracy. The "Students" who initiated the military coup of 1979 were headed by two familiar names; Ayatollah Khomeini, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Anwar Sadat; the President of modern Egypt, that had established close relationships with both Israel and the West; was assassinated by fanatical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khalid Ahmed Showky Al-Islambouli; an Egyptian military officer with strong ties to Iran's Revolutionary Council, was the leader of a four man hit-squad that killed Sadat. After being found guilty and put to death by Egyptian authorities; a street in Tehran was named in his honor.



Iran support of globally recognized terror groups has increased each year with devastating results. Its nuclear ambitions are not for the acquisition of a WMD; but as a tool to be used against the vast oil fields in the region. Granted, that should Iran ever have the capability to launch nuclear weapons against

Israel, it will probably do so. But for now; I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like nothing better that to control the oil flowing out of the Mideast region. He who controls the oil, controls the world...

Iran has actively provided financial support, military weapons and munitions, as well as technical experts to those countries opposed to Israel.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Lebanon, and the terrorist groups operating out of the West bank areas, have all been armed and trained by this rogue (Islamic) militaristic nation. Consequently; of the six Islamic nations--four have fought against Israel in the past, and one continues to conduct protracted attacks against Israel, land-locked nation.

For survivalist in the United States; the consequences are far reaching indeed. In a "blink of an eye" this situation can go south without warning. There are already many things working behind the scenes to bring this forward. These issues have the capacity to initiate a global meltdown of biblical proportions.

Summary: There is absolutely nothing that you or I can do to alter this situation. America, and other Western nations will have to continue to deal with these oil-producing sheiks from a political standpoint. However; should Iran actually make moves towards closure of the Strait Of Hormuz, then it's likely that military action will result. In my view; those nations, such as Turkey and Egypt that previously had political ties with Israel, and withdrawn those ties; will suddenly appear out of nowhere as a proxy military force whose sole intent is to destroy Israel, and control the oil distribution centers of the region.