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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Survival: Shelter In Place



The Law Of Unintended and Unavoidable Consequences dictates that “everything can go wrong, and will go wrong, when one can least afford to see it go wrong, and when one least expects it to go wrong”; this old saying has also been referred to as “Murphy’s Law” but with more sinister undertones.

In the world of crisis preparations; even the best laid plans can quickly become useless as situations rapidly change from one end of the spectrum to another. A classic example would be the March 2011 earthquake that shook Japan, which was immediately followed by a massive tsunami—and finally the “coup de grace” came in the form of nuclear radiation exposure. Every government-civil emergency plan was fundamentally thrown in total and utter disarray; resulting in a hastily prepared, massive evacuation program which quickly overwhelmed the governments ability to sustain.

In the US, we have watched as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which has been tasked with the grave responsibility of providing both an early warning capability, and post-crisis response; has miserable failed in their tax supported mission statement.

If the response to calamities of Hurricane Katrina was the best that FEMA could offer; then America is in for a rude awakening should a National or Global crisis occur. This leaves “We The People” that live down here on the streets of America, to what we have always done before—fend for ourselves….

As with FEMA, and the Japanese disasters; survivalists preparing for “The End” face the same obstacles, in terms of survival planning. There simply might not be enough warning, or enough time to initiate those well-laid Bug Out plans. Crisis situation have a way of sneaking up on even the best prepared.

The five crisis events listed below are but a small portion of events which might occur in a rapid manner:

  • Tsunami
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Mega-Earthquake
  • Civil Unrest
  • Power Grid Failure
  • Wild Fires

The other scenario that might make it difficult to Bug Out and head for the hills, is the simple arithmetic of facing a mass exodus from the cities. Panicked survivors will be fleeing the cities: it would be prudent to assume that every highway leading out of town will be flooded with scared and angry people. Getting caught up in that mess reduces your chance of getting out of harms way.



Roadways might not be usable; floods could have taken out major bridges; or the clearly marked evacuation routes might be going up in flames. One of the most prevalent scenarios that I haven’t seen discussed on (internet) survival forums, is the simple fact regarding how crisis are handled by nearly every government:


“They Might Not Allow You To Leave !”


In nearly every crisis around the world, the Emergency Services do the same thing, the same way—all the time:

  1. Isolate the affected area from the rest of the country
  2. Seize all food, water, and fuel supplies
  3. Impose Martial Law within the affected area through deployment of military and police forces
  4. Restrict and/or prohibit the movement into, or out of the affected area
  5. Prohibit and/or restrict the use of private firearms



No matter how good your survival plan may be, it could stand to reason that the crisis could happen so fast, that your only viable immediate response will have to be a “Shelter In Place” option.

  • Food:
    • Three months supply for the entire family
    • Portable emergency cooking stove, and appropriate fuel supplies
    • Dish sanitation procedure
    • Garbage transfer/disposal
    • Household Pet Food


  •  Water:
    • 1-1/2 Gallons Per Person/Per Day-Minimum of three months drinking water supplies
    • Emergency water purification method, as well as long term storage capability
    • Emergency water supply acquisition plan


  • Sanitary Supplies:
    • Portable Toilet
    • Biodegradable Toilet Paper
    • Biodegradable Sanitary Chemical
    • Raw Sewage Disposable Method


  • Communications:
    • Battery Operated Radio
    • Citizen’s Band Radio
    • Commercial Amateur Band (HAM) Radio
    • Shortwave Radio


  • Medical Treatment:
    • Prescriptions
    • Basic First Aid Kit
    • Feminine Hygiene Supplies
    • Pet Medical Treatment Kit


  • Self Protection:
    • Defensive Firearms & Ammunition
    • Chemical Protective Suits
    • Gas Masks/Respirators
    • Geiger Counter/Radiation Detector
    • Portable Intrusion Alarm
    • Chemical Detection Kit
    • Chemical Decontamination Kit


  • Alternative Power Source:
    • Emergency Generator
    • Emergency Fuel Supplies; minimum of 30-Days fuel stockpiled
    • Generator maintenance/repair kit
    • Power Inverter
    • Deep Cycle Battery Bank and associated cables, fuses, and adaptors


There are many other issues that need to be explored when setting-up a “Shelter In Place” plan. It’s not just simply a matter of closing and locking the doors; it’s a matter of maintaining your life without attracting attention of the less than fortunate people that have no plan, and have no survival resources.

  • Loud generators attract attention
  • If yours is the only house on the block with electric lights; expect visitors
  • Smoke pouring out of your chimney is a sure sign that you are staying warm, while others are freezing
  • The smell of cooking food can waft through the air; beckoning the starving ,masses to your front door.
  • A garden full of luscious vegetables might not be there in the morning when you wake up.
  • All those chickens, rabbits, goats, and pigs could be feeding somebody else unless you are able to guard them

What’s the answer?


Get to know your neighbors real soon. Take the time to walk across the street and have a friendly chat with them about the storms and catastrophes ravaging the world. It won’t take but ten minutes to learn if they agree with you. But, at the first hint that they are worried; offer the neighbor a place at your dinner table in exchange for their help. Hint: “I feed you and your family; you stand guard when I am asleep…” Most of your security problems just disappeared. If the neighbor has any common sense, and depending how you approach the subject--they will probably offer to add to your food stockpile.


During a Shelter In Place scenario; you are most vulnerable to outside influences and actions, none of which you have any control over. But, if you have enough eyes and ears on your property, the ratio between predator and prey just tipped in your favor.



Do something really great for yourself today; Get To Know Your Neighbors!


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